Liqui Moly Oil Additive Review in 2022: Get Fewer Noises and Better Mileage

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Earlier last week, I was driving through a lone road and listening to my favorite country music. Everything was perfect, but the loud sounds of the engine spoiled my mood. So, I searched for a solution and found the liqui moly oil.

Irritating engine noise is something every vehicle owner faces. You may have tried to use different lubricants but did not get satisfactory results. And that is why you are here. Well, read the full liqui moly oil additive review to find probably the best solution to your problem.

I’ve tried the additive oil and saw some noticeable results. According to the producing company, liqui moly mos2 reduces engine friction to reduce engine noises and offer better mileage.

I’ve done in-depth research on liqui moly oil and tried to cover all the information in this article. Hopefully, the liqui moly additive review will help you to decide if you want to try it for your engine or not.

What is Moly in Oil?

liqui moly oil additive review

The full form of moly is “Molybdenum.” Molybdenum and sulfur together make molybdenum disulfide, which is used as a lubricant in the oil industry.

It can be added to different kinds of lubricants such as engine oil, hydraulic fluids, grease, and many more. The working process of moly is simple yet pretty efficient.

When you add moly to the engine, it creates a coating on the surface. The coating reduces the friction to a significant amount. It enables different engine parts to move more freely. 

And it results in less noise and heat. Due to the benefits moly offers, it has been very popular as additive oils and comes in different brands.

Liqui Moly Oil Additive Review

liqui moly 2009 anti-friction oil treatment

Liqui Moly 2009 Anti-Friction Oil Treatment is one of the market-leading moly oil additives. Hopefully, using this product will reduce the sound of the engine. With less friction of the engine parts, you also can expect smoother performance.

Not only that, but such a smooth operation also can provide you with better mileage. Overall, you can get almost everything you expect from a good motor oil additive.

Sounds impressive, right? Let’s have a look at the features that make Liqui Moly Mos2 so good.

Key Features of Liqui Moly Oil Additive:


liqui moly 2009 anti-friction oil treatment

Product Specification:

  • Brand: ‎Liqui Moly
  • Weight: ‎6.4 ounces
  • Size: 300 Milliliter
  • Model Number: 2009

High Load Capacity Lubricant:

Liqui moly motor oil additive forms a high-load bearing lubricant. That means no matter how much pressure you put on the engine, the lubricant is expected to work fine. Usually, lubricants only perform at low RPM.

But Liqui Moly has claimed to work with high RPM too. And some of the users also said they had found the statement true.

Flash Point:

A high flash point of lubricant oils is essential for reducing the risk of fire in an engine. In case you do not know, the flash point is the minimum temperature where the liquid forms a vapor that creates an ignitable air mixture.

Flammable liquids have a flash point of less than 100° Celsius, while the Liqui Moly anti-friction oil has a flash point of 181° Celsius. 

The Pros:

  • Reduced Noise: Due to the friction in engine parts, most vehicles produce different noises, such as ticking sounds. After using Liqui Moly, you can expect the noises to be almost gone.
  • Increased MPG: The liqui moly engine treatment also increases fuel efficiency. Most users have experienced an increase of at least 1MPG, while some got better results.
  • Suitability: Liqui Moly Anti-friction oil additive is suitable with both diesel and petrol engines, as well as with gasoline. So, you can use it in almost any vehicle you have.

The Cons:

  • Repetitive Application: You have to apply the Liqui Moly mos2 anti-friction engine treatment every time you change the oil.

Liqui Moly Oil Guide: 

Many of you may get confused if you can use the Liqui Moly for your vehicle or not. Hopefully, our Liqui Moly oil guide will help you with that.

You can use liqui moly mos2 oil additive with any vehicle that runs on petrol, diesel, or gasoline. People have used the product in Toyota Four Runner, BMW & Mercedes, and got excellent results.

Moreover, you can also mix it with fully synthetic oils. It works even if you apply it with other additives. Everything is quite simple, and you also can check the instructions on the bottle.

Where to Buy Liqui Moly Oil?

You can buy the Liqui Moly oil additive from your local automotive stores. Or the best option is to buy it from amazon. You can get it right at your home. Take it with you when going to the fuel station and use it.

How to Use Liqui Moly Oil Additive?

Liqui Moly Oil

The application method of the Liqui Moly oil additive is easy. You can use it during or after you change the oil. Just be careful about the quantity, as too much or too low quantity can lead to unexpected results.

The ideal quantity is a 50ml oil additive for 1 liter of fuel. However, Liqui Moly suggests it in the range between 3-5% of the total fuel filling capacity.

After you have added the oil additive, you can expect to see the results immediately. Your engine will sound much better with the liqui moly engine treatment.

Any More Questions?

Which engine oil additive is best?

I have seen several engine oil additives in the market, such as Lucas Heavy Duty, Hot Shot’s Secret, etc.

Among numerous options, I think Liqui Moly 2009 Anti-friction oil treatment is one of the best engine oil additives.

It works in almost every engine type. You can expect a much better engine sound after applying the Liqui Moly oil additive. The engine life can also increase.

Is Moly good in oil?

Moly or Molybdenum with sulfur works excellent as oil additives. It can reduce engine friction, which results in less noise and provides better mileage.

Due to its high efficiency, Molybdenum has been sold as a premium oil for a long time.

How long does Liqui Moly oil last?

I have searched through the company website and found that, Liqui Moly oil containers last at least five years. You need to keep it under 5 to 30 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight.

The containers usually come in 300 ml in size. You can use it for approximately 6 liters of fuel.

What does Liqui Moly Anti Friction do?

The oil additive is for engine treatment for any kind of vehicle.

When added to the Liqui Moly oil additive, it circulates through the engine and creates a coat on the surface. It results in less friction between the engine parts.

Due to the significant decrease in friction, usually, the engine noises decrease. Besides, you also should get a smooth driving experience.

Is Liqui Moly good for older engines?

When I read customers’ reviews, I came to know that Liqui Moly generally works for both new and older engines.
Usually, older engines do not offer such good performance. I hope you will see an increase in performance after adding Liqui Moly oil additive.

So the Point is…

There you’ve the  Liqui Moly Oil Additive review guide. In short, the mos2 anti-friction causes the engine to make less noise and have better durability. Add it when you change oil or after you fill your tank.

Now, you can have a smooth driving experience while getting extra mileage with the Liqui Moly engine treatment.

Robert Lozano

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  1. Mr Lozano,
    Thank you for your insight about Mos2 oil additive. I had no idea
    about its benefits on older engines. I own a 2017 Santa Fe v6 which has 79,000.0 miles on it. The company had an ‘ all inclusive ‘ recall a few years AGO CONCERNING the irregular bolting of the main bearing assembly. I am confident that this additive will effectively DO away with this engine issue in my vehicle.

    Thanks again for your information
    WL Taylor

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