How much does it cost to straight pipe a car?

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Installing the straight pipe exhaust system plays a great role in grabbing attention while driving. It helps to produce a loud sound that triggers the attention of passers-by. Only the loud sound is the reason behind installing this? No, apart from that, the straight pipe helps to enhance the performance and reduce the weight. Interestingly, the cost of the kit and time for install is less than your expectation. 

How much does it cost to straight pipe a car.” The cost isn’t fixed; it depends on the quality and the manufacturer. We find the average price of a straight pipe is $500 to $600. If you can’t install yourself, take help from a professional. The professional may charge you $75 to $200. That variance is for the vehicle type and the location. 

In our following section, we provide some comprehensive discussion on the cost of a straight pipe of a car. Beyond that, you can get some idea of different types of exhaust systems of vehicles. 

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What is a straight pipe exhaust?

straight pipe exhaust cost

A straight pipe exhaust is a modern system replacement for the old standard exhaust system. While the old exhaust system puts pressure on your vehicle engine, this modern system removes all the extra components and enhances engine power. Installing this system will help to reduce the limitation of your standard system.

Moreover, a straight pipe exhaust helps to remove the muffler’s weight; therefore, your car’s noise will increase. Also, it will remove the importance of the catalytic converter from the vehicle. 

Another interesting fact is that the system will help enhance the horsepower of your car. Plus, you can minimize your vehicle’s back pressure. Therefore, the gas can flow freely and enhance the performance of your engine. Also, a cracked flexplate might affect the pipe as well.

The mechanism isn’t special; instead, you can relate with the normal exhaust systems, such as taking gases and fumes from the engine and dispelling them out into the atmosphere. 

How much does it cost to straight pipe a car?

straight pipe exhaust system

Before determining the straight pipe exhaust cost, you need to consider two things: 

  1. The type of car.
  2. The type of exhaust you want.

If you want to finish it cheaply, then weld the exhaust pipe yourself and destroy the original one. But, note carefully that, when you are going to sell your car, you had better contain the original exhaust.  

So, how much is it to straight pipe a car? Typically, a normal straight pipe exhaust price will be between $200 to $300. But it will depend on the model of the car. 

If you have some experience installing the exhaust pipe system, then you can do. Then, you need to use welding. Some people aren’t qualified in handling welding; that’s why experts recommend taking help from professionals while installing a new straight pipe exhaust. 

So, if you don’t know the installation procedure, then take a professional’s help, then your labor cost will be around $100 to $200. Moreover, the titanium-made high standard exhaust pipe demands a slightly higher cost.  You also might need to get your radiator fixed before straight piping.

But, it can be said that the overall cost of a straight pipe exhaust kit won’t exceed $1000 to install a new straight pipe exhaust.

How long does it take to straight pipe a car?

Typically, installing a straight pipe system in a car demands about 3 hours. Here the main task is to remove the old exhaust pipe and then weld the new straight pipe. The welding demands a while for the welded joint to set and then make it ready to use. Interestingly, you can finish the job alone. 

For that, you need to manage a welder. Also, instead of welding, you can use kits to bolt the new pipe. Note that bolt-on exhaust pipe can’t give you long-term service and is also of inferior quality. 

Straight Pipe Vs Cat-back

By now, you hear the Cat-back exhaust pipe. The following reveals the difference between the straight pipe and the Cat-back exhaust pipe. 

Black Steel Straight Exhaust Pipe

Black Steel Straight Exhaust Pipe:

You can choose Black Steel Straight Exhaust Pipe Tubing Steel Straight Tube Piping. We recommend it because the manufacturer uses mild steel to ensure durability. You will find its oxidation and corrosion resistance.

Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System:

If you want cat-back exhaust, choose Borla 140085 Cat-Back Exhaust System (40085). The manufacturer uses T-304 stainless steel to construct. The installation is much easier. After installing, you will get better fuel economy and efficient horsepower.


While installing the straight pipe, you need to remove the resonator and muffler from your vehicle’s exhaust system. Therefore, the sound becomes too aggressive and loud. Some states like California count that as illegal inside their territory. 

You also need to replace the stock muffler for the Cat-back exhaust pipe. But, in this case, the replacement will occur with a less restrictive part. Hence, the sound becomes louder and aggressive like the straight pipe. That’s why you need to check the legal issue related to the exhaust pipe of your state. 


Straight piping offers some significant advantages in terms of horsepower gain. You know, straight pipe demands removing all the exhaust system’s components. Therefore, the exhaust gases start flowing freely. 

Note: To gain significant horsepower, your car demands tuning. 

For the Cat-back exhaust, you need to replace the stock components. That also offers blissful results because here, you need to remove the components completely. 


Price typically depends on the brand. For example, reputed brands will charge you more but be more reliable. However, both exhaust pipes demand almost the same cost. You can cheaply create DIY straight pipes. But, the significant difference lies in the DIY. Herein the cost of cat-back is higher than straight piping.


While installing the straight exhaust pipe, you need to replace the complete exhaust system. Moreover, its installation is a bit more complicated because you need to weld and cut various exhaust system sections. On the other hand, installing a cat-back exhaust system is more straightforward. All you need to do is weld that on the existing system. 


You need to remove the existing CAT while Installing the straight pipe. Therefore, you will fail the emission test. On the other hand, installing the cat-back won’t influence your car’s emission system because it affects the CAT.  

Sound is one of the significant determinants of legal or illegal issues. Some states like California restrict the sound level not to exceed up to 95dBA. The sound from the cat-back exhaust system doesn’t exceed that level. Nevertheless, straight piping is illegal because of the high emission. The reason is it has no working muffler. 

Straight pipe Vs Regular exhaust 

Our Recommended Straight Exhaust Pipe

BLACKHORSE-RACING Straight Exhaust Pipe

BLACKHORSE-RACING T304 Straight Exhaust Pipe:

BLACKHORSE-RACING T304 Stainless Steel Straight Exhaust Pipe is designed to fit like original equipment. The manufacturer uses T304 stainless steel to construct. Therefore, it becomes durable.

Our Recommended Regular Exhaust Pipe

DNA Motoring Converter Exhaust Y-Pipe

DNA Motoring Factory Style Catalytic Converter Exhaust Y-Pipe:

DNA Motoring OEM-CONV-026 Factory Style Catalytic Converter Exhaust Y-Pipe, hopefully, the perfect regular exhaust pipe for your vehicle. We recommend it because of its high-quality stainless steel materials. Moreover, it has the approval to use Federal Emission Models.


You need to remove CAT to install the straight pipe. Therefore, it influences the emission system. On the other hand, the regular exhaust comes with CAT, making the emission blissful. 


The sound from the straight pipe is excessively louder because of removing the resonator and muffler. On the other hand, the regular exhaust has a muffler and resonator, which helps to lower the sound. 

Engine Power:

The regular exhaust system puts pressure on your vehicle engine. On the other hand, the straight pipe will remove all the extra components and enhance engine power. Plus, installing this system will help reduce the limitation of your standard system.

Enhance horsepower:

The straight pipe will help to enhance the horsepower of your car. Plus, you can minimize your vehicle’s backpressure. Therefore, the gas can flow freely and improve the performance of your engine. Nevertheless, the standard exhaust stays far behind in terms of offered performance. 


While the straight pipe produces thunderous sound, many states like California ban this exhaust system; on the other hand, a regular exhaust system doesn’t make a loud sound; that’s why it is permitted. 

Straight pipes Vs mufflers: What are the differences?

Editor’s Choice

SUPERFASTRACINCustom Mandrel Exhaust Pipe Straight

SUPERFASTRACING Mandrel Exhaust Pipe Straight & Bend Kit:

We find this SUPERFASTRACING 2.25″ T304 Stainless Steel DIY Custom Mandrel Exhaust Pipe Straight & Bend Kit is ideal for your vehicle. Because they used Stainless Steel to construct. Hopefully, Its outside diameter like 2.25″ will meet your demand.

Our Recommended Muffler

Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler

Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler:

As the muffler, we suggest you choose Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler. The manufacturer ensures 100% welding to construct. Moreover, to ensure maximum installation flexibility, here use reversible design.


You will get a minor horsepower gain from both straight pipes and mufflers. When the muffler delete gives you five horsepower gain, the consecutive lines offer slightly higher like ten horsepower. 


The muffler’s delete may charge you slightly more than the straight pipes. But, bother offers easy installation. 

Weight reduction:

While installing the straight piping, you need to remove the catalytic converter (CAT), resonator, and muffler. Then, install a single straight pipe in that place. In this way, consecutive pipes reduce weight. 

On the other hand, the muffler was deleted to remove the muffler only and install the steel pipe, which doesn’t reduce the weight. 

Exhaust Backpressure:

Installing straight piping removes restrictions from several areas, such as a resonator, CAT, and muffler. Hence, it can reduce more backpressure. Note: Backpressure means air pressure from the exhaust and reduces the car’s performance.

Nevertheless, muffler delete also reduces back pressure, but the amount is less than the straight piping. 

Tune Requirement:

When straight piping demands ECU tuning to work, the muffler delete can work without tuning the muffler. 


Straight piping is dangerous for the environment due to being highly toxic. Plus, it produces a deafening sound why this exhaust system isn’t permitted for the streetcar. 

The muffler delete is legal when the car has a muffler and a resonator. 

How much is an exhaust pipe?

How much is an exhaust pipe

You can relate the exhaust system to the human liver. Without installing this one, it will lead to environmental hazards and human life at risk because the exhaust system first cleans the fumes and then releases them into the air. 

So, how much do you need to spend to buy this exhaust system? Whatever you buy, like a complete set or some parts, you may need to spend $300 to $1200 in between. 

Three things influence the overall cost: the type of exhaust, what type of material you use, and the quality of the muffler. Typically, the manufacturer uses two materials to make the exhaust system, like galvanized aluminum and stainless steel. 

You may know, aluminum is less sturdy and durable than steel. That’s why you need to spend more to buy stainless steel than an aluminum one. 

You need to buy a muffler and an exhaust system tip for the entire exhaust system. The average price of a high-quality damper is $75 to $300. That price variation is for the material quality, type of steel, and thickness. 

Nevertheless, for an exhaust system tip, you need to spend between $25 to $150. The cost differs from the material quality. Many manufacturers provide exhaust tips in the axle-back and cat-back exhaust system. Then, you can omit exhaust tip-related costs. 

Finally comes the labor cost. The labor cost typically depends on the state. Usually, this cost range will be $50 to $120. 

How to remove the catalytic converter and replace it with a straight pipe?

replace catalytic converter with straight pipe

To install the straight pipes demands the expert’s intervention because of the complex mechanism. Because here, welding is involved. So, let’s reveal how to replace catalytic converter with straight pipe.

Step 1:

First, you have to find the right size muffler for your car. Note: The right size muffler helps you to avoid backflow. That’s why it is essential. For that, take the right equipment and space. Then, navigate the hangar and stand. Now, find out the elbow measurement to build the mechanicals. 

Step 2:

Now, your task is to remove your vehicle’s existing exhaust. You can apply the lubricant to the components to unscrew the clamp. 

Step 3:

Your job is to separate the catalytic converter from your vehicle at this stage. Note: Don’t remove that catalytic converter altogether. You can use a mandrel cutter to cut the new exhaust pipe’s section to length. 

Step 4:

After ensuring the right size cutting, you need to check each component’s alignment and fit. Now, your task is to join all the pieces securely. After that, it will form a unit. Then, take a welder and join the muffler and pipe fittings. After installing it perfectly, you need to weld the system. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal to straight pipe your car?

The law doesn’t specify the typical range of sound of a motorized vehicle. But, the rule mentioned that the car has better have a muffler (obviously good working). Using that, you can avoid unusual or excessive sounds. That’s why, straight pipes, any cutouts or bypass or rusted-out exhaust, and mufflers with holes are not permitted by law. 

How much does it cost to straight pipe a mustang?

Your spending may lie between $315 to $329 to install a straight pipe in the mustang. Plus, the hourly labor cost will be between $53 to $66. 

Where can I get my car straight piped?

Where you bring your car depends on your vehicle. First, you need to get it to a reputable exhaust shop. Then examine your vehicle and find how complex the job is. You need to see if it demands pattern development and the tubing route. 

Note: Efficiency is the central theme for designing the factory exhaust. Also, the manufacturer intended the straight pipe to fit into a specific space. So, bring your car to the shop, examine it by getting it in the air, and see which fits perfectly.

How much does it cost to straight pipe a truck?

If you wish to install a straight pipe in your truck, you need to spend around $1000 to $1500, including labor cost and straight pipe kits. However, the straight pipe kit’s price depends on the state or city you live in—also, the brand and the type of pipe influence the price. 

We suggest using Dorman 674-6028 Exhaust Pipe Bellows for Select Mack/Volvo Trucks. This exhaust pipe can absorb thermal expansion, displacements, and vibrations from extreme exhaust temperatures.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, you got some helpful information regarding “how much does it cost to straight pipe a car.” Before leaving, we suggest checking whether your local authority permits this modification. Otherwise, your spending becomes a waste.

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