What Is Cold Weather Package On BMW? Is the Add On Worth it?

While out for buying a new BMW, your dealership might ask for the inclusion of cold weather package. 

Well, most buyers simply go for getting one anyways despite knowing next to nothing about it. But knowing what you’re getting doesn’t hurt!

So what is cold weather package in BMW?

Cold weather packages are some extra amenities that you can have installed in your car. These extra features help you out in the harsh winter. This package generally includes a seat warmer, steering wheel warmer and glass defrost systems. Some even have holders for skiing gear and snowboards.

That is the basic idea of a cold weather package. But to learn more about it we have prepared a detailed article just for you.

So let’s dive in!

What Are Cold Weather Packages In Cars?

If you live in the warm part of the world, then this term might be unfamiliar to you. You could ask what a cold weather package is. But for people driving in extremely cold weather, this is a must-have.

Because cold weather and ice have a severe impact on your car. And without extra amenities, the ride could be very uncomfortable. It also gets difficult to keep the gas tank rust-free due to the ice.

So, what is a cold weather package?

Cold weather packages are just added accessories and facilities installed in a car. They aid while driving in cold weather. Generally, they include a seat warmer, steering wheel warmer, and defroster. These come in really handy while driving in cold weather.

Cold weather packages aren’t always included in your car’s package. Sometimes a specific model might have them pre-installed. And sometimes you have to inquire from your dealership if your car has them or not.

What Cold Weather Packages Can I Find in BMW?

This is to be noted first that not all BMW models will have a cold-weather package with them. Some have them and some don’t. You need to ask your dealership if your car is eligible for one.

So what is included in the BMW cold weather package?

Pre-2017 model S and model X cars have access to the subzero weather package. This comes with a seat warmer, steering wheel warmer, and windscreen defroster. 

But adding that to your car will cost you. The subzero package costs nearly 800 to a thousand dollars.

BMW Pre-2017
Source: autobytel.com

But the most premium experience from a cold-weather package can be found in a BMW X series car. If you own one, you must add the cold weather package. As the cold weather package is absolutely free of charge for installation.

Just like other cold weather packages, this also comes with a seat warmer and a steering wheel warmer. But this has loads of extra features to handle the cold weather.

We provided an overview of what you’ll get from the different X series of your BMW. Here’s a BMW cold weather package chart:

Package Featuresx3x5x7
Seat WarmerAvailableAvailableAvailable
Heated Steering WheelAvailableAvailableAvailable
Weather-Specific TireAvailableAvailableAvailable
Air suspension systemN/AAvailableAvailable
Automatic Climate ControlN/AAvailableAvailable
Heated Cup HolderN/AN/AAvailable
Warm ArmrestN/AN/AAvailable

As you can see, each version of the Model X has different cold weather package features to offer. So now you know in general about what you’ll get from your cold weather package. 

The BMW X3:

The X3 has standard heated seats and a heated steering wheel. This ensures that you don’t freeze out when driving in chilly weathers. It also has retractable headlight washers.

Additionally, it has cold weather-suited tire and wheel sets. With it, you get a better grip on harsh blizzards and snow-smeared roads. In the set you can get  everything starting from either Mastercraft glacier grip or blizzak.  

Along with modular racks to carry your skiing gear easily. The ski and snowboard holders are emergency lifesavers when traveling.

The BMW cold weather package X3 also has carpeted floor mats, to keep that warm feeling under your leg captures. All in all, it is a pretty comfortable vehicle.

The BMW X5:

Along with the usual seat and steering warmer, the BMW cold weather package X5 comes with an optional air suspension system. This can raise the height of the car by nearly 10 inches. This prevents sagging.

The X5 also has a snow traction package. Pairing that with an all-wheel-drive system, this car can easily navigate through snowy and slippery surfaces.

Most X5 models also have automatic climate control and outdoor temperature display. All of these make the X5 a perfect ride for cold weather.

Source: autobytel.com

The BMW X7:

The X7 comes with a 1200-dollar worth of cold weather package. It has the standard front seat warmer and steering wheel warmer like the rest of the X series.

But the BMW cold weather package X7 also has rear seat warmers and warm front armrests. 

It has 5-zone automatic climate control. This is called climate control air-conditioning. So that you can control the condition inside of your car as you please.

Additionally, you get cup holders with the X7 model. That can both heat up and cool your drink. So that’s what is included in the BMW cold weather package.

Now that you know what a cold weather package is, it is totally advised to get one, if you own a BMW X3, X5, or X7. Because they offer very useful solutions for cold weather. 

And most times they come completely free with the purchase of the car. All you need to do is to talk to your dealer about it.

How to Check If I Have a Cold Weather Package Installed in My BMW?

Now that you know what the cold weather package is, you should check out if your car has one. If not, then you should get one if your live in one of those cold area.

Before you reach out to your dealership, there are a few checks that you can do. This is to find out if you have any of the cold weather packages installed.

Firstly, if you have any seat heating controls in your car, and you see a +/- sign, that means your card has controlled seat heating. 

Similarly, you can check for the steering wheel warmer too.

The BMW X7
Source: bmw.bb

Then you can look for a car defroster. For this, check around the bottom right corner of the glass. If you see a snowflake icon, that means that your car is equipped with a windshield defroster.

Not all cars will have cold weather packages. But some cars may have seat warmers or steering wheel warmers. That also helps a lot in extremely cold weather.

You should ask your dealership if your car has any cold weather package with it. Sometimes the installation is totally free of cost.

Also, most dealerships will offer you a free installation of this package when you’re buying a new car. So it’s better to have it installed in your car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Should You Defog Your Car In Cold Weather?

The easiest way to defog a car is by cranking the windows of the car a little. This allows air to pass. And equalizes the air temperature of the glass from both sides. Also if your car has the system, you can blow dry hot air on the windshield. That’ll also clear the fog.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

You should change your oil every 4500-7000 miles. Usually, cars were supposed to get an oil change every 3000 miles. But due to modern and advanced lubricants, most engines require an oil change every 4500-7000 miles. If your car is very efficient and requires full synthetic motor oil, you can go up to 15000 miles before an oil change.

Will An All-Season Tire Work Better Than A Winter Tire In Cold Weather?

Winter tires are always going to work better in cold weather compared to all-season tire. All-season and summer tires are both not as good as winter tires on snow. Winter tires are designed to have better traction and grip in ice and slush. They have more sipes on the edge to get better traction and handling on ice.

Wrapping Up

Well, now you know what is cold weather package on BMW. Hopefully, the article clears your confusion about the topic. And lets you have the best driving experience in winter.

Choose whichever package comes with your car model if you’re always driving in cold weathers. 

Best of luck!

Robert Lozano

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