About Robert Lozano

Robert Lozano is a renowned author and passionate engine enthusiast with an educational background in the automotive field. Equipped with his automotive educational degree, Robert possesses a strong foundation in automotive engineering and a deep understanding of engines and their intricacies. His expertise and knowledge make him a trusted authority in the industry.

From an early age, Robert displayed a keen interest in engines and automobiles. To take his passion to the next level, he pursued a Diploma in Automotive Engineering from Lawrence Technological University, USA.

This fascination led him to pursue higher education in the automotive field, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of automotive systems, engine design, and performance optimization. His educational degree has provided him with the technical expertise needed to analyze and solve complex engine-related problems.

As an author, Robert shares his expertise and insights through various platforms, including the popular website engineneeds.com. His educational background enables him to write with authority and provide accurate, in-depth information about engines.

Robert’s articles and guides not only cover technical aspects but also offer practical tips and advice for engine enthusiasts of all levels.

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Robert Lozano