Meguiars Polymer Sealant vs Synthetic Sealant- Compared

Meguiar is a very well-known brand when it comes to making quality car products. Their sealants are quite reputed in the market. However, sometimes, it gets quite tough to decide which one to pick. Because there are a lot of them!

So, which one will be better between Meguiars polymer sealant vs synthetic sealant?

Polymer sealant is better in terms of durability because it can stay longer on cars. Again, the dual function nature of polymer sealant is also better. You can use it as both cleaner and sealant. However, the synthetic sealant has better technology and pricing. But there are other differences too.

Now, it’s not enough to just briefly know about them before choosing one. So, let’s see what more we can get into!

Meguiars Polymer vs Synthetic Sealant: Quick Comparison

Very obviously, there are a lot of unique differences between these two famous sealants. Because fundamentally, they don’t share the same base elements.

One is mostly made out of polymer technology while the other is synthetic tech.

Then, the durable nature of these two drastically. Meguiars paint sealants all are made with durability in mind. Still, they vary from product to product. 

Polymer or M20 sealant is more durable than its counterpart. But M21 synthetic sealant does have its quirks!

Now, look at this comparison table to briefly go through the products-

Factors M20 Polymer Sealant M21 Synthetic Sealant
Technology Mostly polymer-basedMostly synthetic-based
FunctionalityDual purpose wax and cleanerOnly wax
DurabilityAround 2 months or 8 weeks3 to 6 months
Light Reflect Resistance Removes light defects No light deflect removal
PriceStarts from $35Starts from as low as $25
Where to BuyOrder from AmazonOrder from Amazon

Although I talked briefly about some factors, let’s leave the rest for later. It’s not bad to build some suspense right! 

So, let’s how the features stack up to each other in the ultimate showdown.

Meguiars Polymer vs Synthetic Sealant: Head-to-Head Showdown

Just a gentle reminder before I move on to the detailed discussion. These factors or topics of conflict are not everything. There can be many other similar attributes that they share.

However, as this is a comparative analysis, I’ll try to focus on the differences only.

That being said, let’s start with the technological feature differences!

Technology & Functionality

The M20 uses polishing technology to ensure a very well polished look. Along with that,  abrasive technology is a major advantage of polymer sealant. So, that’s what you get from this sealant.

On the other hand, M21 uses mirror glaze technology to provide extraordinary glaze. Moreover, Hydrophobic Polymer Technology is another great addition to this sealant. 

Now, let’s talk about the functionalities of maguiars sealants. The straightforward statement is that M20 can be a better solution for your cars. Looking forward to a more robust explanation? Here I go!

M20 can work as a cleaner as well as wax. So, you won’t encounter any complications even when it is applied as either of the two. Just like you won’t have an issue if you put transmission fluid in the oil.

However, you can’t get this with the Meguiars 21 synthetic sealant 2.0.

Winner: Meguiar 20 polymer sealant is a clear winner due to its functionality.


Being durable can be a deal-maker for many car users! Because you won’t have to apply the wax multiple times. So, let’s go through with the durability aspect.

When it comes to being durable, polymer sealants falls a bit short compared to M21. M20 can go up to around a maximum lifespan of 8 weeks. You can add a few more days if you maintain your car properly. 

However, it might not go hand-in-hand with what you prefer.

That’s where M21 makes a stand. Because the synthetic sealant lifespan is about 6 months of extended use! You’ll get incredible protection against severe weather conditions for half a year. 

So, make sure to contemplate that as this fella did with his precious toy!

Winner: M21 is definitely the durability king due to its 6 months of usage.

Light Reflection Removal

Now, this is a very subjective discussion. Because many might not want any glossy finish. While others are crazy about it!

If you want good light removal, then it’s your only choice to go for polymer sealant. You won’t get that pesky light reflection with this type of sealant. 


However, you might not want that for your car. If you are that kind of person, then M20 sealant might be the one you’re searching for.

Winner: Light reflection removal is only available for M20. 


Using the maguiars polymer sealant is easier because of its easy wipe mechanism. You won’t even need to apply too much pressure or power. As you can use it as both cleaner and wax, the cleaning becomes as easy as it gets.

However, M21 sealant does not stand a chance in this regard. While getting it off is not that difficult, it can become a pain. Want to know why? Because its strong cohesion is not so easy to remove.

Still, you can go with any of these two because they are very good products. Also, don’t forget about trying out some maintenance tips for your car after the application.

Winner: M20 is better if you want easy removal of the wax.


There’s no denying that everyone likes a good price at any given moment. So, it’s crucial that we discuss the cost as transparently as possible. 

The pricing for the polymer sealant is higher due to its multiple functions. You can get the polymer sealant M20 in the $35 price range. 

I know it’s not that costly when you consider its capability wax and cleaner both.

On the other hand, Meguiars synthetic sealant 2.0 is comparatively affordable. The price starts from $25, depending on the availability.

Winner: If you want something affordable, go for synthetic sealant. Otherwise, you can go for the M20.

Which Sealant Would Be the Ideal One for You?

Have you cracked your brain hard enough to reach a decision? If not, let’s overview the topics one last time.

If you want better durability, I think there’s no choice other than going for polymer sealant. Meguiars polymer wax M20 will provide better support as it’s the durable one. Same thing for light defect removal. 

However, Meguiars 21 gives you that nice glossy finish that many car owners adore! Also, the pricing is almost $10-15 less than polymer sealant which is hard to pass.

So, if you have decided to go with a single one, here are the sealants. 

Meguiar’s M20 Mirror Glaze Polymer SealantBuy Today!
Meguiar’s M2116 Mirror Glaze Synthetic SealantBuy Today!

One good and the similar thing about these two sealants. They go pretty well with suntek ultra or xpel ultimate. But choosing between suntek ultra and xpel ultimate is as tough as choosing between these two sealants. So, you don’t have to worry about this particular concern!

Now, I hope you can draw a conclusion with all this information!


What is the Difference Between Wax & Sealant? 

The main difference between wax & sealant is the product elements and durability. All waxes, both organic and synthetic, can protect your car from tough weather. You can think of it as a protection shield for your car. This sealant is also very effective in weather and dust protection with a less glossy finish.

What is the Difference Between Silicone and Polymer Sealant?

The key differences between silicone and polymer sealant are application and strength quality. Silicone sealants are better suited for all kinds of surfaces. But, polymer adhesives are far superior in durability and strength. With incredible cohesion, it can stick to any metal, GRP, or PVC surface.

How Long Does Meguiars Synthetic Sealant Last?

Meguiars synthetic sealant can go on for 6 months, depending on your usage. Some salespersons also suggest a wax’s lifespan of 8-10 weeks. Removing the synthetic sealant does not require any exceptional effort. You can wipe it off using a basic microfiber cloth of your choice.


That’s everything I had on Meguiars polymer sealant vs synthetic sealant! Have you finally arrived at a decision? I hope you have.

Once you pick that up, your car will become as neat as it gets.

So, hurry up!

Robert Lozano

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