2022 Civic Cruise Control Not Working: 4 Reasons 

Have you recently gotten your hands on a 2022 Honda Civic? Tried it out on the highway and decided to activate the cruise control. However, did you discover that the cruise control wasn’t really functioning properly?

Have you been wondering why the 2022 civic cruise control not working?

One of the most typical grounds for a cruise control malfunction is a blown fuse. A defective brake pedal connection often can force the cruise control to quit functioning. Perhaps it could be related to issues with the throttle management system or the anti-lock braking.

We’ve only provided you with a short intro to the article till now. I hope this clarifies some of your misunderstandings. If it has, keep reading to find out more.

What is Cruise Control And How Does It Work?

Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control Civic with the Low-Speed Follow sets your car’s acceleration when activated. It also creates gaps between identified preceding vehicles. Then continues to preserve that distance by pausing or releasing the accelerator.

Source: honda-tech.com

Furthermore, whenever an automobile is identified nearby the car comes to a stop. Then the Low-Speed Follow mode can pull your car to a full halt. Thus allowing you to restart movement by touching a button or the throttle.

The cruise control system on earlier cars used to be attached to the throttle via a cable. This is used to retain the gas pedal in a specific bid to improve the pre-set speed. In contrast, the technology in recent cars digitally adjusts the speed via software. 

Therefore, it does not require a longer cable to operate. Instead, the feature is controlled by a computer linked to different sensors. The sensors and throttle control now operate via a wireless connection.

This new innovation may continuously modify the power based on the vehicle’s speed ahead. This does so while ensuring a secure distance between vehicles. It significantly minimizes driver fatigue. 

Since motorists would not have to constantly push and hold the gas pedal any longer. During rush hour, drivers will find the system especially handy on highways or during traffic congestion.

How would you engage cruise control in a Civic?

Locate and press the Main switch on the steering wheel. Then, on your dashboard’s multi-information screen, you’ll see adaptive cruise control (ACC). When you’ve reached the desired speed, hit the Set/- button on the steering wheel. This should turn on the cruise control on a Honda Civic 2022.

4 Reasons Why Your Civic’s Cruise Control’s Not Working

We’ve covered the 4 reasons behind your 2022 Civic Cruise Control issue. Read up on them and check to see if you find any similarities with your vehicle.

Reason 1: Bad Fuse

The 2022 Civic cruise control, like other computer-operated automobile, has a breaker. It will blow to prevent the network from operating if it detects a short circuit. When the autopilot fuse burns, the cruise control stops operating completely.

Reason 2: Failing Brake Pedal Switch

Whenever the brake pedal is pressed, the rear brake lever activates the car’s brake lights. The cruise control is usually attached to the brake pedal.

Since autopilot systems are designed to deactivate when the emergency brake is applied. If the brake causes trouble, the automobile may believe the brakes are pressed. Therefore, it will refuse to turn on the cruise control system.

Reason 3: Failing Speed Sensor

A speed sensor serves several functions, notably displaying the speed and position. It also monitors the intake of fuel, combustion characteristics, and running the cruise control. 

If the speed sensor malfunctions, the cruise control may cease to function. You’ll also notice that the speed gauge has failed to work and that the motor struggles to idle.

Source: Tampa Honda

Reason 4: Damaged Vacuum Actuator/Hoses/Cable

The cruise control used to be controlled on earlier automobiles using a suction pump and a cable. This used to be attached to the accelerator. Therefore, the cruise control on a car may stop operating if the suction modulator fails.

It will also stop if the vacuum hoses are damaged. If the cable connecting the operator to the throttle is broken, the mechanism may also fail.

We’ve covered the four reasons why cruise control may not be working.

Here’s How to Repair the Cruise Control

We’ve already covered the reasons behind the problem. Therefore, we will also be covering the solution. The repair process has been broken down into 3 steps for your ease of reading.

Necessary Components

  • Replacement fuse
  • Fuse puller or needle-nose pliers
  • Owner’s manual

If you don’t have any available fuse, then don’t worry. Here are some recommended products that we suggest you take a look at.

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Replacing faulty fuse can fix the problem.

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Step 1: Examine the Cruise Control System

First, ensure that your cruise control option is operational. Abide by the rules underneath to activate the cruise control system.

  1. On the wheel, look for the cruise control button.
  2. Speed up and maintain the desired speed by pushing and holding the gas pedal.
  3. To activate the system, hit the cruise control button.
  4. When the system is activated, a green light will show on the dashboard.

Step 2: Check the Under-Dash Fuse Box

The cruise control failing to activate after the green light illuminates usually means a blown fuse.

  1. Remove the fuse from the under-dash fuse box. It is located beneath the center console.
  2. To find out which fuse number relates to the cruise control feature, check out your owner’s manual. Fuse numbers differ depending on the model and year.
  3. Each fuse is displayed and mapped on the fuse box cover.
  4. Strip the plug from the fuse box using the needle-nose pliers.
  5. If the fuse’s middle strip is broken, switch to a new one. Before putting it into position, double-check that the voltage is appropriate.

If the fuse box is not broken then move on to the next step. Remember to properly clean up the fuse box terminal before putting everything back together.


Step 3: Examine the Transmission Control.

There’s a significant likelihood that the wiring has been harmed and caused transmission problems. Just like Mazda MPV 2004 transmission issues.

  1. Examine the wiring to determine if it is still in fine shape. A pink and a black wire should be visible flowing from the socket.
  2. If the wiring is broken, have a skilled technician fix it. You need to do so to reduce the danger of future damage.
  3. Have you followed steps one and two correctly? If so then you’ll find that a defective clutch switch is the source of the problem. A replacement should cost between $40 and $50, plus the cost of labor. The Honda dealer will charge around $90.

The solutions mentioned above should help you fix up the 2022 Civic Cruise Control problems.


What would it take to repair the Honda Civic’s cruise control?

A Honda Civic Autopilot is not functioning Examination costs $95 on average. This includes $0 for equipment and $95 for service. Costs vary based on where you live. Cruise control can be extremely useful when driving a long distance or on the freeway.

How do you put a cruise control module through its paces?

To quickly identify this, try gripping the parking brake with the heel of your foot. Do so whilst utilizing the cruise control while on a test drive. If the cruise control attempts to set, the brake valve will almost certainly need to be modified.

Why is my blind spot aid not working?

A panel warning will state ‘blind spot assist has been deactivated’. This will frequently notify you of a problem with the blind-spot assist. This problem is not rare and can be caused by a number of factors. Such as driving in inclement weather, such as severe rain, snow, or fog. 

Final Words

We’ve covered everything we had to say regarding the 2022 civic cruise control not working.

We hope all of this answers most of your questions and removes any underlying confusion. Proper care of the vehicle should avoid further complications from taking place.

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