255 vs 265 Tires: Is the Difference Striking?

Choosing the right tire is a complicated process. You obviously don’t want to spend a lot of money only to get the wrong size. 

In recent years auto-enthusiasts have been particularly debating on whether to get 265 or 255 tires. Well, that’s where we come in and help you select your appropriate tire. 

So, which one to choose when it comes to 255 vs 265?

There are multiple differences between 255 vs 265 tires. Factors such as aspect ratio and diameters tend to be a lot different from each other. On top of that, the wheel’s roll differs as well. These differences can change how your car drives and feels. 

Today, we’ll discuss all that you need to know to make the right choice between the two. 

So, let’s get right to it. 

255 vs 265 Tires: A Quick Comparison

Before going into the explanation, we’ve decided to put together a succinct table that highlights the major differences. This will help you understand what makes the tires different at a glance. 

Factor 255 Tires265 Tires
Diameter Inches 32.0631.61
Width Inches 10.0410.43
Circumference Inches 100.7299.29
Sidewall Height Inches 7.537.3
Revolutions Per Mile 629.09638.1
Cost Check Price Check Price

255 vs 265 Tires? In-Depth Comparison

Now that you know how 255 and 265 tires are different, let’s take an in-depth look at their differences and how they translate to offering different driving experiences. 

Loading Capacity 

Due to their differences in dimensions, these tires offer different loading capacities. A 255 tire can support up to 1980 pounds of load, or 900 kgs. On the other hand, 265 tires can support up to 2300 pounds of load, or 1050 kgs. 

So, why is load capacity important? It’s because you won’t be able to use a light tire on heavy vehicles. So, you should consider your vehicle’s weight before swapping between 255 and 265 tires. 

Getting a light tire for a heavy vehicle won’t get you anywhere. 

But how do you understand what the loading capacity of your tire is? Check the load index on your tire, this should provide the necessary information. 

Gross Weight

Another striking difference between the two tires is their weight. While 255 tires weigh only 36 pounds, 265 tires weigh 53 pounds. As you can see, there’s a 17-pound difference between the weight of the two tires. 

Once you install all four tires, there will be a total of 68 pounds of difference between the gross weight of the two tires. 

The 265 tires will increase the overall weight of your vehicle, and it’ll slow you down. So, that’s a factor you must consider before choosing between the two. 


The larger the tire, the more stable it is. This is why people who drive off-road prefer larger tires than sports cars or sedans. When travelling at higher speeds, larger tires tend to offer better traction for better stability. 

However, larger tires are typically slower than smaller ones. So, you need to find the right balance between speed and stability while picking tire sizes. 

An issue a lot of users complain about is the speed of the 265s. However, you can always make your Ford Ranger vehicle faster through some methods.

Fuel Mileage

Another striking difference between tires of different sizes is that they offer different mileage. As larger tires are heavier, they last less with the same amount of fuel. 

However, you’ll lose only one or two miles if you swap from 255 to 265 tires. This is because the tread pattern of the two tires is more or less similar. 


Lastly, there’s definitely a major difference between the dimensions of the two tires. So, you may not be able to fit one or both of the tires on your vehicle. 

So, consider whether the tires will be suitable for your vehicle or not. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to swap the tires for one another. Just like how you can put a 17-inch tire on 16-inch rims 

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose? 

Now that you know the pros and cons of each tire type, it’s time to make a decision. As you can see, both the 255 and 265 tires have unique offerings. This is why it’s hard to make a definitive choice. 

For one last overview, check out this table where we’ve summarized everything. 

ProductFeatures Where To Get
255 Tires Better for everyday use and easier to park withBuy Now
265 Tires Great for exploring the wilderness and long drivesBuy Now

If you’re looking for a tire to help you off-road, you should go for the 265s. These tires are very versatile when it comes to off-road driving. These will perform amazing on all off-road terrain, from gravel to sand to mud. 

On the other hand, the 255 tires are more of an on-road tire. They perform great off-road too but stumble on certain terrains such as mud. 

Other than your preferences, considering your current vehicle’s specifications are also important. 


What Does 255/85/16 Mean?

This means the tire has a diameter of 255 mm, which is essentially 33.1”. The next two numbers denote the section width and wheel diameter, respectively. The dimensions are in millimeters. 

Can I Replace 265 Tires with 255 Ones?

Yes, you can replace a 265 with a 255. However, this may not work every time. It mostly depends on the rim. Certain numbers on the rim are in the xx/xx/xx format. If the numbers on the rim satisfy the ones on the tire, only then will you be able to replace them. 

How Many Inches is 255 75r17?

The diameter of a 255 mm tire stands at 10.0394 inches. The width and circumference stand at 2.95276 inches and 0.669291 inches, respectively. 


As you can see, despite the small difference in their width, 255 and 265 tires feel and drive completely different. 

Each tire has something unique to offer. This is why we recommend maintaining caution while choosing between 255 vs 265 tires

Until then happy driving!

Robert Lozano

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