Chevy Venture Temperature Not Working – 2 Easy Fixes!

If you are a chevy owner you have probably faced this temperature issue once in a while. Chevy venture’s temperature problem is not something to be freaked out about. This issue is fixable if the procedure is correct.

So, what should you do when you see your chevy venture temperature not working?

Firstly, to fix chevy venture temperature issues you need to troubleshoot and understand the root of the problems. You can check the display for the P0128 message. Also, you will notice some symptoms when the P0128 is cold. If your thermostat is stuck open or there’s a wiring problem, then venture temperature will not work.

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Troubleshooting Chevy Venture Temperature Problem

You’ll need an engine coolant temperature sensor for your car’s best performance. The coolant temperature sensor in the engine control module’s job is to measure the coolant temperature.

Here are some of our favourite engine coolant temperature sensor in the market:

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In a chevy venture typically when the temperature problem occurs its known code is P0128. 

Usually, when the temperature problem occurs in a chevy venture a code is displayed on the screen. The displayed code is P0128.


The warning message shown in the display would be; P0128: Coolant Thermostat (Coolant temperature below thermostat regulating temperature)

Reasons & Symptoms Behind Venture Temperature Not Working

It’s quite frustrating to see your Chevy Venture having temperature issues. There are some Vital reasons why it may be happening. So in order to fix your Chevy, you need to learn about them first. 

Fortunately, fixing a temperature issue is usually a pretty easy thing to do. Usually 90% of the time, the thermostat is the main reason behind the problem. 

Now, here are the most common causes of venture temperature not working and their solutions:

Reason 1 of 2: Thermostat Stuck Open

Is your thermostat stuck open? Well, this is the most common scenario for the P0128 code.

If your thermostat is open, the coolant will flow through the engine. It allows this flow all the time.

In this case, the engine appears to be over-cooled. So it doesn’t reach the proper temperature.

Unless it gets chilly, you will not notice many symptoms with P0128. Error code can be measured in the following way.

Symptom: Lack of Heat

The most prominent symptom of the P0128 trouble code is the lack of heat. Sometimes the thermostat will not be able to provide you with the temperature you need. 

As a result, the heater core will not get proper hot water. Which leads your chevy venture not coming on.

Reason 2 of 2: Thermostat Wiring

Cannot find any problem with your thermostat? Well, the problem might be in your thermostat wiring or sensor.

Symptom: Check Engine Light & Service Engine Light is On

The check engine light will be on. Problems with the sensor’s circuit may be detected by the computer. When the situation is like this, the check engine light will turn on, indicating that the vehicle requires inspection.

Soon, the engine will be serviced– Apart from the heater not working properly. Another symptom of P0128 is that the service engine will start showing light.

We came to know about the symptoms from this article already. Now let’s move on to the reasons behind chevy venture temperature not working and its fixes. 

Now that we’ve figured out what’s the symptoms behind this. So, we should start fixing the issue.

Fixing Venture Temperature Issue

Sometimes chevy venture fans will not turn on but the issue itself is not that big deal. The fix to this issue is the easiest solution to any car problem.

But we should always be concerned about the check engine light. Cause we don’t want other problems to start from here. 

So let’s get started fixing the issue

We figured out the problem is with the thermostat. So, a thermostat has three major components:

  • Temperature gauge
  • Temperature sending wire and connector
  • Temperature sender.

First, we must figure out what’s working and not. We also need to check if your temperature gauge is still working or not.

Then we have to pop the connector off and connect it to the ground. Put it to anything that it’ll not touch the metal.

Now go over to your car’s interior and turn your auxiliary power on. Now your temperature gauge should creep up to hot. Your body temperature will also go up.

If it does you know your gauge and your connector are fine. Again, if it doesn’t then both of them are not right.

Now you’ve figured out that the sender or the connector is creating the problem. If the sending unit is creating the problem, that’s an easy solution. 

We should check all the connectors of chevy regularly. As chevy connectors and chevy brakes problems occur sometimes.

Just replace the sending unit. You’ll be good to go.


Even after replacing the sending unit, it doesn’t work. Then start tracing your wires. See if it’s all clean or not. If it’s not clean then make sure to clean the wires properly. 

Now, you cannot use just any cleaner to clean wires. As wires carry electricity it’s necessary to use good quality electric contact cleaners. 

Here are some good quality electric contact cleaners that we swear by: 

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You have to check if the connectors are all good or not. If the phases are alright. You’re gonna have to open the harness and check.

So it’s a little bit labor-intensive as you open the harness, you’ll see the connectors might be melted and the wires might be frayed. 

You should get the whole unit replaced if this happens. Cause you don’t wanna risk it right?

Now, if your wire looks good, it’s probably your gauge causing the problem. 

Now fixing the gauge issue is gonna be a little bit harder. Because you’re going to have to open your dashboard.

A mechanic will also inspect the junction of the radiator hose and the thermostat housing under the hood.

Water will usually be flowing through the hose if pinching it is easy.

Make sure you’re conscious of the belting accessories and the fan if you pinch your hose. At any time, the fan can be turned on.

However, this informative video by Daniel Scheer details the process of installing a thermo fan switch. 

By following this tutorial, you can accomplish the job easily at home. 


Why is My Car Temperature Going Up and Down?

This issue occurs when you have low coolant. If your car’s radiator is clogged, you might face this. Your temperature gauge might be faulty so it’s better to change it or replace it with a new one. Your car might also have a bad water pump which can be a potential reason behind this issue.

How Can I Clean My Car’s Temperature Sensor?

To clean your temperature sensor take a small rug and add alcohol to it. Now, you need to wipe this rug up and down on the temperature sensor. If you clean your temperature sensor frequently you will face fewer issues with the temperature of your car.

What is The Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor?

The engine coolant temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the cooling system’s coolant or antifreeze mix. It displays the amount of heat produced by the engine. It is also known as the ECT.

Final Words

Well, that’s all we had to offer you for today. Now you know what to do if your chevy venture temperature is not working.

One last tip, follow some precautions and take time to complete the whole process. Speeding up the process may cause your chevy to have even more problems.

Go on and enjoy your ride!

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