Hybrid System Malfunction RAV4 – 3 Reasons And Solutions!

Facing problems with the incredible Toyota RAV4 is something you never wanted. However, just like any machine, the functions of the Toyota RAV4 can go wrong.

A few issues may just surface after using the car for a definite period. 

Here, the hybrid system malfunction RAV4 is a scenario you have to attend to.

There are 3 reasons for hybrid system malfuntion of RAV4.  Those are overheating the internal system, dead battery, and sensor issues. The solutions are simple when you have to cool down the car or replace the battery. Reprogramming the hybrid data is also essential.

In this context, we invite you to take a deeper look at the different scenarios. All you have to do is invest some time and effort in the fixes.

3 Reasons Behind RAV4 Hybrid System Malfunction

The hybrid system malfunction may arrive from many different angles. The 3 main reasons would signify the angles in an elaborate manner. 

A RAV4 pre-collision system malfunction means some of the internal functions are not working. The hybrid system of the vehicle would notify the driver about the issues. 

Suddenly the warning lights may turn on during driving. You have to stop the car right away when it happens. Here’s someone who faced the same issue!

Without stretching much, let us dive deep into the reasons. 

Reason 1 of 3: Internal System Overheating

Different hybrid Toyota models can react differently to external climate temperature. In this case, RAV4 prime hybrid system malfunction can happen due to the hot climate. 

It has probably been a long time since you are speeding on hot roads. The radiators may stop functioning while the engine overheats. This is a serious scenario to look at.

Basically, as time goes by, the internal parts may start to corrode. The depreciated part does not respond to the cooling methods. 

Solutions such as bypassing the heater core may not work as well. In fact, it can just do the opposite for you. Furthermore, the internal functions may make your vehicle shake while running. 

Surfacing issues in one area can give rise to issues in other areas.

Solution: Complete Internal Cooling

You might be wondering about the specifics of pre-collision system malfunction and how to fix it. The fix is easy as you have to cool down your engine and other internal functions. 

Normally, when the engine is cooled, the other parts may just respond successfully. 

The main idea of the cooling system is not to make the engine go cold. A cold engine won‘t work, all you have to do is set the right temperature. The perks of the engine cooling system are that it will make the cylinders work efficiently. 

An important point to outline is to find out how the car cooling system works.

The cooling system works when coolant is injected into the internal system. The coolant passes through the water pipe and radiator to absorb heat from the engine. The coolant fluid would make the cylinder push through, allowing the system to cool down. The heat will be balanced by the engine. 

So, to fix the issue you need to add coolant and see for leaks. If there is any leak, you need to replace the coolant container. Some of the best coolant for RAV4 are listed below.

The most compatiable coolant for RAV4 is Zerex Asian Vehicle Coolant. You can check the price on Amazon.

You can also go for Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Coolant. You can check for availability on Amazon.

Another alternative is ACDelco Engine Coolant. You can check the price on Amazon.

Now, let us look at another reason.

Complete Internal Cooling
Source: Carpedia

Reason 2 of 3: Dead Battery

A battery can go dead after 5 to 6 years of operating. Generally, the battery would lose its function after about 100,000 miles of driving. 

However, an overheated engine can heat up the battery as well. In this situation, the battery can go dead before reaching the 100,000 miles driving milestone.

The charging system malfunction Toyota RAV4 can cause the battery to go dead fast. Here, the vehicle is not able to charge the battery properly. This means the battery would go dead sooner than expected.

As mentioned before, the internal wires and cables are overheating and defaulting. As electrical issues surface in your car, the battery charging system would default.

You won’t be able to start the engine in this aspect. 

Solution: Replacing The Battery

Replacing the dead battery is an easier deal than you think. You can do it at the garage with the help of professionals. Or perhaps you can do it alone, to mainly save cost. 

You might be wondering how to reset the pre-collision system malfunction. This is because the user manual would ask you to reset the functions. This is before replacing the dead battery. 

There are positive and negative terminals in your battery. All you have to do is disconnect them. After that, you would remove the bolts and thus place the new battery in. 

Screw the bolts and then connect the two terminals. You are good to go!

Replacing The Battery

Reason 3 of 3: Problems With The Sensors

At any time when the car overheats, the sensors may not work efficiently. Normally, you would face trouble with the transmission lines while driving. 

A non-responsive sensor is one of the main reasons behind hybrid system malfunction RAV4. Sensors may lose functions when the lineups default due to corrosion or overheating. 

In this scenario, the entire programming of the computer may lose data. The data that makes the car move goes away causing the system to malfunction. 

It has been recorded that the Prius Prime hybrid system malfunctioned due to a loss of data. The Prius Prime model programming setup is more complex than others. It has been seen that complicated programming has backfired. 

Solution: Reprogramming The Hybrid Data

Have you ever asked what hybrid system malfunction means? This means that the sensors must be reprogrammed. This is one of the three solutions indicated here.

All you have to do is reset the computer data in your car. After that, a completely new setup programming is needed. 

There are many sensors in your car that take digital orders to function. This is when you press certain buttons. There can be physical issues with the sensors as well.

In this scenario, the mechanic would advise you to replace the sensors. This is when the reprogramming doesn’t work. 

Take and use professional advice for the best results. 

What will you do when the hybrid system malfunctions shift to p indication appears? If you are driving, stop right away. Something is wrong inside your car and you must inspect this. 

Call the technician right away!

hybrid system malfunctions
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As you can see, we have successfully pointed out the 3 reasons behind malfunctioning. Alongside the reasons, we have provided 3 solution ideas.

This would help you fix any malfunctioning issues appearing in your vehicle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a complete internal cooling of a car take?

A complete internal system cooling of a car does not take much time. The internal functions would cool down within 15 to 30 minutes.

How do I know if the battery is dead?

Having difficulty starting the engine of the car indicates that the car is dead. You may face traction control issues as well, the emergency light would be on!

What is the typical configuration for Toyota hybrids?

There are basically two types of configurations – series and parallel hybrids. The parallel hybrid configurations work as connections between several parts. When you press a button, the parallel configuration works to make things work for you. 


When the hybrid system malfunction RAV4 arrives; there are varieties of angles to look at. We hope the 3 reasons and solutions would help you.

Did you apply any of the solutions to the malfunctions on your RAV4? Let us know in the comments below. Wishing you all the best, we are signing off. 


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