3 Ways on How to Open RAV4 Trunk With Dead Battery!

Driving a RAV4 is fun until you find that your car battery is dead. You have stuff stored in the trunk and you cannot open it.

You will be thinking, “How to open RAV4 trunk with dead battery?

You can open your RAV4 trunk by using the manual hatch release. The release is located on the bottom of the trunk lid. You can also use the opener button above the license plate if you have an equipped package. The last thing you can do is to jump-start the car with jumper cables.

That was a quick sneak peek of the ways. Keep on reading to know the options in detail. 

Let’s begin.

3 Ways to Open a Rav 4 Trunk With Dead Battery

Opening a car trunk with a dead battery may seem very troublesome. Sometimes, you might think that there is no way of doing that. 

You might get annoyed with all the electric controls of your Rav4. You will surely cuss it when the battery dies. 

Worry not, you can open a trunk lid even if the battery is dead. We have noted down 3 easy ways of opening a Rav4 trunk with a dead battery. They are not as complicated as fixing a Mazda MPV transmission issue.

Option 1: Open the Door Using a Manual Hatch Release 

You can open the Rav 4 trunk from inside using a manual hatch release. This is the most convenient way when your battery is dead. You will just need a screwdriver for this operation.

Rav 4 trunk from inside
Source: rav4world.com

You can easily get tool kits in the market. Different sizes of screwdrivers are available in a tool kit. Or, you can get them from online stores. Here are some great recommendations for you-

There is a manual hatch mechanism on the lower middle section of the hatch. You can see it from your rear seats. The mechanism is protected by a plastic cover.

Remove the cover carefully with a screwdriver. Put a rag over the screwdriver’s tip to keep it from breaking.

Turn the cover and move the lever counter-clockwise. This will manually open the rear hatch. 

To end the process, turn the lever clockwise and re-attach the cover. Make sure all the screws are tight and the cover is on correctly.

Option 2: Using the Buttons Above the License Plate 

Another way of opening the rear hatch is the push buttons above the license plate. There are two buttons on the rear hatch. These are situated above the license plate. The process is easy and simple like cleaning a fuse box terminal.

Buttons Above the License Plate
Source: youtube.com

The latch can be opened with one button and closed with the other. Note that this manual button unlock comes with the “equipped” package only.

Also, be sure to use the right one when you open the hatch. The bigger one lets you open the back door. Press the button and hold it down. This will allow you to open the back door by hand.

To close the door, you can press the closing button on the bottom of the latch. You can also close it manually using your hands when the battery is dead.

Option 3: Using Jumper Cables & Opening Using Electronic Control 

This is a way to get around the problem. If your car has a jumper kit, you can do this. With a jumper cable, a car with a dead battery is easy to get going again.

However, sometimes it can’t even jump start even with jumper cables. 

So, take the whole procedure with a grain of salt. 

To complete this procedure, you will need access to a second vehicle or spare battery. Get into park or neutral. Then, put your foot on the brake. Red wires should be connected to the positive terminal.

Jumper Cables
Source: youtube.com

If you are unsure of the location of the positive terminal, look for the letters “POS”. The positive terminal is noticeably larger than the terminal. You can connect the other end to the positive terminal of the second vehicle’s battery.

Ground the battery by connecting the negative terminal to an unpainted area. The other battery’s terminal must be connected.

Now, turn the key in the ignition and see if you can start the automobile. If you have the wires connected correctly, your car should turn over.

You can open your Rav4 trunk now easily using any switches or buttons. You can also use the back door kick mechanism to open the latch.

Tips and Tricks for Rav 4 Rear Trunk 

The trunk of your RAV-4 is power-assisted and has a lot of features. Here are some new tricks for the back of your RAV-4 right here.

  • If you leave the back door slightly open, the car will automatically close it. It takes a few seconds for the RAV4 back door closure operation to commence. Be careful not to snag anything on the way out the back door. It may cause injury or damage.
  • On an incline, the back latch may shut down after closing. This happens due to gravity and is a common phenomenon. Check that the back door is open and unlocked.
  • Your back door can stop working if you connect something too heavy to it. It could get stuck or stop working at any time. Take care as you proceed with this. You could hurt yourself or others if your hands or other objects get stuck.
  • Do not attach any foreign objects like stickers, adhesives, or plastic sheets to the door spindles. It may cause them to jam and malfunction.
  • Avoid touching the spindles at all costs. Don’t use any kind of force on them either.
  • The sensors on the right and left margins of the automatic back door should not be damaged. You shouldn’t scratch or otherwise harm them with a sharp object. The power-operated back door will not shut automatically if the sensor is broken or unplugged.
  • Do not use the door kick sensor very harshly. The sensor and its surrounding area are subjected to strong impact. Kicking it hard may damage or destroy the sensor.

We hope that these tips will be helpful when running your car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can AAA Open a Locked Trunk?

Yes, if you lock your keys in your car. AAA’s roadside assistance program will pay for a locksmith. AAA roadside assistance covers things like changing a flat tire. Also, Pulling you out of a ditch, and giving you a jump start, among other things. You can add roadside help from AAA to your policy.

Can I Break Into a RAV4 Trunk?

Yes, you can open the trunk of your car without the key. If you use the button or lever inside the car. As long as that isn’t also locked. If you can’t get inside, the best way to open the trunk is from the inside.

How Do I Pop a Trunk Lock With a Screwdriver?

To use a screwdriver to open the trunk, you have to jam it into the lock. Then move it left and right until the trunk opens. If you use a screwdriver to open the trunk, you could damage the paint. This can cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Besides that, you risk breaking the lock.


That will be all regarding how to open rav4 trunk with dead battery. Hopefully, now you will be able to open the trunk easily when the battery dies out.

Do make sure you do not put your hands or any objects when closing the trunk lid.

Have a great day.

Robert Lozano

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