How to Make a BMW 328i Faster? [4 Effective Ways]

Proud owner of a 328i? Hope we won’t be wrong to assume you like to take an occasional fast-driving spin. 

Amping up your BMW 328i speed involves playing around and tweaking some of your car components. However, knowing exactly which component to work on is the key to a faster car.

So, How to make a BMW 328i faster?

You can start by changing the air filter of your BMW 328i. Doing so can increase the acceleration by as much as 11%. Changing the spark plugs and installing a turbo are two other ways to improve car speed. Fine-tuning will help your BMW 328i generate more power for greater performance. 

We can talk about cars all day long. But let’s stick to the point for once and explore the ways to make your BMW 328i faster. 

Ways to Make a BMW 328i Faster: 4 Highly Effective Ways

BMW 328i is no short of variants. There’s BMW e36 328i, and then there’s the 2007 BMW 328i. Another one is the 2009 BMW 328i which came out after the 2008 BMW 328i modified.

BMW 328i

But the 2011 BMW 328i performance upgrades have made it more different than the other versions.

Here are some ways of modifying the BMW 328i car to make it faster. 

Change the Air Filter

You might be thinking:

Does an air filter improve car performance? 

Yes, it does make your car perform better! When the engine of a car gets more air flow, it can produce more power. So that’s how the car can go faster. In that exact logic, if you change the air filter of your BMW 328i, it’ll become a faster car.

Changing the air filter is the easiest way to make your BMW 328i car faster. It’s because you can do it by yourself. Another great thing about it is that it won’t put a hole in your wallet. It’s that cheap! And it doesn’t even take up that much time to change one!

So if your BMW 328i has an old, probably a factory-installed air filter, you need a change. Here’s a step-by-step BMW 328i air filter replacement procedure. 

Step 1: Open up the Car Hood

To take off the old air filter, you have to open up the hood of the car first. 

Step 2: Take Out the Factory Air Filter

Next, you’ll need a wrench. Uninstall the factory air filter from the car using the wrench. 

Step 3: Place a New Aftermarket Air Filter.

Install a new, high quality air filter to replace the old one. Make sure you have the right air filters for your car. 

Cheap air filters don’t do much when it comes to improving the performance. So if it’s possible, go for the more expensive and better options.

For your convenience, we recommended some great air filter options for your BMW 328i. Have a look:

Mann Filter C 27 114 Air FilterCheck Price
ECOGARD XA10190 Premium Engine Air FilterCheck Price
K&N Engine Air FilterCheck Price

What makes these air filters great for BMW 328i is their longevity. The way these air filters are engineered makes them a great option for a slight boost to your car performance! Feel free to consider these to change BMW air filter.

change BMW air filter

That’s it! Now the engine of your car will get more airflow and in return, provide better output. And that’s how you can make a 328i faster. You can even check how much faster your car gets by measuring the horsepower.

Change the Spark Plugs

There is another easier way to make your BMW 328i car faster. And that is replacing the old spark plugs of the car. 

It will take just a few minutes. At most, it’ll only take a couple of minutes to change the spark plugs. It’s that easy!

Here’s how to change BMW 328i spark plugs:

Step 1: Open the Car’s Hood 

First, you’ll have to open the hood of your car.

Step 2: Check the Car Engine

Then, you’ll have to make sure the engine of your car is cool.

Step 3: Remove the Spark Plug Wires

There, you might find some spark plug wires. So, in this step, you’ll have to remove these wires. But there is a different way of removing the spark plug wires. It’d be easy for you if you already know how to replace spark plug wires. 

Step 4: Remove the Coil 

After that, you’ll have to remove the ignition coil on the plug.

Step 5: Take Out the Spark Plugs

Then, you’ll have to take the spark plugs out by unscrewing them. 

Step 6: Place the New Spark Plugs 

Next, you’ll have to put the new spark plugs in there. And also, you will have to screw it properly. 

Step 7: Connect the Spark Plug Wires

After that, you’ll have to connect the spark plug wires to the correct spark plugs. 

Place the coil and wires back in their specified spots and you’ll be good to go!

Install a Turbo

Now we’re going to drive in some expensive territory here. When the term “Turbo” is involved, we’re bound to talk about some hefty sum.

There are some people who like to make BMW 328i louder. Then there are some who like to drive faster 328i. For that, many prefer to have turbo installed in their cars.

But does turbo make your car faster?

Not really. The job of turbo is to make the exhaust pump more air to the engine. Doing so allows the engine to get more fuel, resulting in more power output. While it does help boost the performance, turbo is not directly responsible for faster car. However, turbo can increase the horsepower of an engine by 30-40%.

On the other hand, some people like to have both of these qualities on their cars. The good news is, that people can easily get these qualities on their cars by installing a turbo on them. 

turbo make your car faster

Installing a turbo will give your BMW 328i the biggest performance out of all the other ways. However, we understand that not everyone is willing to spend a significant sum after a turbo. So, we recommend going for turbo only if your budget allows you to. 

Tune the Engine

This is another way to make your car faster. That is, you can tune a BMW 328i engine to make your car will become more efficient. This is how it generates more power for the car. 

But to get those few extra percentage from your car, you might need a mechanic’s help. 

So, these are some modification ideas for making your BMW 328i faster. You just have to choose one of them that you find most convenient. Then follow the steps or take your car to the mechanics and have a faster BMW 328i. 

Also, be aware about the locking mechanism of your car. Some car tends to draw huge amount of currents while unlocking the door during driving. Unlocking the door reduces car’s RMP in such cases. It’s affect your BMW’s speed, so be careful about this issue. Consult a specialist if you face such problems. 

That’s all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does It Cost to Turbo A BMW 328i?

It costs around $3550 – $3800 to turbo a BMW 328i. For installing the turbo, you will need to purchase some tools. For that, you will need around $2830 – $2880. And for the labor cost, you’ll have to count around $720 – $920. 

Is the BMW 328i a Reliable Car?

Yes, the BMW 328i is a highly reliable car for many in the states. But if you want the most reliable BMW 328i, you can choose one from the year 2006-2011. These particular models have garnered high praise from many users for their superior long service.

Is It Hard to Install A Turbo to A BMW 328i?

No. It’s not that hard to install a turbo to a BMW 328i than many believe it to be. An experienced car mechanic can get the job done with ease. All you need is the right tools for installing the turbo and enough knowledge about installation. And you should see off the task pretty easily.

Final Words

Now you know how to make a BMW 328i faster. Making your car faster doesn’t necessarily require you to splash thousands of bucks. 

But if you have that freedom with your budget, then go for it. Installing a turbo can improve the speed of your can by a huge margin. 

Best of luck!

Robert Lozano

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