QYL Ignition Coil Review in 2022- A Guide On Ignition Coils

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Tired of your car coughing and having a lower mileage than it used to have? It’s probably because of your faulty ignition coil.

An ignition coil is needed to jumpstart a car’s engine. There are quite a few symptoms of a faulty ignition coil. These include poor fuel economy, misfires/stalls, and “check engine” light is lit.

Choosing the right coil is paramount when it comes to your engine’s performance.

qyl ignition coil review

Well, that’s where we come in with our qyl ignition coil review

Trust us on this, a lot of research went into making this post. We’ve left no stone unturned when coming up with the perfect ignition coil. Having a faulty one might do more harm than good.

For your convenience, we’ve even added a buying guide at the end of this. This will help you look for exactly what you need in an ignition coil. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

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QYL Ignition Coil Review

Best Deal

qyl ignition coil ford focus

Product Specifications:

  • Item Dimensions: 9.13 x 6.61 x 3.11 inches
  • Weight: 1.96 Pounds
  • Brand:QYL
  • Exterior:‎ Textured

After slaving through countless sleepless nights we’ve chosen our champion. It’s the QYL 4’PCs ignition coil. More specifically, the one compatible with the Attitude Accent Rio. 

One of its key features also states that it’s suitable with “Hyundai Kia Rio Rio5/Dodge”. However, we’d recommend you check the compatibility of the ignition coil beforehand.

Starting, the QYL coil is a coil-on-plug/ direct ignition system. Here, a  coil-on-plug is common nowadays, as it’s built for modern cars. This gives the product an edge over conventional ignition systems.

On top of this, the Engine Control Unit controls the ignition timing based on data from numerous sensors. Because each spark plug has its coil, high voltage spark plug wires are eliminated.

Another benefit to this is the maintenance cost factor. Guess what? The maintenance costs will be reduced because there are no moving parts. When compared to a regular system, the coil-on-plug might be easier to diagnose and repairs can be costly. 

With the help of an ECU, the ignition timing may be adjusted. In the same manner, high voltage can also be generated, much like in a distributor-less ignition system.

Now, let’s talk about the design- 

It’s pretty basic in the looks department. We could term that as an elegant design. There’s a curved shape that makes the coil stronger than many sections of your engine. 

Moving on to the build quality, the ignition coil for the QYL engine is composed of plastic. Hence, it’s both sturdy and portable. So, you could breathe a sigh of relief here!

Apart from this, the coil has several OEM safety certifications and meets or exceeds all testing standards.
In contrast to our qyl ignition coil ford focus review, there are slight differences. This coil is on the lighter side and is comparatively inexpensive.

The Pros:

  • It has affordable pricing and is extremely durable. This gives you an edge as you can use it for a long time. 
  • It is lightweight and compact. This doesn’t put added weight on the spark plug and ensures a snug fit.
  • It doesn’t have any moving parts. This reduces the chance of the coils being out of place or dislodged due to vibrations.

The Cons:

  • It comes in only 4’PCs. This small number of pieces may cause compatibility issues.

QYL Pack of 4Pcs Ignition Coil- Buying Guide

QYL Ignition Coil

Now hold on a second, we did promise you a buying guide. It’s better to teach someone how to fish rather than give him/her one. 

Our buying guide does just that. We’ve outlined the factors you should consider before buying your ignition coil.

Type Of Coil:

The first thing you should consider before buying a coil is its type. There are three main types of ignition coils. We’ve already talked about the coil-on-plug coil in the review section.

The rests are single coils and coil packs. These have retro designs, more common in older engines.

Firstly, single-coils are usually paired with a distributor. It resembles a simple canister, which is filled with oil or epoxy. This even helps insulate and separate the windings. It also prevents heating issues! 

Next up is the coil pack. In layman’s terms, it’s a coil pack that fires 2 cylinders (spark-plugs) at once. It’s common for engines of coil packs to use multiple coils instead of one. For example, 4 cylinders would have 2 coils and 6 cylinders would have 3 coils.

Coil Compatibility:

This is the next thing you have to take into account. Ignition coils are made specifically for specific engines. It’s rare for one ignition to fit into a spark plug of a different engine.

Even if there’s a good fit this does not ensure proper performance. This would result in higher fuel consumption and more engine misfires. It’s essential to check the compatibility of your car with the coil.

Maximum Voltage:

This talks about the maximum voltage that can be supplied to the spark plug. A higher voltage would mean a better sparking process.

Before transforming this into a science class, let’s make things clear. Jokes apart! There are three determinants for this; Primary resistance, Turns ratio & Input voltage.

Primary resistance talks about the resistance within the coils. Generally, the lower the resistance the higher the voltage. However, it’s important to note that too low of resistance is bad as it might damage engine components.

Next up, the turns ratio is the ratio of the secondary coils to the primary coils. The normal ratio is 100:1. The higher the turns ratio the more power the ignition coil can produce.

Lastly, input voltage talks about the initial voltage that is supplied by the battery. The most common type is a 12V battery. But a higher voltage would induce a larger current.

Vibration Resistance: What to Look out for?

This factor is commonly overlooked when buying an ignition coil. However, your engine vibrations do affect the coil’s performance.

A higher engine vibration would lead to the coil windings dislodging inside. This would lead to the ignition coil malfunctioning. So, it’s crucial to make sure your engine is properly mounted.

Ensuring a proper mounting in your engine would resolve the vibration issue. This is why you should do regular car maintenance checkups.

Heat Stability: How Does it Affect My Coil?

If your engine tends to overheat, this might pose a problem for the coil. A higher temperature means more resistance in the coils. 

This reduces the efficiency of the coil generating a spark. This is why it’s important to check how heat-stable your ignition coils are. Having a more heat-stable ignition coil would result in better performance.

Longevity: How Important Is it?

The longevity of the ignition coils should also be accounted for. Some ignition coils are supposedly designed to last a lifetime. They are, however, expensive enough.

Most ignition coils have a lifespan of about a year before encountering problems. They are on the cheaper side. So, you could change them occasionally. We don’t recommend that, however!

qyl ignition coil ford focus

QYL Pack of 4Pcs Ignition Coil

Product Specifications:

  • Item Dimensions: 9.13 x 6.61 x 3.11 inches
  • Weight: 1.96 Pounds
  • Brand: ‎QYL
  • Exterior:‎Textured

Have Any Questions?

Should I go for cheap ignition coils?

No, you should avoid very cheap ignition coils. Low-grade coils can cause misfiring and difficulty starting. Using them can have more significant repercussions.

Will a better ignition coil result in a better performance for my engine?

Yes it does. More is almost always better in the world of performance. More boost, airflow, fuel, horsepower, and performance, to name a few. In the world of ignition coils, however, more voltage does not always imply better performance. The OEM coils, according to Davis, were infamous for dropping off above or around 5,000 rpm.

For how long will my ignition coil last?

Any good ignition coil that you’ve purchased should last for a minimum of 100,000 miles. Most ignitions do last longer than that. However, several factors might inhibit proper performance. But most ignition coils have a tough plastic cover protecting them from these issues.

Is it wise to replace all my ignition coils at once instead of just one?

Yes you should. Ignition coils cannot be repaired, they need to be replaced if they are faulty. Having one faulty ignition coil may be a precursor to having other faulty ignition coils. So unless you want all of your pistons to fail it’s wise of you to replace the faulty ones as well as the others as a preventive measure.

Will my new ignition coils add more horsepower to my engines?

Not necessarily, this is a common misconception that was proven to be false. New ignition coils do not add more horsepower to your engines. Ignition coils essentially ensure proper combustion for your engines. Having a higher voltage does not equal a higher engine power.

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it. Our ultimate guide on how to buy the best ignition coil. 

We hope our qyl ignition coil review gave you some insight into ignition coils. Now you know what ignition is the right choice for you. And as always, stay safe and good luck.

qyl ignition coil ford focus

QYL Pack of 4Pcs Ignition Coil

Product Specifications:

  • Item Dimensions: 9.13 x 6.61 x 3.11 inches
  • Weight: 1.96 Pounds
  • Brand: ‎QYL
  • Exterior:‎Textured

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