How to Remove Double Sided Tape From Car Door? 3 Easy Methods

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The rubber on your car door will degrade or become damaged at some point. When you remove it, the double-sided tape may remain on the surface. Taking off these double-sided tapes can be a real pain.

So, how to remove double-sided tape from car door? 

How to remove 3M double sided tape from car paint

There are three simple ways of removing double-sided tape from car doors. The first is using a heat gun. Applying heat to the tape for a prolonged period of time will make the tape fall off. The second way is using a caramel wheel. Keep the caramel wheel at the slowest pace. Then hold it on the tape. The tape will slowly start wearing off leaving no mark. And the third method is using an iron and a wet towel.

This is just the summary of the 3 methods. Interested in knowing in detail? You’re gonna have to read along to find out.

3 Simple Ways to Remove Double-Sided Tape

How to Remove Double Sided Tape From Car Door

Double-sided tapes are used on many different parts of the car. Like the rubber on your car door, the rain guard, and even the number plate sometimes. These things might even come off exposing the double-sided tape.

It can be really problematic removing the double-sided tape. You may cause damage to your vehicle if you are not cautious.

We’ve devised 3 easy methods to remove these problematic tapes. Let’s find out more about them-

Using A Heat Gun:

It should go without saying that this procedure involves the use of a heat gun. One can be purchased at your local hardware shop. You may also simply get one from Amazon.

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Step 1: Applying The Heat Gun

Once you have a heat gun in your hand, point it at the tape and fire it up. The tape will get a little loose as a result of this. The tape’s adhesive properties will be weakened and deteriorated. This is how you remove the double-sided tape off a surface.

Try to pull out the portions of the tape residue with your hands. The heat gun weakens the tape’s adhesive so it’s easy to do so. If you don’t feel safe using your hands, you can use panel tools. This is also applicable for when you’re removing bubbled rear window tint.

Step 2: Repeating The Process

Make an effort to do this task in intervals. For the initial few seconds, use the heat gun. Afterward, rub the residue away using the panel tools and your hands. 

After that, use the heat gun once more. Repeat the procedure until all of the tape has been removed. The double-sided tape will be removed from the automobile using this approach.


When using the heat gun, don’t hold it in the same location for too long. If you do, the area will be harmed. It’s possible that you’ll even injure yourself. 

If you use it over the car paint, you can even damage the paint. Maintain vigilance and caution when utilizing the heat gun. It’s a useful tool, but if used incorrectly, it might do harm to your vehicle.

Using A Caramel Wheel:

For this method, you’ll need a drill machine and a caramel wheel. Caramel wheels are also known as Decal Removers. So, you might wanna look out for that when you buy one.

Step 1: Setting Up The Caramel Wheel

When you take out the caramel wheel from the packaging, you notice an opening. That opening is where you insert the drill and screw it into the drill machine. 

The pace of the drill machine actually depends on the state of the tape. If the tape has hardened, set the pace at medium or slightly higher. But if the tape is still damp, then set the pace at the lowest setting.

Step 2: Application of The Caramel Wheel

When you apply the Caramel Wheel on dry tape, use it in short bursts. Constantly check if the tape is coming off or not. And probably try pulling the tape with your hands from time to time as well. 

If the tape comes off and you don’t notice it, you can damage the paint. The caramel wheel can easily damage the car paint. So, you’ll have to be vigilant constantly.

If the tape is damp, it’s safer to take it off. Because then, you’re using the caramel wheel at the slowest pace possible.


Hold the wheel on the tape till it comes off. Be sure not to set the drill at higher paces. As we’ve mentioned before, you can damage the area that you. 

If you’re taking tapes off of paint, you’ll have to be extra careful. It’s preferable to be slow and safe than to cause damage worth a few hundred dollars.

Using A Damp Towel And An Iron:

This is the most straightforward procedure in the book. But due to that same reason, this method could be slightly ineffective. You just need an iron and a wet cloth or towel. 

Heat the iron to its maximum temperature. Press it against the double-sided tape for 2-3 seconds. Then rub the tape with the towel.

Repeat the procedure as necessary till the tape is removed.


Be sure to keep the temperature in check. If you’re taking the tape off of plastic, keep the temperature at medium. Don’t damage the area.

Also, if you’re taking the tape off of car paint, you need to be extra careful with the iron. You’ll actually leave a burn mark on the paint if you use too much heat.

What About The Marks Left by The Tape?

Once you’re done taking off the tapes, check for marks. If they aren’t somewhere visible, such as the number plate area, they won’t make a difference. However, if they’re near your license plate or rain guard, they’ll be visible.

So, what are your options for dealing with these blemishes? Don’t be worried. It’s a minor problem that’ll require a fix. 

You can use whatever cleaner you have for this. You can even use a brake cleaner.  If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, using vinegar is a good idea. It’s also applicable if you’re planning to clean your headlight lens as well.

Pour the brake cleaner on a rag or a piece of cloth first. Then gently rub the rag on the parts where you see the marks. It may not be as simple as it appears. You might have to rub it hard at times.

When you’re done, take another piece of cloth. Pour clean water on that cloth and rub it in places where you rubbed the other cloth.

Do it as soon as you’re done cleaning with the cleaner. Leaving the cleaner in the car might not be much of a good idea. If you used it on paint, there’s a slight chance that you might discolour the paint. 

And that’s it. That’s how you take off a double-sided tape and also remove any marls left by it. Just make sure you follow the instructions to the point.

Have Any Questions?

Can I use the same methods to remove 3m tapes?

Yes, you can. Follow the same precautions too. Find out removing 3M mounting tape from car here!

Can I use rubbing alcohol to remove the residue?

Yes, you can. But make sure it’s diluted in between 10%-15%.

Can I use a knife to scrape the tape?

Yes, you can. But, make sure you’re extra careful about this.


Now you know how to remove double-sided tape from car door. These three methods are the most straightforward and cost-effective.

Let us know how this worked out for you in the comments.

Good luck!

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