3 Reasons Why Bmw Comfort Access Not Working After Battery Replacement With Solution!

Comfort access is a feature of the luxury category cars of the BMW. Now, when the car key does not work sometimes, it’s advised to change the batteries. 

However, many users have reported that their comfort access stopped working after replacing the battery.

So, why is the bmw comfort access not working after battery replacement?

Firstly, low car key batteries cause comfort access to not work. You can either charge the car key or replace the battery. Secondly, dirty connections inside the car key might raise this problem as well while hampering the chip’s usability. Finally, it might occur due to bad fuses in your car. 

These problems can be solved quite easily, so no need to freak out. I’ve included everything you need to know to fix these menacing issues.

Head on!

How to Know If Your Bmw Has Comfort Access?

Ensuring that you have the comfort access privileges is important. Figuring out any problem relating to the comfort access will be much easier that way.

Now you may wonder, does my BMW have comfort access

Firstly, if your car has an engine start/stop button, it probably has comfort access. Secondly, if you have ridges in your car door’s handle it might indicate that you have comfort access. Finally, you can look up the model number to know if the BMW has comfort access.

BMW have comfort access

This way you can make sure your BMW has comfort access. However, the comfort access might not work at times(especially after battery replacement). Many people have complained about these malfunctions of the comfort access feature.

So you might ask, how do I fix my BMW comfort access?

That is exactly what I have discussed in the next segment. Read it to find out the causes and fixes!

3 Reasons Why the BMW Comfort Access Not Working After Battery Replacement

There could be multiple reasons behind the BMW comfort access not working after battery replacement. 

Below, I have explained some reasons and solutions regarding this problem. Read and operate to fix the comfort access on your favorite car!

Reason 1: Low Battery of Key

This is the most common reason behind the BMW comfort access failure. Most people are unaware of the fact that the car key can run out of battery.

Even after replacing the battery, the charge can be low. It’s a pretty common scenario.

It’s not just BMW that has comfort key access. Many other car manufacturers offer this privilege. Yet, all of them use the same technology; which is NFC. 

NFC provides functionalities to cars in many ways. By using NFC technology, the car key can respond to the car; while nearby. In order for the response to work, the key needs a fully charged battery.

Now, the battery charge might get low after some time of using it. When the battery is low, the warning light button will flash when you try to use it.

BMW comfort access failure
Source: bimmerfest.com

Due to the low battery, you may observe the BMW comfort access not working on driver’s door.

You don’t have to worry, because fixing the low car key battery issue is very easy. I have given the solution in the next part, read along!


There are 2 ways to go about this. You can either charge the car key or you can replace the battery.

For charging the car key-

  • You can charge the car key while driving. In BMWs, you can simply insert the key into the ignition to charge it. Just remember to turn the key in 1 or 2 (position).

The charge will be proportional to the time of driving. To charge the car key by 100%, you have to drive a total of 30 hours.

BMW comfort access
Source: coolmaterial.com
  • Alternatively, you can use a wireless charging pad to charge the keys. 

For your convenience, here is a list of fast and reliable wireless chargers out there-

ProductsCharging CapacityPrice
TASUMATO Wireless Car Charger15W, 10W, 7.5WCheck Latest Price
POLMXS Wireless Car Charger10WCheck Latest Price
POLMXS Wireless Car Charger10W, 7.5WCheck Latest Price

By using these wireless charging pads, charging your keys will be an effortless job.

Aside from charging the car key, you can also replace the battery on it. The car keys usually use lithium coin batteries, which you can find at grocery stores. But if you’re as lazy as me then you can order it from Amazon. And get it delivered to your doorstep.

Duracell – 2032 3V Lithium Coin BatteryCheck Latest Price
Amazon Basics CR2032 3V Lithium Coin Cell BatteryCheck Latest Price
Energizer 2032 BatteriesCheck Latest Price

Some watch shops also sell these batteries. It can be the perfect inexpensive solution to this problem.

Reason 2: Dirty Key Connection

This is a bit tricky because the problem here won’t be visible. When there are internal errors in technology, they can be hard to detect.

Similarly, a common problem in BMW keys is the connections. The connection inside hampers the chip’s usability. Eventually, you may find the BMW comfort access not working because of this. 

Not only this, but you may also notice the BMW idrive not working after battery change.

Dirty connections can bring a lot of hassle, especially while using the bmw cold weather package.

However, I have given the solution for dirty key connections below. Have a look-


Cleaning the connections inside the key will help you get rid of these problems. Check the steps for the cleaning below-

  • Now, remove the battery first. Apply some contact cleaner on the paper towel/cloth and rub the connections gently.
BMW idrive not working
Source: keylessentryremotefob.com

Note that the battery contacts are the most prone component here. So, clean the battery contracts properly and with care.

  • Finally, put the battery back in. Following these steps can revive the key and enable comfort access again.

If the connections are too damaged, you can consider a BMW comfort access upgrade.

Reason 3: Inactive BMW

This reason is something that many people overlook or ignore. If you leave the BMW inactive for too long, the comfort access might stop working.

Not only the comfort access but sometimes the car freeze plugs blow out for the same reason!

Although this problem may seem complex to solve, it’s actually pretty easy. Check out how to activate comfort access BMW


For the solution, you’ll need to complete a BMW comfort access reset. See the steps here-

  • First, get into the car with the key that’s not compatible with comfort access.
  • Then, find the sterling column and insert the key there. While it’s inside, press the lock button and hold it. You can find this button on the dash. 

Hold these buttons for the rest of the steps.

  • At this point, press the engine on/off button to start ignition. After 10 seconds of ignition, you will hear a chime bell sound. 

After hearing the sound, release the lock button. The reset is done at this point, so you can remove the key and exit the car.

  • Finally, lock the car and let the car rest for 5 minutes. After that, you should be able to use the comfort access.

That’s about it. These are some reasons and solutions behind the BMW comfort access not working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace a BMW key battery?

The cost to replace the BMW key battery differs from model to model. When looking for a replacement, your budget range should be around 300-450 bucks. Additionally, the key type will determine the cost. If you take the key fob to the servicing center, they’ll replace the battery for you.

Where is the chip located in a car key?

The chip in the car key is located at the top portion of the key frame. Generally, keys are of 2 types; chip-based and transponder-based. Both of these types have the chip located at the head of the key. The purpose of chips is to add security to the car. It does that through ignition.

Can a fob be reprogrammed?

Yes, fobs can be reprogrammed. However, there are a couple of conditions. Firstly, the key has to be for the same vehicle. For instance, you can reprogram a key for your own BMW e90 for another BMW e90. The car has to use the same key. To reprogramme it, replacing the battery does the trick.

Wrapping up

You’ve reached the finish line of this article. Hopefully, you now know the causes behind the bmw comfort access not working after battery replacement. You can fix them too!

If no reasons match/solutions don’t work, you can reach out to the BMW servicing center.

Good luck fixing the issue!

Robert Lozano

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