How to Reset Kia After Battery Is Disconnected? [5 Step Guide]

Wondering how you could reset your Kia after disconnecting the battery but don’t know what to do? Well, you can calm down because you are in the right place. We’ll walk you through the entire procedure.

So, exactly how to reset Kia after the battery is disconnected?

In short, to reset your Kia, Firstly ensure that the vehicle is parked. Secondly, you need to locate the diagnostics connector. Thirdly attach the jumper to the positive terminal. Fourthly, turn the ignition key. And lastly, reprogram the key.

To get an elaborated idea stick with us. We have explained the process step by step including all the necessary information.

Let’s begin. 

Can You Reset Kia Without the Key Fob?

In case the battery of Kia gets disconnected then to reset the car a procedure is required to be followed. You could be wondering how to reset Kia after the battery is disconnected without a key fob? 

The answer is you cannot!

The procedure requires you to have a Kia key fob with you. Without the key fob, you cannot open the car and start the engine. 

Now let’s assume you have a key fob. The car can be reset if the battery gets disconnected. 

The car’s battery can be disconnected for various reasons such as faulty wire, replacing the battery, voluntary disconnecting, etc. You can reset the car after the battery gets disconnected. 

Resetting Kia is fairly an easy task.

Resetting Kia After Battery Is Disconnected – 5 Easy Steps

So, we’ve mentioned the 5 easy steps to help you reset your Kia. Go through the entire article.  I’m sure it will be helpful.

Now let’s begin.

Step-1: Park the Car and Open Car Hood

To reset the Kia firstly what you need to do is keep the car in a stationary position. Then you need to ensure that Kia’s handbrake and the parking brake are applied. 

Once you make sure that the car is in a fixed position, then you can go on to open the hood of the car.  You must also ensure that all the accessories in the car must be disconnected from the power source.

Step-2: Find the “Diagnostics” Connector

After you’re done with step one you need to step two. Which is, you need to find the ‘Diagnostics’ connector. It can be found behind Kia’s battery.

Now remove the diagnostics port lid and attach a jumper wire to the “6” connector within the port.

Step-3: Connect the Jumper to the Positive Terminal

Grab the other tip of the jumper wire attached to the “6” connector. Then you attach it to the battery’s positive terminal carefully. 

Make sure the wire is attached properly. If the wire is not attached properly the car will not function. 

Step: 4 Turn the Ignition Key

Now the next thing you need to do is turn on the car’s ignition. How do you go about doing it? You start by getting into your Kia and inserting the key into the ignition. Then turn the key to ignite the engine. 

Remember it could take some time to get the engine started. So keep turning the key until the engine gets started. 

Step-5: Reprogramming 

For three seconds, press the lock button on your key fob till the lights on your dashboard flicker. Your computer has been reset. And your key has been reprogrammed. 

Turn off your Kia, disconnect the jumper cables, and close the hood. Your work here is finally done!

Possible Drawbacks of Disconnecting a Battery

Unplugging the battery would not harm your vehicle’s ECU  permanently. It may, however, behave differently as a result of it. If you keep the battery disconnected for a long time, it will reset the ECU. At the same time, the processor may erase everything it has learned.

Resetting Shift-points Memory

Deleting the PCM’s adaptive memory can also alter how the transmission changes and sounds. The PCM need to readjust again. Until the shift changes are relearned by the transmission module. It’ll take the PCM about 50 miles to relearn. 

Resetting the Clock and Radio

Resetting the PCM resets the clock on the radio settings. You need to fix the time and radio setting all over again.

Resetting the Fuel Mixture with Air

Your engine may run poorly for a timeframe before the PCM relearns the fuel trim modifications. The reason being the air/fuel combination is excessively rich or too low. This might take a few days and up to 100 miles for the engine to return to normal functioning.

Airbag System failure

After reconnecting the battery it is possible for your airbag system to malfunction. The PCM could pickup malfunction and disable the airbag system 

Disabling Anti-theft Program of the Car

After resetting the car if your car has an anti-theft system, this feature could be disabled after resetting the car. 

And in the worst-case scenario, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) could forget the anti-theft protocols. And could lock you out of the car thinking you are a thief. 

In this case, a special relearn needs to be performed. You might need to use a particular relearn approach to fix the problem  Or you could also reprogram the anti-theft system using a manufacturer scan tool.


Do you have to reset the car computer after replacing the battery? 

You don’t need to reset the computer after replacing the battery. But if you have any error codes that suggest a problem, you should have a professional mechanic evaluate the check engine light.

What happens if I lost my key fob?

You’ll be fine as long as you only lose the fob. You can still unlock and ignite your car with your key. Aftermarket fobs are commonly available and may be simply programmed.

Can you deactivate a stolen key fob?

Yes, you can remove your key fob from the program if you lose it. If the key fob is picked up by some other person, this will prohibit it from being used.


Remember that, if you disconnect the battery frequently it could cause permanent damage to the car. Besides, if you face persistent problems with the car it is better to get it checked up by professionals.  

We hope by this point you know how to reset Kia after battery is disconnected. 

That’ll be all. Hope to see you soon. 

Robert Lozano

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