What Can I Do When My Car Jerks When AC Is On?

Who doesn’t want a smooth car ride right? Well, of course, there’s no doubt about this. But that’s quite impossible considering the road’s condition and even because of our own car.

You may not be able to fix the road but if the issues is with your car then you can fix it. Well, one of these issues is the car jerking when we turn on our AC.

But why does my car jerks when ac is on?

Your car might jerk if the power level of your car is comparatively lower. Also, it might jerk if the engine gets too hot. Remember, a damaged or faulty cylinder might also be responsible for this. Lastly, a dirty air filter may also be the factor behind it. But you can fix the issue yourself.

As I’ve mentioned these all can be fixed by yourself. So no worries, I’ve attached the proper tips to fix these issues right here.

So, get started now!

Why Does My Car Jerk When The AC Is Turned On?

Your car jerking when the AC is turned on may not be a common thing. You may not have experienced it before. But even if you do so, it is not that usual.

However, just because it is not that common does not mean it’s something too intense. There are a few reasons for which you may experience your car jerking for AC.

Do not be like this lass and sweat like a pig. It’s not scary and there are some probable reasons of this happening.

So, take a look here to know about the reasons.

Reason 1: Low Power Level

You know when you turn on the AC, the power needed is not the same. Because the power that your car needs are way more than the usual one.

The AC needs a sufficient amount of energy to cool the inside of the car. And if the power produced is comparatively less than it requires, there is a problem.

So, how does the car power decrease? Well, the power or energy being less means a lack of fuel. 

Like, shortage or insufficient fuel in your car produces less energy as it requires. As a result, the car fails to take the load and gets overloaded for this.

Thus, the car starts to jerk when the fuel level decreases after an extent. Because the car starts to resist running with this fuel level. 

And the AC, being turned on even makes it worse. Thus, your car starts to jerk with AC, being turned on at times.

Remember one thing, a low power level may also leave a grinding noise while coasting in gear.

Solution: Fill Up the Fuel Tank

The first thing you need to do is check the fuel level. See, how much fuel is left or remaining in your car. If you think the fuel level is low, fix it. 

Remember that it is always better to use good fuel for your car. If you are not sure about what we are talking about, here’s an idea.

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Hope this helps.

Reason 2: The Engine Gets Hot

You mainly turn on your car’s AC when it is hot outside. If you park your car outside without a shelter for a while, it gets so hot.

And after a time, the other parts of your car get hot too. This includes the internal parts, especially the engine. It might even start giving away smokes.

Source: Engineering Choice

So, if your engine gets too hot, it becomes tough to run your car. Because driving with an overheated engine is not a very good idea. 

And if the weather is hot, you should avoid it anyway. So, when you turn on your AC, the engine gets worked up even more.

As a result of this, the engine starts to give a sudden jerk. And for which the car itself starts jerking at times. 

Remember engine getting hot can be common. And there are a few common symptoms of this like making noise when its decelerating.

Solution: Let the Engine Cool Down

The next thing you may need to do is cool down your engine if needed. If you are not sure how to do it, just open the lid of your car. 

And keep your car inside a garage or somewhere. Turn everything of including your AC. Let your car rest for at least an hour to cool down. 

Reason 3: Damaged or Faulty Cylinders

If you run your car on gas, the cylinder’s a crucial part of your car. And this can influence the quality of your car in various ways.

When you have a faulty cylinder, gas might blow away often. And you may know that your car’s AC needs gas to operate. 

So, if there is a shortage of gas, it can not function properly. As a result, there would be pressure for your car to run properly.

Moreover, if your cylinder is faulty, it might affect the engine as well. And more expense on your car for gas would be a must, not to forget.

Source: K-Seal

But nevertheless, a faulty cylinder can exert pressure on your car. So, your car would start jerking all of a sudden due to this pressure.

Solution: Replace the Cylinder

In this case all you cam do is to replace the faulty cylinder of you car. One thing you must know, you should never run your car with a faulty cylinder. If you do it anyway, you are at a big risk. 

So, fix the cylinder in no time. And we recommend taking professional help for this as it is something crucial. So take your car to a garage and get a professional pair of hands to take care of it.

Reason 4: Dirty Air Filter

You may also inspect if your AC is actually fine or not. Because it’s not always your car or its other parts. But the AC of your car might also be responsible for this.

Dirty air filters might be the culprit for this. However, there may be more factors for the cars ac not working

And when there is an issue with the car’s ac, this would exert pressure on your car. As a result of this, your car might have sudden shakes or jerks.

So, these are the reasons for your car jerking when you turn on your ac.

Solution: Clean or Replace the Air Filter

All you can do if there’s an issue with the air filter, is to clean it. It’s not that complex so here it goes-

  • Bring out the air filters
  • Clean the loose filth with a brush from the surface as much as possible
  • Use a vacuum to remove all the micro-sized filth
  • Apply the cleaner for air filter on it
  • Then scrub the air filter with the cleaning solution and a brush 
  • Wash away the cleaning solution with water
  • Throw away the water and let the air filter dry out
  • Put the filters back in it’s place and reassemble the setup

Source: RoadLoans

If you’re still confused then check out this easy-to-follow video.

But if it’s beyond cleaning you should always replace with a new one. Here’s some of the veteran’s recommended air filters for your car.

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Should I turn off the AC if it can not cool down the car?

If you see your car’s AC can not cool your car, don’t stress out. Try to address the problem first. It might not be the AC having any issues but the weather. Because sometimes the weather makes it longer to cool down the car. But if the time extends long, it is better to turn off the AC.

How do I understand if my AC is actually faulty?

The first thing you need to see is the time it takes to decrease the temperature. If it takes so long, there might be an issue. But if you see it can’t change the temperature anyway, there’s a problem. So, try to take professional help as soon as possible to fix this.

Is it possible to fix the faulty AC?

Yes, it is definitely possible to fix the faulty AC of your car. You may try to restart it initially and see if it works. But if it does not work, you need professional assistance. And they can fix it. However, you may need a budget for this that is not that high either.

The Final Words

Now you know why your car jerks when ac is on! And you got here the solutions to follow for this along with the reasons too.

But do remember one thing. If you ever feel any jerk or shake in your car, stop it right away. Do not try to keep your car running further. Because this might make it risky for you.

So, be careful about it all the time!

Robert Lozano

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