Royal Purple oil filter Review- Enjoy Smooth Riding and Fuel Efficiency

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Roaming around the city or long drive demands fuel efficiency and smooth riding. You can easily ensure those in your vehicle by installing the right oil filters. 

Our picked Royal Purple oil filter is hopefully the helping hand for you because this oil filter is committed to withstand any unexpected and harsh situations. 

royal purple oil filter review

I will give a comprehensive royal purple oil filter guide in our following royal purple oil filter review

Review on Royal Purple Extended Life oil filter

Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filter


  • Brand: ‎Royal Purple
  • Product Dimensions: ‎2.75 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches
  • Weight: ‎6.4 ounces
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Model Number: ‎10-2876

In the following section, we will review the Royal Purple 356753 Extended Life Oil Filter. Alternatively, you can choose a royal purple oil filter 20-820, if the 1st one isn’t available. Don’t worry; both offer almost the same service. However, dive on to know the details.

Highlighted Features: Royal Purple Extended Life oil filter


The main Carisma of this filter lies in the design section. The manufacturer uses thicker shell material to uplift the security and strength. Therefore, you can safely drive without falling into puncture-related issues. 

The metal end caps come with a positive seal which will ensure filter element assembly. Plus, the manufacturer uses a special design in the center tube to keep aside filter element collapse problems. 


Till now, we will notify you of the construction, let’s move on to the filtration section. The ultimate performance will come when the oil passes through the filter effectively. Moreover, the right filter will ensure your vehicle can withstand any heavy-duty situations. 

This filter is fabricated with 100% screen-backed synthetic media. Therefore, you will get a blissful filtration service. Moreover, this filter will ensure oil flow with its newly engineered bypass valve during the excessive filter element flow restriction. 

In addition, this filter is designed to tolerate a higher amount of pressure. Thankfully, the sturdy-gauge steel backplate makes that possible. 

Typically, the user faces torque-related problems while installing and removing the filter. Thanks to the manufacturer for attaching premium nitrile rubber. Plus, the rubber is lubricated with special lubricity. 

The last used material herein is a silicone anti-drain back valve. The manufacturer uses that material to eliminate oil drain back when you shut down your engine. Therefore, you can prevent dry starts. 


The manufacturer’s claimed mileage is up to 15,000 miles, but it may vary depending on your driving condition. However, we find further comments regarding mileage such as 3,000, 5,000, 7500, or 10,000.  

Note: Though the Z tends to run so hot, that’s why you, the owner, aren’t recommended to exceed over 7500 miles. We hope the mileage is perfect from the price point. Interestingly, the price is almost the same as Mobil 1. Plus, our selected Royal Purple will offer better than the Mobil 1. 

While most brands use rubber, this brand uses a silicon bypass valve inside. Therefore, 

This brand can withstand more heat.

The Pros:

  • You will get 15,000-mile protection after using this oil filter.
  • The manufacturer uses all-synthetic micro-glass media; hence it can filter 25 microns or larger. Here the efficiency rate will be 99%.
  • The construction is much durable
  • Its silicon construction, anti-drain back valve help you to avoid dry starts.
  • Made in the USA

The Cons:

  • One issue you may encounter is called lower flow restriction.

Where to buy a Royal Purple oil filter?

Royal Purple oil filter is available on all types of online platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and so on. Also, you can buy it from Royal Purple’s official site. 

How to use Royal purple oil filter? 

Here is the process of using a royal purple oil filter. 

Step 1. Start the engineFirstly, you need to run the engine for some time because the warm oil seems to drain faster. 

The next task is to drive your car for some time. 
Step 2. Detect the plug of the oil drainNow, see the manual or consult with a service giver to know where the oil drain plug is. After detecting the oil drain plug, you need to loosen it using a wrench. 

When you are going to loosen the plug, you need to push the plug back towards the pan. Therefore, the oil won’t rush out until removing the plug. 
Step 3. Locate the filter capNow, locate the filter cap (you will find it on your engine’s surface) using the manual. You can ensure entering air from the top after removing the filter cap, hence making the draining process faster.

After draining the existing oil, now place the oil plug in the right place and tighten it by hand. After tightening using your hand, you now need to secure it using the right instrument. If the manual suggests, then take your newly purchased drain plug gasket to use it.

Although the oil has drained, there may be the possibility of remaining hot oil in the oil filter. Now, keep the old pan beneath the air filter, then carefully pull out the filter using the wrench. Afterward, you need to clean your engine’s mounting surface using a rag. 
Step 4. Pour OilNow, take fresh oil and coat the rubber seal lightly before installing the oil filter. In the filter, you need to ensure the seal is perfectly placed. After that, tighten the screw by hand. You don’t need to use a wrench to tighten the screw. 

After that, pour your vehicle-specified oil using a funnel. After completing pouring, you need to install a new cap. 
Step 5. Test RunNow, take a test run to see whether any leaks in the oil drain plug. If any leak is found, then turn off your vehicle’s engine and fix it. If there is no leak, then turn off that and leave it for a while to drain it down. 

Any More Questions?

Who makes Royal Purple oil filters?

An American lubricant producer produces the Royal Purple oil filter.  Apart from the oil filter, they also produce gear oil, transmission fuel, bearing, engine, etc.

How long do Royal Purple oil filters last?

You will get service from the Royal Purple oil filters for about one year or 15,000 miles. Here you need to count the first one.

Is Royal Purple better than Mobil 1?

Though Royal Purple is synthetic motor oil, you can expect more amenities than the Mobil 1. After using the Royal Purple, your vehicle’s MPG (fuel efficiency) will increase hence smooth your riding.

According to the users’ opinion both Royal Purple 356753 and royal purple oil filter 20-820 would be worth buying. 

Nevertheless, Mobil 1 also helps you to, but it won’t increase MPG and improve your riding. 

What’s so special about Royal Purple?

Among the various synthetic oils in the market, Royal Purple is the expensive and purest one. While other oils offer longevity instead of performance, this one is specially made for reducing engine friction. 

Is Royal Purple good for daily driving?

The higher price tag makes this Royal Purple not ideal for daily driving. 

Final Verdict

All the oil filters offer good filtration service, but the best one will provide you with more than your expectation. In this royal purple oil filter review, I reviewed Royal Purple 356753 Extended Life Oil Filter

Due to uplifting your vehicle’s performance significantly, the users showed their positive experiences on the online platform. I also hope that you will share your experience with us using the comment section. 

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