How To Make Halos Brighter?: [5 Easy Steps!]

Halo headlights are circular patterned front lighting automotive lights. But people often struggle with halos that have become very dim over time. 

I understand if you are looking for ways to make your halos brighter as well.

So, let’s find out  how to make halos brighter?

Halos can be made brighter in a few steps. First, check the wires for adjustment or repair. Then, inspect if there is any oxidization obstructing the light. Now, check if the ground wire is malfunctioning or not. And finally, check if the alternator and the alternator belt are in working condition.

That’s not all. This article has an in-depth insight on how to brighten your halos properly.

So, let’s not waste any time and get on with it!

5 Steps to Brighten Up Your Halos

I’ve mentioned 5 steps to follow to brighten up your halos. One of these steps will definitely work for you. As it worked for me when I tried everything out!

Source: The MAN

Let’s begin!

Step 1 of 5: Check for Wiring Issues

Your halos are illuminated by a collaboration of several electrical components. In most cars, there is a wiring harness along with a fuse to illuminate the halos. These parts provide the power needed to illuminate your halos. 

Wiring issues could be the reason that your halos dim, fickle, or become obsolete. Wiring issues are pretty rare, but you can’t just count it out. 

There is a high chance of this with recent tampering or attempts of DIY customization

The repair of the wiring issues depends mostly on the exact nature of the issue. You might need to adjust the wiring. If your wiring harness is broken, get a new one. 

From past experience and friend’s suggestions, here are two of the best wiring harnesses.

Or, you might need to replace the fuse if it’s not working. I would recommend you to keep any of the following fuse kit set with yourself. They will obviously help you out in the time of need.

Set of FusesTypes and Quantity in the PackagePrice
Winlyn Car Fuses Assortment Kit2A/ 5A/ 10A/ 15A/ 20A/ 25A/ 30A/ 35A of 272 pcsOrder from Amazon
CrocSee Car Fuses Assortment Kit2A/3A/5A/7.5A/10A/15A/ 20A/25A/30A/35A/40A of 250 pcsOrder from Amazon

You can try replacing the wires yourself, but we recommend consulting with a  trained professional. 

In most cases, something is wrong with the fuses. Make sure to check them thoroughly. If there is accumulated dust, clean the fuse box terminals.

Step 2 of 5: Clear Out Halo Oxidization

Dimming halos aren’t always caused by them being burnt out. It could be the headlight lens itself that could be the reason behind it. 

Headlight lenses are basically the plastic cover under which the halos are placed. The bulbs inside that cover are mostly made of acrylic. Acrylics are very likely to react with UV rays coming from the sun. 

After using the halos for an extended period of time, the lenses can get oxidized. This causes the lens to get foggy or cloudy. Sometimes they even get a yellowed appearance as well. 

The low opacity obstructs the light from coming out of the headlights. Since the halos are inside the headlight lens, it will make your headlights seem dim. And that is even if they are fairly new.

Sometimes the lenses get scratched or dirty and that could be the problem too.

So, in order to fix it, cleaning is very necessary. You can use  a DIY headlight restoration kit to do so. It polishes out the spots to make the plastic a lot clearer.

Here’s a before after comparison of halo oxidation.

Source: Quora

You can also go for basic glass cleaners and clean them yourself. But the kit is what we recommend for long-lasting clear opacity. 

Here we have some quality headlight restoration kits for you:

CERAKOTE Ceramic Headlight Restoration KitGet yourself One
3M 39195 Ultra Headlight Restoration KitGet yourself One
SYLVANIA – Headlight Restoration KitGet yourself One

Hopefully, you’ll love these!

Step 3 out of 5: Check for Ground Wire Issues

The ground wire connects the headlights to the chassis. It is crucial for the halos to perform at their peak. 

This wire completes the circuit and lets electricity flow to the halos. Thus, power is provided to them. 

If the wire is faulty or coated with dirt/ corrosion, it hinders the flow of electricity. This will cause the headlights to receive less power resulting in dimmer light. 

It could possibly obstruct the flow of current, causing the halos to stop glowing at all. It could happen even if they are still fairly new.

In order to resolve this issue, all you can do is get a new ground wire. The wire comes pretty cheaply.

But if you don’t know how to change the ground wire, check out this video here.

Or you can also get your mechanic to do this for you. It will take him/her a minute or two to replace it. 

Step 4 out of 5: Inspect The Alternator

A working alternator doesn’t only maintain proper halo brightness. It distributes power to all the electric components of a car. From the power steering and dashboard components to the radio, all the parts get the power through the alternator.

The alternator takes energy from the engine. Then it turns that raw energy into usable electrical energy and powers these parts.

If the alternator is faulty, it stops power from reaching these parts including the battery. The battery is not powerful enough to provide all the power that your car needs. The high demand for power will rapidly drain the battery. 

So, how can you tell if the alternator is causing the halos to go dimmer? Pay close attention to the halos while ignition. 

When you first turn the key on, the halos are using the battery. They should be quite bright at that stage. But if the halos dim when they switch over to power, there’s trouble with the alternator. It means that there isn’t enough power. 

Check the alternator. If it isn’t working properly, there is no other way but to replace it. Take a mechanic’s help if you are not familiar with how it’s changed. 

You might be thinking which one to choose between cheap or expensive ignition coil.

Well, make sure that you are not using cheap ignition coils. Since they damage the alternator.

I’ve compiled some of the best ignition coils here.

Ignition CoilPrice RangeBuy Now
ACCEL 140033-8 Ignition CoilExpensiveBuy Now
MCK 6pcs Ignition Coil PackExpensiveBuy Now
Bosch 0221604115 OEM Ignition CoilCheapBuy Now
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Step 5 of 5: Check if the Alternator Belt is Worn Out

Halos that brighten and dim randomly could be caused by a worn out alternator belt. It connects to a pulley that attaches the alternator and the engine. An old or worn-out alternator belt could cause it to shift between slipping and gripping. 

If it slips, the halos become dimmer since they lose power. Then, if the belt grips, the halos get brighter since they receive more power. Since the belt is constantly stretched, it can wear out over time.

Source: Allstate

If this is the case, your alternator belt needs replacing. You can ask your mechanic to check its condition or you can do it yourself. After a proper inspection, replace the alternator belt if necessary.

Unfortunately, car owners do not pay attention to halos getting dimmer. Driving with very little light at night could result in fatal occurrences. 

If your halos are not adequately bright like usual, better inspect the usual suspects. Then identify and solve the problem without further delay.


Do halo headlights provide enough light?

Yes, halos provide enough light if they are working properly. People think halos only contribute to looks. But the brightness of the LEDs gives off enough light for you to drive as well. The projector light focuses light on the road since it avoids scattering the light in all directions.

Are Halo and LED headlights any different?

Halo and LED lights are pretty different from each other. Halo bulbs are comparatively brighter than most incandescent bulbs. They are known to survive much longer. In LEDs, electricity moves through a semiconductor. They disperse the light that is much brighter with less heat emitted. 

Is using colored halo lights okay?

No, using colored halos is not recommended. Even though colored headlights are popular with JDM folks, you can’t use them on the street. If your halos are colored other than white or yellow, they are not ideal. That’s because you’ll get very little visibility on the road which could be dangerous.


Hopefully, now you understand how to make halos brighter. No more dim halos for you!

Also, we always recommend seeking professional help if you are new at this. But, you can proceed to repair yourself if you are familiar with it.

We’ll meet again in another article very soon. 

Till then, godspeed JDMheads! 

Robert Lozano

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