8 Best Cam For 5.7 Hemi Challenger: For Better Power

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Who doesn’t opt for something that can increase the engine power and overall performance? Well, this is where exactly the camshaft comes in help. 

This is something that a lot of people don’t know about. But if you improve the performance of your Hemi challenger, this thing will help you. 

Therefore, enthusiasts are always looking for the best cam for 5.7 Hemi Challenger. But the searching process might be a bit challenging.  

best cam for 5.7 hemi challenger

As there are thousands of products available in the market, it’s tough to find a suitable product. But you don’t need to worry about it.

We went through countless camshafts and researched them very precisely. Then we reviewed them and tried to highlight the unique features of each product. 

Moreover, we added the buying factors that will help you to find the best cam for your 5.7 Hemi challenger. So, stick with us to get more insights and information. 

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What Is The Best Camshaft For a 5.7 Hemi?

This is indeed a tough question to answer. But why so?

Because everyone has different priorities and needs. But as we analyzed the market very precisely under our microscope. We have examined a countless number of products. 

Therefore, we’ve got some important insights and this observation has led us to an opinion. Wanna know about it? 

Well, we think that Competition Cams Inc. or otherwise known as Comp Cam is the best for 5.7 Hemi engines

Their design is advanced and this quality makes them absolutely perfect for modern Hemi engines. It has unique camshaft finishing technology that makes them a reliable choice.

Moreover, their durability is just as praiseworthy as their performance-enhancing capability. Hence, this can provide you with the best user experience. 

So, as per our judgment which is based on thorough research, Comp Cams is the best choice as cams for your 5.7 Hemi engine. 

Quick Summary 

We have researched the market of countless products pretty thoroughly. Then we tried adding our honest opinion and insights about them. You’ll find the detailed information in the section. 

But before going there, we added this little segment of a quick overview. Here we will inform you about our top three picks. And obviously, why they’re the best of bests in our eyes. 

  • When your goal is to find a durable camshaft with a power enhancement guarantee, then Comp Cams No Springs Required Cam should be your choice. It’s made with the most advanced technology. This is definitely the best performance cam for 5.7 hemi.
  • For people who are looking for a budget-friendly product, undoubtedly this GELUOXI MDS Lifters Camshaft can satisfy them.  It’s quite good at providing a prolonged run time to your vehicle. 
  • If you think your priority is a fuel-efficient vehicle and therefore, you are looking for a fuel-saving camshaft. Then here we are with the AKWH Camshaft Lifters 53021720BB 53021720AB. They work just perfectly with the 5.7 Hemi challenger engine.

Top 8 Best Cam For 5.7 Hemi Challenger Reviews






Comp Cams No Springs Required Cam

  • Dimension: 2.76 x 1.97 x 2.76 inches

  • Weight: ‎10.63 pounds

  • Brand: Comp Cams

  • Model: ‎HRT Stage 3 Cam for '09+ 5.7/6.4L HEMI

  • Size: Stage 3 09'+ 5.7L

  • Style: Camshaft OnlySize: Stage 3 09'+ 5.7L


GELUOXI MDS Lifters Camshaft 53021726AE 53022372AA

  • Dimension: 22.2 x 14.5 x 4.8 inches

  • Weight: ‎‎28.8 pounds

  • Brand: GELUOXI

  • Color: 53022372AA cam + MDS Lifters


AKWH Camshaft Lifters 53021720BB 53021720AB

  • Dimension: 33.39 x 17.09 x 5.2 inches

  • Weight: ‎‎34.3 pounds

  • Brand: AKWH

  • Color: NON MDS ASSY


Mopar Chrysler Dodge Jeep Engine Camshaft

  • Dimension: N/A

  • Weight: ‎12 pounds

  • Brand: Mopar


GELUOXI 53022372AA Camshaft MDS

  • Dimension: 21.46 x 2.91 x 2.64 inches

  • Weight: ‎11.34 pounds

  • Brand: ‎GELUOXI

  • Color: Camshaft


COMP Cams 201-424-17 XFI 218/226 Hydraulic Roller Cam

  • Dimension: 24.1 x 2.9 x 2.6 inches

  • Weight: ‎‎9.13 pounds

  • Brand: Comp Cams

  • Model Number: ‎‎201-424-17

  • Size: Camshaft Only

  • Style: 1,800-6,800 RPM Range


Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI 216/220 Hydraulic Roller Cam

  • Dimension: 24.09 x 2.91 x 2.67 inches

  • Weight: ‎‎9 pounds

  • Brand: Comp Cams

  • Model Number: 112-501-11

  • Size: Camshaft Only

  • Style: 1,500-5,800 RPM Range


GELUOXI MDS VVT Camshaft 53022263AE

  • Dimension: 21.8 x 2.8 x 2.7 inches

  • Weight: ‎11.38 pounds

  • Brand: GELUOXI

  • Color: ram 1500 camshaft

01. Comp Cams No Springs Required Cam

[Top Pick]

Comp Cams No Springs Required Cam

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Comp Cams
  • Weight: 10.63 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.76 x 1.97 x 2.76 inches
  • Model‎: HRT Stage 3 Cam for ’09+ 5.7/6.4L HEMI
  • Size: Stage 3 09’+ 5.7L
  • Style: Camshaft Only

It’s our turn to introduce our absolute favorite product from our favorite camshaft brand. So our top pick is the Comp Cams No Springs Required Cam. 

Just as this brand ensures the top-notch cams, this product is not breaking their legacy. It has superior quality materials that ensure the best performance and user experience. 

If you want an answer to this question does a camshaft increase horsepower

My answer will be yes it does! But, it’ll work only when you choose the best camshaft. Consequently, the question comes to what makes a product best or suitable? 

Well, having the performance lifting quality is the first expected feature. It ensures the valves can efficiently increase the vehicle functionality. 

Our top pick can provide you the best in this regard. It runs great from 3000 to 7000 RPM. The LST Lobe profile and valve springs allow 7500 RPM. Therefore, you can get the full advantage of enhanced performance. 

Moreover, the design engineering is also very thoughtful. It has a micro surface enhancement finishing to increase the overall cam strength. So, the product can take more load and stress.

The Pros:

  • The superior materials and quality control ensure a top-notch product. It can provide service for longer than usual. 
  • It has the capability of taking more load than usual. The micro surface enhancement technology ensures this stress-taking quality. 
  • The design of this product is extremely suitable for the 5.7 Hemi challenger engine. So you’ll get the leverage of choosing a compatible product.
  • The durability makes this product an absolutely good pick. Investing in it will be worth the money.

The Cons:

  • The overall product quality improvement will be praiseworthy. It will increase the user-friendliness of the product.

02. GELUOXI MDS Lifters Camshaft

GELUOXI MDS Lifters Camshaft 53021726AE 53022372AA

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: GELUOXI
  • Weight: ‎28.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎22.2 x 14.5 x 4.8 inches
  • Color: 53022372AA cam + MDS Lifters

Our second product is from the brand named GELUOXI. Not gonna lie, this is another one of our favorite picks. We believe we’ve found a literal gem out of millions. 

So, the first thing first is reliability. This product is absolutely amazing at ensuring the top-notch quality of performance. So you’re going to get a smooth vehicle experience. 

Another thing is the strict quality control that enhances the product’s durability. So, its longevity will make your purchase a long-lasting one.

The Pros:

  • The product is reliable. So using it will definitely ensure enhanced vehicle performance. 
  • The price compared to the quality provided is absolutely amazing. So we can call it a budget-friendly product. 
  • Strictly inspected products ensure good quality. Therefore, using it will give better results. 
  • Closely controlled finishing ensures longevity. So, the durability will guarantee you a longer user experience.

The Cons:

  • They don’t fit perfectly with the factory lifters. So this might cause you some hassle in case you’re one of the unfortunate ones.

03. AKWH Camshaft Lifters

AKWH Camshaft Lifters 53021720BB 53021720AB

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: AKWH
  • Weight: ‎34.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33.39 x 17.09 x 5.2 inches
  • Color: NON MDS ASSY

So, our third product is a fuel-efficient one. The product name is AKWH Camshaft Lifters. 

So, the most unique feature of this product is its fuel efficiency. As you can see this feature makes it our absolute favorite. 

Moreover, this product comes with all the additional things needed. So using it doesn’t add any extra hassle. 

Therefore, choosing it can be a really good decision. But keep in mind that it’s lifter isn’t good at taking oil pressure and makes noises.

The Pros:

  • Fuel-efficient technology has made this product a good one. It’ll be beneficial to the environment as well. 
  • The product comes with all the necessary components needed for installation. So, installation becomes handy.
  • The product is good at increasing vehicle speed and performance. Much needed quality of any camshaft.

The Cons:

  • The lifters aren’t that good at holding the oil pressure, they even make noises. So some improvement will enhance the product quality. 
  • The product description on the packaging at times doesn’t match with the product description. This is misleading for the customers.

04. Mopar Chrysler Dodge Jeep Engine Camshaft

Mopar Chrysler Dodge Jeep Engine Camshaft

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Mopar
  • Weight: 12 Pounds

So, we are done with our top three products. Now is the time to introduce our fourth product which is manufactured by Mopar. 

This is an amazing quality camshaft provider. Their products are manufactured with utmost safety and quality control. This strict quality control ensures that the camshafts reach safety standards. 

Therefore, this product can perform very well on your 5.7 Hemi challenger. Moreover, the reliability makes this a very good choice for automotive users. 

Lastly, the compatibility with multiple types of 5.7 engines makes it a professional’s favorite. It can be used with a large range of products and this is indeed a unique feature of this camshaft.

The Pros:

  • Compatible with quite a number of engines. So, if you have multiple vehicles you can use this one product in different vehicles. 
  • Mopar Chrysler Dodge Jeep Engine Camshaft is made with motor vehicle safety standards. Therefore, using it will definitely keep your car safer. 
  • Reliable product. So using it will definitely be a wise decision.

The Cons:

  • This product might cause harm according to California proposition 65. So, it should be considered before purchasing.

05. GELUOXI 53022372AA Camshaft MDS

GELUOXI 53022372AA Camshaft MDS

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: GELUOXI
  • Weight: 11.34 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21.46 x 2.91 x 2.64 inches
  • Color: Camshaft

Time to raise the curtain of our second GELUOXI product. The GELUOXI 53022372AA Camshaft MDS is absolutely compatible with the 5.7 Hemi challenger. 

It’s even compatible with other engines as well. This gives it the versatility that users with multiple engines use it on different ones. 

Apart from this just like all the other products on our list, it is designed well. Therefore it can provide a better performance assurance. 

Just add a little more, this product comes with the full kit. Hence the user gets the option to use it easily as all the necessary things come along with the package. 

So, you can definitely give this product a thought. But don’t forget to check both the pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • Superior product quality ensures the utmost performance efficiency. It’s absolutely perfect for professional users. 
  • Comes with all the necessary components that are needed during the installation. Hence, the installation becomes easier. 
  • The strict quality control increases its effectiveness and durability. So that it becomes a reliable option for the users.

The Cons:

  • The lifter of this product is particularly despised by a lot of users. Therefore, without some improvement, it’ll lose its customer base.

06. COMP Cams 201-424-17 XFI 218/226 Hydraulic Roller Cam

COMP Cams 201-424-17 XFI 218226 Hydraulic Roller Cam

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: COMP Cams
  • Weight: ‎9.13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.1 x 2.9 x 2.6 inches
  • Model Number: ‎‎201-424-17
  • Size: Camshaft Only
  • Style: 1,800-6,800 RPM Range

Time to introduce another product from the famous manufacturer Comp cam. Just as usual the same superior material quality and strict quality control. 

So, firstly the performance of this product attracted us. This product has an enhanced RPM Operating Range which is 1900 to 6500. 

It has 114 Degree Lobe Separation Angle. This wider angle somehow benefits the overall product performance. It can be even used in extra airflow without the carburetor. 

This product has marvelous compatibility with the 5.7 Hemi engines. Moreover, the design can increase the performance range terrifically. Therefore, it’s absolutely worth the price in our eyes.

The Pros:

  • Amazing product design. This good engineering makes it user-friendly. 
  • It has specified features that make it a solid performance product. So, choosing it is worth the money. 
  • The quality of this product is satisfying. This just adds some more points to its bag.

The Cons:

  • The overall product quality improvement will make it more consumer favorite.

07. Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI 216/220 Hydraulic Roller Cam

Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI 216220 Hydraulic Roller Cam

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Comp Cams
  • Weight: ‎9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.09 x 2.91 x 2.67 inches
  • Model Number: 112-501-11
  • Size: Camshaft Only
  • Style: 1,500-5,800 RPM Range

Our second last product is from the best camshaft manufacturers Comp cam. Therefore, needless to say, how good this product quality is. This is one of the best cams with mid-range strength. 

It has a 113 Degree Lobe Separation Angle and a 950-6,900 RPM Operating Range. Hence, it can well assure the performance quality. 

Moreover, It has a design that consists of wider lobes. As a result, the vacuum production and powerband get wider. So, you’re definitely going to get an amazing experience regarding the performance. 

This is one of the extreme fuel-injected camshafts. Therefore, it is perfectly compatible with the 5.7 Hemi engine. The 1.6 ratio rocker arms enhance the power and torque dramatically. 

So using this product will absolutely make you better off. So don’t miss the chance to bag it if you think it suits your needs.

The Pros:

  • Mid-range strength makes it perfect for taking engine and oil stress. Definitely something beneficial for the user. 
  • The design is very well engineered which is capable of increasing the power and torque. This ultimately improves the product performance. 
  • The overall quality and product performance seem commendable compared to the price. So, it’s worth the price.

The Cons:

  • The compatibility of the camshaft with lifter and assembly lube might get mismatched. It will create further problems.

08. GELUOXI MDS VVT Camshaft 53022263AE

GELUOXI MDS VVT Camshaft 53022263AE

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: GELUOXI
  • Weight: 11.38 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎21.8 x 2.8 x 2.7 inches
  • Color: ram 1500 camshaft

Another product from the brand GELUOXI. Just like other products from this brand, this one is also very good in material quality. 

As a result, it can ensure satisfying vehicle performance. Moreover, the cheapest price rate literally adds more to its scoreboard. 

That’s not all, it runs quite a long distance without any problem. So you can guess very well, it’s good at running smoothly. 

Another important thing is it fits very nicely with the lifter. So using it will be a good choice if you install it correctly. But for this, you have to soak this part in oil before installation. 

Before we forget, let us mention one last but important thing is it’s perfect compatibility with 5.7 Hemi. But it might not always fit perfectly with factory lifters. 

Oh by the way, if it makes noise initially, don’t worry. Eventually, it’ll run smoothly and won’t make noises.

The Pros:

  • It has a good performance rating. So choosing it will give you a smooth user experience. 
  • It fits perfectly with most lifters. So the compatibility thing doesn’t become a huge issue in most cases. 
  • The installation isn’t very hard if you soak it in oil beforehand. So some tricks will lessen the installation-related hassles.

The Cons:

  • Might not always fit perfectly with the factory lifters. So, it can result in oil spilling.

Buying Guide

camshaft for 5.7 hemi

If I become honest, the camshaft is an integral part of the engine. This is what makes your challenger engine a champion. 

So, when you’re choosing such an important part for your engine, there must be some things to be vigilant about, right? 

That’s why we truly believe knowing about the buying factors will help you big time in this mission of choosing the best cam. Therefore, we added this part. Let’s hop in there then- 

Consider The Compatibility:

If you don’t know that compatibility with accessories is a must for any vehicle. The Dodge challenger series isn’t any different. 

Therefore, you must consider the camshaft compatibility with your 5.7 Hemi engine. 

Imagine choosing a camshaft for your 5.7 Hemi challenger which isn’t compatible with the engine. Yeah, that’s a very wrong decision, and coming back is truly tough. 

So the best thing to do is dig for compatibility information before picking your product. List the specifications of your engine and then look for a compatible engine. 

Design that fits in your engine and ticks the other requirement tick boxes should be your pick. So, try to collect the information carefully before choosing. 

Check For The Durability:

Durability guarantees that this product is made of quality materials and will last longer. This guarantee is much needed for everything. 

Whenever you’re purchasing anything, you must ensure the investment will benefit you. This is exactly where the durability of the product comes in help. 

So, durability ensures the longevity of your product. And you should try finding products that have higher chances of providing long-term service. 

Though other requirements also have to be fulfilled you should be careful about the product durability part. 

Examine The Performance Rating Carefully:

So, what’s your purpose for buying the camshaft for your 5.7 Hemi engine?

Obviously, the enhancement of overall vehicle performance, right? 

Hence, the performance of the camshaft becomes an important factor for choosing a 5.7 Hemi engine cam. 

To ensure your camshaft will be able to service you with the best quality performance, check the torque and power range. The goal is to pick a camshaft that can produce excellent power gain. 

Take Notes About Cam Duration:

Wait, don’t get confused between durability and duration. Duration determines the functionality of your camshaft. It measures the time taken to keep the valves open. 

Logically, the question arises, how do you measure the duration?

Measuring the amount of crank rotation is the way of noting the cam duration. 

This duration is utterly important for cam performance. lower duration raises low-end torque and guarantees improved car idle. 

Whereas higher duration lowers low-end torque. So, choose the type that suits your requirements.

Finalize Product After Analyzing the Budget:

Till now we talked about the things that we have to notice about the camshaft. But one important thing that we haven’t talked about yet is the budget. 

You must have some plans about how much you’re willing to invest. And then you can choose according to that price range. 

There are different designs and styles of camshafts. Moreover, compatibility with engine type is also important as a budget fixing factor. 

So, only choosing the expensive and high-end product won’t give you all you need. Choose one that can ensure your required power, longevity, and performance within the budget. 

Performance Rating Table

Product NameDurabilityReliabilityPerformance
Comp Cams No Springs Required Cam999.5
GELUOXI MDS Lifters Camshaft 53021726AE 53022372AA999
AKWH Camshaft Lifters 53021720BB 53021720AB8.599
Mopar Chrysler Dodge Jeep Engine Camshaft8.598.5
GELUOXI 53022372AA Camshaft MDS988.5
COMP Cams 201-424-17 XFI 218/226 Hydraulic Roller Cam8.598
Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI 216/220 Hydraulic Roller Cam88.58.5
GELUOXI MDS VVT Camshaft 53022263AE888

Any More Questions?

Can you cam a 5.7 Hemi?

Yes you can definitely cam a 5.7 Hemi. Moreover, this engine camshaft can significantly boost the engine’s torque and power. There’s more to add. This can maintain or retain its compatibility with the mechanized system.

What does a cam do for performance?

To be honest, the camshaft does a critical yet very important job. It affects the engine’s performance, that too at different speed levels. Basically, it pushes against the valves to open them while rotating. Then they return the valves to their closed position again. This process enhances the overall performance.

How much horsepower is a 5.7 Hemi?

This is very frequently asked: how much horsepower does a camshaft add? So, a 5.7 Hemi engine offers 370 horsepower 395 lb-pounds of torque. So, you can get a ¼ mile time of 13.7 seconds. If you want to count it in mph, you’ll get a 0-60 mph of 5.2 seconds.

How many miles will a Hemi 5.7 last?

It’s tough to mention an exact amount of life for any engine. However, a Hemi 5.7 will last around 200,000+ miles. Long-term use and high mileage might cause problems with this engine eventually. But overall it’s a good one with reliable performance and a good reputation.

Is the 5.7 Hemi a good engine?

If we consider the overall quality and performance of this engine, we have to say it’s excellent. It’s well known as a reliable and sturdy workhorse of an engine. So, this engine has a good reputation.

Final Verdict

Yeah, we understand that you might feel the whole process is very overwhelming. There’s a lot of information and things to consider about this. 

But trust us on this. If you follow them carefully and give them proper thought, you’ll be able to find the best cam for 5.7 Hemi challenger for you. 

We really hope this post helps you to choose the most excellent product for your vehicle. And then a good riding experience obviously. 

Wishing you all the best so that you can find the suitable one from numerous options. All the very best, mate.


Comp Cams No Springs Required Cam

Comp Cams No Springs Required Cam

Our top pick is from one of the best cam manufacturers. The design and product quality is top-notch and perfect for your 5.7 Hemi challenger. 

Failing to replace the camshaft with a good one will lead to lower performance. Therefore, it’s really important to choose one that is durable and reliable. 

Moreover, size and weight, fitting compatibility, and performance are also some very important things to consider. When we consider all of these factors, this product outruns all the others. 

Hence, we suggest this product if you want to invest your money in a good product. This one will definitely make your purchase worthwhile.

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