How Bad Is Grinding Gears?: All You Need To Know!

A car user has to be concerned about a lot of things that are concerned with in-car activities. And we might not be able to check everything on hand. 

But bad grinding gears is something that we all know about. Then again we may not have a proper idea about its impact.

So, how bad is grinding gears?

Grinding gears is definitely harmful to your car. The degree of this harm may vary but it’s never negligible. If your gears grind occasionally, it would have less effect. But grinding gears often would have an effect on your transmission and gearbox. And eventually, there might be an effect on the engine too.

This might be enticing for you but there is a lot more to this issue. You can find out how to resolve this grinding issue on your vehicle.

Let’s get started now!

What Actually is Grinding Gears?

Grinding gears is basically an issue occurring with the transmission. This happens when the clutch does not disengage from its engine properly. In that case, you need to get yourself a professional pair of hands. Or you can try to solve this clutch not disengaging issue.

Let’s get back to the topic. While the clutch doesn’t disengage the gears still keep on rotating. This is the very basic that most of us may know. However, there are more issues with this problem occurring. 

And some of them are poor fueling, rough usage, and many more. 

We may know that grinding gears is bad for our car. But the question is how bad is grinding gears for our car

Well, we can get the answer in detail in the following details coming onwards. So, move on to that now!

How Harmful Can Grinding Gears Be for My Car?

Well, grinding gears is definitely bad for your car. No matter how often it is or what is the extension, it is always bad. 

It is just that it is sometimes a little harmful and sometimes significantly. You need to see how often your car has grinding gears.

Source: AxleAddict

If you notice that the grinding gears show occasionally, it is bearable. That is, your car might not have any long-term or permanent effect.

But experiencing grinding gears often is a very bad sign for your car indeed. You need to be concerned, and look on to it in no time!

But what are the effects of grinding gears? Well, there are a lot of negative effects of grinding gears

Grinding gears may not initially affect the clutch of your car. But eventually, it may get into depth. That is, it can affect the other parts of your car.

The first problem that might be involved in the transmission. You may also experience issues with the gearbox of your car. 

Source: Auto Chimps

Gradually, there might also be issues related to the engine. However, this is not that likely to occur but still may take place.

There might be a few other common problems with this. You may experience that the car jerks suddenly. Other than that, you may also notice overconsumption of fuel.

But this is not a common issue due to grinding gears.

So, you can understand you need to pay for grinding gears if this occurs.

Why Do the Gears Grind?

There are a few reasons for which the car gears grind. So, why do car gears grind? Well, we will get the answer here in the following info. Take a look.

Reason 1: Clutch Issues

Clutch can be the first reason for grinding gears. This mainly occurs with the cars having manual gears. Because automatic cars have their own auto clutch.

So, if there is any issue while pedaling the clutch, it could be problematic. Any disruption in the clutch assembly may lead to potential damages. 

There can be some more severe or non-severe issues in your car for clutch problems. So take a look-

Reason 2: Torque Issues

When you are shifting gear, the torque converter enables the process. And sometimes, improper gear shifting might be problematic.

Like, shifting the gear suddenly at a high speed can be problematic for your torque. These types of actions may affect the torque of your car.

As a result, the torque might lead to grinding gears too.

Reason 3: Improper Transmission Fluid

Using proper transmission fluid for your car is essential. Because this can enhance the quality and depreciate the quality as well. 

Talking about quality fuel, I’ve used some different types of oils in my days. Also, I have had some conversations with my mechanic about transmission fuels. So here are the findings I’ve curated from those convos.

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Using bad or dirty fuel can affect the transmission. Following that, the car gears might start grinding with time. This may also happen to put transmission fluid in oil.

Remember that using dirty fuel can be really problematic for your car. This can affect the gears, running quality, and in fact the engine as well.

You would see the fuel consumption would go way higher. Because the running efficiency would decrease significantly.

So, try to make sure that you use good fuel for your car. If you are not sure about it, get an idea here from our pickups.

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Hope this helps!

Reason 4: Rough Usage

You know some drivers are not well aware of the use of cars. And you can not just make your automobile a random toy for yourself. You need to take care of it.

Rough usage can be a big reason for grinding gears. If you think about what could be a rough usage, here is an example.

Say, you are running your car for more than 8 hours without a break. And then you keep the ignition on for more than 30 minutes without driving it.

This can be really problematic for your car. So, make sure you avoid any kind of rough usage of your car.

These are the reasons for the grinding gears of your car.

What Can You Do to Resolve Grinding Gears?

Resolving grinding gears might not completely be your cup of tea. However, you can still follow a few things to resolve this, if fortunate.

  • Try to use good and fresh fuel for your car. Make sure you inject fuel on a regular basis as needed. Try to avoid running your car at a low fuel.
  • Also, make sure you avoid any kind of rough usage. Do not shift gears suddenly in the middle of your driving. 
  • Try to shift the clutch pedals at a regular flow and pace. Do not go hard with shifting anything from your car. 
  • And lastly, do not overlook any noise you hear out of your car. If you notice that your gears are grinding, get on to it. 

That is, try to identify the factor and resolve it as soon as possible. Remember that you may also try resetting an ECU too.

So that the issue might not deteriorate and affect the other parts.


Is it bad for my car to have grinding gears often?

Well, it depends on the degree of how intense it is. If it is a few grinding gears, your car may not have that effect. But if you see this goes on and on, you may be worried. Because this can be detrimental for your car in the long run. This can affect the car engine.

Why is there a weird sound with the transmission?

You may hear noises from your transmission for various reasons. And whatever the reason is, it is definitely an alarm pf risk. The main reason for this noise might be a grinding transmission. And this could significantly affect the gearbox of your car which would be costly.

What are some other symptoms of grinding transmission?

There would be a few symptoms of grinding transmission. However, this might not be very often at the first. But once you get the symptoms often, the issues might be more intense. Slipping gears, burning smell, and poor acceleration are a few symptoms of this.

The Final Words

Now you know how bad is grinding gears! We believe you have got all the information that is enough to clarify your concern.

Remember one thing about your automobile. That is if you ever notice something unusual, try to resolve the issue. But do not try to do something that you have no idea about.

All the best with your automobile!

Robert Lozano

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  1. Absolutely great post, Robert! Very concise and straightforward!

    But from what I know, the grinding gears will happen when the gears system has a problem. What do u think?

    And to resolve this problem, check the gears for any damage and replace them immediately. Besides, check the transmission fluid. If it’s low or dirty, fill it up or replace it to ensure it works properly and lasts.

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