Liqui Moly vs Mobil 1: Which Motor Oil Is Right For Your Vehicle?

You know proper blood circulation through veins will help in good bodywork. Like our blood, motor oil is considered the lifeblood of your vehicle engine. So, why do we say this? Well, an engine comprises hundreds of moving parts, and the motor oil helps to withstand wear and corrosion. Plus, you can ensure blissful engine operation at the correct temperature.

liqui moly vs mobil 1

Hopefully, you get the importance of motor oil for a vehicle. You will find various renowned motor oil brands in the market. Among those, Liqui Moly and Mobil 1 are the most famous. Similar to the difference in the name, these two brands have some significant differences. Let’s reveal the liqui moly vs mobil 1 from the following discussion. 

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Difference Between Liqui Moly and Mobil 1 Oils

Both Mobil and Liqui Moly aids in smooth vehicle operation. Here we try to enlist some notable differences between liqui moly vs mobil 1. 

ParticularLiqui MolyMobil 1
MileageUp to 30,000/50,000 km.Up to 20,000 miles between oil changes.
Life ExpectancyMinimum of 5 years.Up to 1 year or for 20,000 miles.
Manufacturing CountryGermany.Beaumont, Texas.
DistributionEspecially for European countries.Distribute over North and South America
SpecialtyMaximize engine life and engine performanceImproving the consumption of oil and keeping the engine clean. 
Oil deliveryDeliver oil at both high and low temperaturesOffer blissful performance up to -4 to +280C
PriceA little bit pricey. Slightly cheaper

What will be better: Mobil 1 or Liqui Moly?

Those with budget issues can choose Mobil 1 because you can get it at a reasonably lower price than the Liqui Moly. Don’t worry; a lower price doesn’t mean it isn’t good; instead, you will get blissful performance, extended shelf life, and good mileage. 

Nevertheless, we can’t say that Liqui Moly is inefficient. If you have a good budget, we suggest choosing the Liqui Moly. 

Liqui Moly Oil Overview: A Thorough Discussion 

Liqui Moly 2332 Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 Engine Oil

Liqui Moly 2332

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Liqui Moly
  • Package: Jug
  • Liquid Volume: 169.05 Fluid Ounces
  • Viscosity: 5w-40
  • Weight: ‎9.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎12.99 x 10 x 3.5″

Liqui Moly is formulated as a modern top-class low-friction engine oil to ensure fuel efficiency and better protection. Also, the Liqui Moly oil change interval is blissful. 

Highlighted Features: 

Compatible for all-season:

Whatever the season, don’t worry; it will ensure better performance in all-season in diesel and gasoline engines without using DPF (diesel particulate filters). 

Cleaning ability:

Liqui Moly engine oil offers excellent cleaning abilities. The manufacturer uses removal techniques for debris and filth (produced from the engine’s moving parts). Therefore, you can decrease the mechanical damage significantly. 

Withstand any temperature:

This engine oil can withstand high temperatures; for instance, you don’t need to be tense for delivering oil at low temperatures. 

Plus, the lubrication is also praiseworthy at low and high temperatures. Another important consideration is that using this engine oil helps reduce engine noise and pollutant emission. 

The Pros:

  • The design allows delivering oil rapidly at low temperatures. 
  • Higher lubrication at both high and low temperatures, 
  • Works well against wear. 
  • It helps to keep your vehicle engine dirt-free. 

The Cons:

  • The cap seems hard to open.

What Customers say about Liqui Moly oil? 

Those who use this engine oil show a positive response. We see some new buyers intend to become regular buyers. Moreover, most define this motor oil quality as great, best, and good. Also, many claim they get quiet and smooth engine operation after use. 

Mobil 1 Oil Overview: A Thorough discussion 

Mobil 1 10W-40 High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 10W-40 High Mileage oil

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Mobil 1
  • Best for: Car, Truck
  • Viscosity: 10w-40
  • Package: Bottle 
  • Liquid Volume: 160 Fluid Ounces
  • Weight: ‎9.48 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13 x 8.5 x 4.5”

Hopefully, if you have an old engine vehicle, you will get a blissful result by using this motor oil. Let’s see some of its highlighted points.

Highlighted Features: 


The design offers exceptional wear protection, blissful cleaning, and uplifting overall performance. Using this oil, you can ensure the engine inside is clean from sludge and prevent the piston rings from sticking. Plus, it also cleans the dirty lifter. 

Extend the engine life:

This motor oil helps to reduce sludge and deposits and protect the high mileage engine’s parts. Plus, its seal conditioner will prevent leaks. With its excellent lubrication properties, you can ensure extended engine life. If you have a high mileage car, use it to get the best result. 

The Pros:

  • It works well to clean dirty filters.
  • You will get a good result by using a high mileage vehicle. 
  • Offer exceptional wear protection.

The Cons:

  • It isn’t good for a bike. 

What Customers Say About Mobil 1 Oil? 

Our selected engine comes with some blissful features like excellent wear protection, filter cleaning, reducing sludge and deposits, and so on. Users also show their positive attitude after using this motor oil. The majority said that it works great in their vehicle. 

When to Change Engine Oil?

Following are some of the most significant reasons to change engine oil. 

Check the Engine or Oil Change Light:

Checking the engine light is the easiest way to know the present status of the engine oil. If the oil level becomes low, the indicating light will illuminate. Don’t believe in seeing the light; instead, confirm the issue using a dipstick oil check. 

Experience engine knocking and noise:

When you use the engine oil, it will give a protective layer between engine parts. Therefore, the engine will become quiet and help to avoid metal-to-metal brushing. 

If the oil doesn’t work properly, you will experience engine noise. Also, you may experience knocking or rumbling sounds if the problem becomes severe. 

Dark, Dirty Oil:

You can relate the clean oil color with amber and slightly translucent. Over time, the particles from the engine will mix with the engine oil and make the oil darker. There is no rule of thumb off when the oil turns darker. 

That’s why you need to check the oil regularly (better once a month). You need to remove the dipstick and keep it for a second to check. If you don’t see oil on the dipstick, then take steps to change the oil. 

Oil Smell Inside the Car:

Detecting an oil smell inside your car means an oil leak. Plus, the gas smell or exhaust fumes show the vehicle overheating. If you detect any of those, go for the emergency scheduled maintenance.

Exhaust Smoke:

You will experience translucent vapor coming out from the tailpipe of your vehicle. If you detect smoke instead of translucent vapor, go for the engine check-up. That issue comes due to an oil leak or faulty engine parts. 

Excessive Mileage:

Try to note down the date whenever you pour oil on your vehicle. Every engine oil has a shelf life. If you have a note, you can easily change it at the right time. 

However, most cars demand oil change every three months or 3,000 miles. Moreover, the new car demands oil change every six months or 6,000 miles. Better to check the owner’s handbook.

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01. Liqui Moly 2024 Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10W-60 Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 2024 10W-60 Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 10W-60 motor oil is formulated for any extreme conditions. This 5 liter jug hopefully helps to withstand engine wear and ensure proper lubrication in tough conditions. You can increase the life of your sealed rod bearings significantly using this. 

Another interesting fact is this motor oil keeps your engine quiet hence you won’t experience mechanical noise from camshafts and the timing chains. The mileage is also blissful like, one user uses about 8000 miles, but still the oil looks new. 

The Pros:

  • Using this oil will drop the valve noise.
  • It will burn significantly less oil. 
  • You don’t need to replace the valve stem seal. 

The Cons:

  • No tellable cons are found herein.

02. Liqui Moly 2039 Longtime High Tech 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 2039 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 2039 motor oil is a synthetic motor oil that is specially formulated for any diesel engine. Using this motor oil, you can enjoy quiet, less shaking in the engine. Plus, you can keep aside carbon build-up on intake valves (direct-injected engines). 

However, the price is a bit higher, but, hopefully, it is valued for money because of offering smooth operation. 

The Pros:

  • You can enjoy an extended service life. 
  • The formula will help to provide quiet, less shaking in the engine.
  • You can ensure carbon-free intake valves. 

The Cons:

  • A little bit pricey.

01. Mobil 1 (120760) 0W-40 Motor Oil

Mobil 1 (120760) 0W-40 Motor Oil

Mobil 1 0W-40 motor oil complies with the latest industry and OEM approvals. Plus, the manufacturer designed this oil, especially for the latest diesel and gasoline engine. You will get excellent cleaning and wear protection facilities for your vehicle’s dirty engines. 

Also, its enhanced frictional properties offer you fuel economy. Hence, you can expect excellent performance in the most extreme driving conditions. The mileage is also noteworthy, like 10,000 miles.

The Pros:

  • Excellent cleaning and wear protection.
  • Aid in fuel economy. 
  • Blissful mileage. 

The Cons:

  • Nothing to mention.

02. Mobil 1 98HC63 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 98HC63 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 5W-30 Synthetic Motor oil is formulated with super syn technology to tackle the sludge build-up. Therefore, you can enjoy an extended engine life. 

Whatever your driving condition, you will get blissful lubrication and wear protection. Moreover, your vehicle’s overall performance will boost with its excellent thermal oxidation stability. 

Plus, you don’t need to fear the quick start in the cold weather. If you previously faced rattle noise-related issues, use this oil to overcome them. 

The Pros:

  • It offers excellent lubrication and wears protection.
  • Blissful quick start in the cold weather. 
  • Will reduce the rattle noise.

The Cons:

  • Nothing to mention


Is Liquid Moly good?

Using the Liqui Moly motor oil, you can enjoy blissful cold-start excellent wear protection. In a word, your vehicle’s overall performance will uplift significantly. 

How many miles does Liqui Moly last?

Liqui Moly authority recommends using this motor oil up to 3,100 miles or 5,000km. But, the user’s experience is mentioned more than the authority mentioned. 

Which engine is oil best synthetic or normal?

Synthetic oil will offer a blissful result than normal oil. Although conventional oil is good for blissful lubrication, it can’t beat synthetic oil in terms of performance. 

Where is Mobil 1 oil manufactured?

Mobil 1 is USA-made engine oil. This motor oil is marketed through ExxonMobil.

Can I mix Liqui Moly with regular oil?

Yes, you can mix the Liqui Moly oil with another regular oil. Note: The properties or the quality may be changed depending on the oil. 

Is engine oil and Mobil the same?

Mobil is the world-leading synthetic engine oil. Manufacturers use a Proprietary Multi-Layer Anti-Wear Technology. Therefore, you can enjoy the blissful overall performance

Where to buy Liqui Moly oil?

Liqui Moly is available in all famous online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Also, you can buy it from your local shop. 

Final Thought

Mobil 1 has been a renowned engine oil market for many years. You can enjoy the blissful overall performance of your vehicle. But, you can’t deny Liqui Moly’s amenities, and it is considered a rising star. Hopefully, you already get some details that will help you choose one from liqui moly vs mobil 1.

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