Are Titan Wheel Spacers Good (The 360 Guidelines)

Don’t know if wheel spacers are a good idea for your new car? Well, it can be pretty hard to find the perfect answer. That too, amidst a pile of unclear reviews. Yet, the good news is that we have got you covered.

So, are titan wheel spacers good?

Titan wheel spacers are good for cars. However, they have their pros and cons. They are a simple and affordable way to widen your car’s track. They also enhance wheel fitting. On top of that, it affects the handling positively. However, they can quickly and easily destroy your car’s geometry.

Well, it is just a brief answer to your question. In order to judge whether tidal wheel spacers are good or not you need to know more about it.

So, let’s check out our first section, shall we?


  • Titan wheel spacers can significantly change your driving experience.
  • Your car handling can be hugely affected by titan wheel spacers.
  • There are some downsides of titan spacers such as changing the car geometry.

Are Titan Wheel Spacers Good?

Yes, titan wheel spaces are good if you want extended stability and control over your car. However, you might want to know a bit more about what they are.

Well, as the name says, titan wheel spacers extend the gap between the wheel and your car. They do so by widening the track. The Titan wheel spacers are attached to the wheel assembly. Wheel spacers can widen the track of your car by millimeters to inches.

So what are titan wheel spacers made of

Titan wheel spacers are made of billet aluminum. However, titan wheel spacers come in a variety of forms. Even the hub-centric rings have arguments of their own.

So, there will always be some advantages and disadvantages to these things. Let’s start with the pros first.

Advantages of Titan Wheel Spacers

The benefits of wheel spacers are given below:

An Enhanced Look:

Here, the wheel spacers give your car a different and dynamic look. It is their most fundamental purpose. 

Enhanced Look

Also, the adjustment is pretty cheap and simple. You do not have to do any additional work for a dashing and unique look.

Upgraded Handling:

It is great for those drivers who focus more on performance. because wheel spacers provide excellent and better handling.  It is one of its main advantages. The spacers make the vehicle’s track wider than typical. This act enhances stability all around.

Besides, increasing the space between the left and right wheels makes the car more stable. This modification helps in enhancing cornering, grip, and overall handling.

It is essential for a truck with a high center of gravity. The risk of a vehicle rolling over decreases. It depends on the distance between the wheels, spaced from the center of the vehicle.

Basically, by merely expanding a vehicle’s track, you can achieve major performance gains. 

Ensures Tightness of Wheels:

The use of wheel spacers also guarantees that a vehicle’s wheels are all fitted correctly. You can easily use alloy wheel spacers so that you can fit a set of wheels. Especially in the case where they are not fitted properly to your car.

In addition, you can simply operate the inner fender line with wheel spacers. If your car’s suspension or control arm contact has to be corrected, wheel spacers can be used. Wheel spacers can also be used to correct the control arm contact or suspension.

Helps Fitting Upgraded Components:

Your car might need wheel spacers for installing improved brakes or suspension components. If you install bigger or different brakes on your car, your factory wheels could not fit. The same goes for suspension.

Also, the handling of a car may be improved by attaching wider tires and wheels. That too, for a bigger contact patch. However, this may also result in the wheel or tire rubbing against wheel assembly parts.

Wheel spacers ensure that the enhancements are stable. it does so by relocating the wheels away from your enhanced components.  And, stand the test of time.

Enhanced Overall Performance:

It is one of the major benefits of using wheel spacers on your car. Here, you can add larger wheel spacers to move your wheels away from the wheel arches. This will result in increasing the contact area with the road.

Also, it will boost the stability and traction of your car. On the other hand, it is pretty easy to install.

Disadvantages of Titan Wheel Spacers

You might have the question “Are wheel spacers really that bad?”. So, here are the cons of using wheel spacers on your car.

Reduced Ride Standard:

When cars are dispatched from factories, the driving experience is always premium. However, this balance is interrupted when wheel spacers are installed. When space grows between wheels and suspension parts, the driving experience also deteriorates.

The diameter of the spacer has a positive correlation with this impact. You can also feel the vibrations of the wheels while driving.

Additional Effect on Suspension:

The strain on the suspension increases with the space between the wheels and the suspension parts. In this case, it causes parts like wheel bearings to deteriorate more quickly. 

Here, turning the steering wheel of your car will be challenging and need more energy. Furthermore, the shock absorber can fail to cushion minor shocks and bumps on the rough road.

Also, take a close look at bypassing heater core for overheating issues. 

So, now you know the pros and cons of wheel spacers. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks in this case. 

If you want to know what kind of wheel spacers are best, it’s the hub-centric ones. So now you need to know how to install them properly. 

Let’s check this out in our next segment!

How to Install The Titan Wheel Spacers: Step-by-Step 

For installing the Titan wheel spacers, you need a few tools first. These are:

Now, let’s get it over with the steps. 

Step 1: Let Out the Bolts 

In the first step, you have to lose the bolts. Make sure that all the bolts are loose. To generate enough torque to turn the lugs, you must utilize the tire’s resistance to the terrain. 

Step 2: Lift Your Car

Now, you have to gently lift your car a bit. If you don’t have a lift available, jack stands and a jack will do the trick.

Step 3: Take the Wheel Out 

Carefully take the wheels off without causing any damage. 

Step 4: Sprinkle Degreaser on Lug Studs 

Although not required, this is a wise move. Make sure a spotless, smooth surface is where the wheel spacer rests. Also, use a wire brush to clear off any rust or corrosion.

Step 5: Place the Wheel Spacer on Point 

You must manually tighten it. but do not yet tighten the bolts. Simply align them all and then slightly tighten them.

Step 6: Torque the Bolts According To the Specification 

Utilize a torque wrench to adjust each bolt to the manufacturer’s recommended specification. You have to do it after it has been securely fastened.

Step 7: Install the Wheels on Assembly Again 

Before fully tightening, each lug nut should be secured and hand-tightened.

Installing the Wheels on Assembly
Source: Low Offset

To make sure the load is distributed equally, you have to adjust them in a star pattern.

Step 8: Redo Steps 3-7 for the Other Wheels 

For the remaining wheels, follow the same procedure as above. If jack stands are not being used, raise and lower each wheel separately using the jack.

Step 9: Slowly Lower Your Vehicle 

Congratulations, as your installation is finished! To visually inspect for vibration or wobbling, drive the car.

So, by following these steps, you can install Titan wheel spacers very easily. Now, are titan wheel spacers safe? 

Yes, titan wheel spacers are safe to use in most cars. So, you don’t have to worry too much about the safety aspect.

While we are on this topic, you should look out for your gear as well. As grinding gears can be harmful to your vehicle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use a Thread Locker on Wheel Spacers?

Basically, using thread lockers on wheel spacers depends on you. They will never come off as long as you use high-quality and strong wheel lugs. Also, if you torque them correctly, they will stay right there. You can use Red Loctite if you do not plan to remove the spacers after installation.

Do I Have to Torque Wheel Spacers?

Yes, you have to torque the wheel spacers accurately. The lug torque must be set as per the specifications. This ensures the appropriate assembly of your wheel spacers. Tightening wheel bolts equally to the right specifications is essential. That too, with a torque wrench, which is highly accurate. 

Can Wheel Spacers Influence Handling?

Yes, wheel spacers influence handling positively. They widen the track. And lowers body roll by moving the wheels further from the vehicle hub. It increases the lateral grip of the tires. The tires are loaded more fairly, which improves the car’s handling. And speeds up corner exit acceleration.

Wrapping It Up

We are at the end of our writing now. We have tried our best to provide you with detailed writing. We hope now you know the answer to the question “are titan wheel spacers good”.

We hope it helped you gain a clear idea of it. 

All the best!

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