Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio Not Working [3 Step Solution]

Is your Jeep Grand Cherokee not responding? You’re probably wondering what could’ve happened. 

Worry not we’re here to help. We’ll walk you through the procedure of specifying your concerns. As well as find the possible ways to fix them. 

Before moving on to an in-depth analysis, let us show you a quick fix to get your radio working. 

So, exactly why is your Jeep Grand Cherokee radio not working?

The main reasons your radio could be broken are software malfunction, electrical malfunction and blown-out fuse. Firstly, to fix software malfunction you need to reset your radio. Secondly, to fix the electrical problems you must t rewire the electrical order.. And Lastly, if you have a blown-out fuse you need to replace it. 

We have discussed these issues elaborately in this article. Hopeing it’ll be useful for you.

Let’s begin.

Troubleshooting Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio 

Now let’s move on to the in-depth analysis of the problem. The common problems and it’s solutions are detailed below. 

Let’s have a look.

Problem:1 Software Malfunction

The software system of Jeep Grand Cherokee’s radio is not the best of the interfaces available. There have also been cases of the radio system being hacked. The overall software system of Jeep Grand Cherokee is very buggy hence you could face software malfunction quite often.

The common problems are radio channels are not working, black screen, touch not responding, etc. Even sometimes, the call features not working properly.

Solution: Resetting the radio using touch and volume knobs

Software Malfunction is very common in Jeep Grand Cherokee models. You could fix this problem by factory resetting the entire system. To Factory reset the radio:

  • For around 10 to 20 seconds, keep the volume and the two knobs pressed. Until the radio power is turned off.
  • The system will immediately turn back on after being turned off, and it will take about a minute or so to fully come back online.
  • You’ll have to wait 30 seconds after pressing yes before it starts to reset.

Problem 2: Electrical Malfunction

Another reason for your radio to malfunction is due to problems with electrical lines. The Jeep Grand Cherokee model faces quite a few electrical issues. Much like the Ford Mustang electrical issues. 

For the radio, the main head unit is linked to each speaker. If these wires aren’t routed and linked properly, one or more of the speakers may stop working. Furthermore, your volume left and right knobs may also stop working. 

Solution: Fixing Wire Issues

If your head unit is switched on but the speakers aren’t generating any music, it is most likely because of faulty wires. The first thing you must do is double-check the connections between the speaker cables. Then,

  • You need to use a wire to connect the head unit to a certain speaker to check it. An inactive speaker could be used to check the car’s head unit without removing the car speaker. 
  •  If you can’t hear anything after trying a different cable, the issue is most likely with your head unit. 
  • If the sound is present after a test with a different cable, the issue is with your car’s speaker wiring. If the issue is with the wire the radio can be fixed simply by replacing the cable.

Problem 3: Blown Out Fuse

At least one fuse is installed in your car’s radio to safeguard it from voltage spikes.

This fuse will blow if too much power is given to the sound system. It will disconnect the circuitry and save the main radio. The sound system has a range of fuses on updated models.

Solution: Replacing the fuse

A blown-out fuse in the radio causes it to stop working. To fix this, you must replace the fuse in the radio with a new one. It is also required to keep the fuse box terminals clean. Here are some of our top picks for fuse: 

Although it’s a bit tricky work, it’s not impossible to do. To replace the fuse: 

  •  It’s necessary to make sure the car is parked properly with brakes.
  • You need to locate the fuse panel.  This is usually found on the driver’s side of the dashboard. It can also be found in the engine compartment under the hood.  The car’s instruction manual could help locate the fuse. 
  • To know what the fuse looks like in the user manual could help. Or use the schematic on the back cover of the fuse block lid which could also help to find the radio fuse.  The fuse box contains a diagram that denotes these numbers(15, 20, 25, or 30 amp fuses).
  • The fuse needs to be taken out. Grab the blown fuse and pull it directly from the fuse block with the remover.  A  needle-nose pliers, pair of tweezers, or fingers should also work fine as an alternative.  
  • Replace the damaged radio fuse with a replacement fuse of the same color and amperage rating in the same slot. To ensure the problem is fixed, switch the key to the auxiliary position and switch on the radio.

That’s all the reasons and the solutions behind your Jeep Grand Cherokee radio not working.


How do I turn on the radio in my Jeep? 

You can start the radio by pushing the button twice without pushing the brake. Then it will allow the car to go in intermediate operation mode. Then you can turn your radio on normally.

How do I put my Jeep Grand Cherokee in accessory mode? 

You must press the start key to the ACC mode while the engine is not turned on. Then press the START button without pressing on the brake pedal. 


Hope that this article on “Jeep grand Cherokee radio not working” was helpful to you. Your radio should be fixed if you follow the above-mentioned methods.

However, if the problem is persistent we recommend you to visit a professional. 

That’s all for today. Hope you can enjoy your music again pretty soon. 

Robert Lozano

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  1. Stereo/CD player has lost power . It is not the FUSE. What wire or connection should I “pinpoint” to ? AND every time I go to CAR TOYS why do they not “HEAR ME” (!!!!!!!!) AND try to sell ME a stereo to Jeep with 230,000 miles on it?????

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