What Does the GEM Module Control on a 97 F150? [Answered]

The car has numerous operational functions going on while we drive. And an important one that we all hear often is the gem module of our car. But almost everyone has got no idea about its function.

So, what does the gem module control on a 97 f150?

The GEM module of your 97 f150 controls the electronic and mechanical stuff. This controls the operation of your car’s ignition. Moreover, it controls the operations of looking glass, front and rear wipers, and many more. Without, a gem module, it is nearly impossible to run a car.

You have got a heads up to the main part. So, keep on reading to look at all the details of it.

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What is the Task of a Gem Module on a 97 F150?

In a Ford vehicle, a General Electric Module (GEM) is a technology part. This job includes checking, regulating, and operating digital equipment throughout the vehicle. 

Source: Sparky’s Answers

The GEM usually provides signals and power to windows and mirrors in a vehicle. It also handles air conditioning, the ignition coil system, central locking, and other functions. Mostly it controls the keyless entries and computer-operated locks.

In some demographics, a gem is also referred to as BCM or Body Control Module. The gem module, on the other hand, is its primary identity. 

The GEM module supplies electricity to the power windows on a temporary basis. The rear wiper is also powered by it. 

As a result, parking the back windshield off the skid plate glass is made easier. The gem module of your car controls the power when you turn on the ignition.

As for the other way around, it also controls when your turn off the ignition. The 4×4 button also sends a message to the GEM. 

The transport case shift relay module, that adjusts the transfer case, is also controlled by it. 

So, you have the GEM, as well as the switch and the t-case change relay module. There is also all the cabling and a few fuses.

If you want to sum up this, you can do it in a brief. The gem module is very important for your car, 97 f150

Because this controls the electronic and mechanical stuff going on in your car. Starting from ignition to windshield, it controls a lot of important functions.

Thus, it is one of your car’s most crucial and important parts, the 97 f150.

Can the Gem Module of My Car Get Damaged?

Any part of your car may get damaged. Because nothing has the life-long span that you would expect. You know that a gem module is a mechanical part of your car.

So, it may go bad for some obvious reasons if you are unlucky. However, this is not a very common scenario to suddenly experience a gem module going bad.

It may happen if your car crash or hits something so hard. Besides, running the car in a very rough way may also affect your gem module. 

Remember, this is important for you to reckon if your gem module turns bad.

Because not identifying it and resolving the issue quickly can deteriorate it. And this may even affect the other parts of your car like the windows and gearbox.

Source: Sparky’s Answer

Do not forget that this might even go up to the engine too. So, be careful about these issues if you come up with any symptoms.

So, how do I know if the gem module is bad? Well, trying to inspect this is not hard at all. You just have to know how to do it.

To do it, activate the service mode. Switch on the heated window and keep it pressed for a few seconds. Then start the vehicle by ignition. Leave the switch now.

Then click on the switch once again and see if the light blinks. This is the indication of the activation.

You may also see if the other mechanical stuff works well. For example, inspect the front or rear wipers of your car. 

Turn them on to wipe the glass and see it they work properly. If you see them being slow suddenly or getting stuck, there might be a problem.

You may also notice a black box on the windshield. That usually contains some crucial sensors for your car.

You may also check the lock of the doors of your car. See if the setting of locking all the doors together works. If it does then you may not have to be worried about it.

So, this is how you can test the gem module of your car. But if it’s not not okay or damaged then you’ll need to replace it.

Follow this video guide to replace the GEM module of 97 f150.

What Happens Running the Car without a Gem Module?

Running a car without a gem module is almost impossible. This is the first thing that you must know. 

But even if you see a car without a gem module, it’s probably an accident. This actually happens when people do not understand the bad gem module symptoms.

Like the gem module might be faulty or anything. So the module needs to be replaced for which it is missing for the time being.

Even if it’s the case, running a car without a gem module is still risky. Because you know the operation of a gem module is important.

But what happens if you actually run a car without a gem module? Well, there would be many issues without a gem module actually.

Although some issues are not that crucial, there are still a few crucial ones. The one that comes first is the starter issues.

A missing gem module would let not the starter motor get the proper energy. And that is why you would come across severe ignition issues.

You may start your car after trying a lot. But eventually, your car might even stop suddenly.

Some other issues you would come across are AC and lights on your car. You know how important the lights are for the car.

So, an absence of a gem module would negatively impact the lights.  The lights might often fail to function properly. 

Resetting the ECU might be a solution but not permanent. Because this may only clear out the error codes.

And if you come to AC, this might not work at all without a gem module. There are a few other things too that would be problematic for this.

So, now you understand what would happen if there is no gem module on car.

Remember that you need to replace the gem module in no time if needed. Now, trying to get one quickly? Here are our pickups.

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Hope this helps!


Can I still drive my car if the gem is faulty?

Yes, you can actually run your car even if you find a faulty gem. But it is generally better to fix the gem as soon as possible. Because you know the gem in your car mainly controls the electronic stuff. So, it is better not to run your car with a faulty gem.

Can I fix the gem of my car myself?

It is a common practice to seek professional help for issues like a gem. Thus, it is better not to try fixing the gem yourself. Because you might even deteriorate it, affecting other mechanical stuff. Talk to an expert when you notice any faulty gem symptoms.

Can my car have an alternative to the gem?

No, you can no way have an alternative to the gem of your car. You already know that the gem controls the important electronic stuff of your car. And this can only do its own functions with no possible alternatives. Remember that running a car without a gem is not recommended.

The Final Words

Now you know, what does the gem module control on a 97 f150! We believe you have no more confusion about the concern now.

Remember one thing while driving your car. If you ever notice something unusual about anything in your car, stop driving then. Because many symptoms of technical issues must not be overlooked to resolve.

So, be careful about it!

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  1. Hello. My 1997 f150 gauges are acting goofy after I replaced a bad gem module. Fuel gauge and low fuel light are on, fuel gauge way down , temperature went to 260 . And 4×4 won’t engage in high and clicks behind dash?? Thanks Jay Erickson fishy1965@hotmail.com. 218-537-3324

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