Grand Cherokee Muffler Rattle: 4 Reasons With Solutions!

A rattling muffler sound is one of the most annoying sounds in a vehicle. Especially when you are off-roading with your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Maybe your vehicle has aged significantly, or you have had too much off-road fun.

But how to fix the Grand Cherokee muffler rattle?

Grand Cherokee muffler can rattle for a loose muffler hanger or connector, or a broken bracket. If the Grand Cherokee’s exhaust leaks, you need to properly bolt the manifolds. However, if the hanger rubber is broken the muffler hanger will be loose. Hence, you may need to replace the whole Grand Cherokee’s muffler. For excessive corrosion, you also need to change the whole exhaust system.

That’s not all. There is more. We have discussed the problems and the solutions in this very article.

Stick with us till the end to know the exact problems and their solutions

Let’s begin.


  • Exhaust can leak if bolts are loosed to a Grand Cherokee.
  • Rubber components of cars like Grand Cherokee can degrade faster.
  • A bad exhaust of Grand Cherokee can emit dangerous gas.

Quick View to the Muffler Rattling of Grand Cherokee Reasons and Solution!

Heat shield problemsSeek professional help.
Exhaust leaksCheck if the exhaust manifold joints are properly bolted.
Catalytic Converter issueSeek professional help.
Broken rubber hangarReplacing muffler
Grand Cherokee's Muffler Rattle Reasons and Solutions Summarized

4 Reasons Your Grand Cherokee Muffler Is Rattling with Solution!

The muffler Rattling sound is disconcerting and annoying. It creates a noisy environment inside the car. Sometimes you might even think that the muffler might just detach from the body.

Don’t worry, we have covered the reasons for this issue in this segment. I have also put the solution, like Toyota RAV4 traction problems.

Let’s jump right in.

Reason 1 of 4: Heat Shield Problems

The heat shield can be the primary source of noise in your Grand Cherokee’s exhaust system. 

As the years and miles pile up on the car, they can loosen a little. Once this begins to happen, it will constantly shake. 

When you crank the engine in neutral and release the gas pedal, it becomes quite apparent. As the RPM of the engine drops back down, you should hear a rattling sound.


When the heat shield comes loose, it calls for a repair. It’s time to send your Grand Cherokee to a reputable exhaust shop for repair. A mechanic will charge around $40 to repair it.

You can also do it yourself with the proper tools at hand. You can follow this video for repairing it! 

The good news is that you won’t ever be stranded because your heat shield came free.

Broken Heat Shield
Source: Jeep Garage

Reason 2: Exhaust Leaks

You may identify that Grand Cherokee’s exhaust is rattling. You might wonder why the exhaust rattle in the Grand Cherokee.

When there is a leak in the exhaust system, the exhaust will rattle in Grand Cherokee. When there is a leak in your exhaust system, you will typically hear a loud and annoying ticking sound. If there is a leak, the most likely area for it to be coming from is the roof. This is usually where the exhaust manifolds are bolted to the engine block. This is the most common location for leaks.

Now let’s look at the solution to this problem.


Checking for missing bolts on the exhaust manifold is a good idea. This is a standard feature in any automobile. Install new OEM bolts if you find any bolt is missing. 

Also, check if the exhaust manifold joints are properly bolted. Sometimes, the exhaust seals might break off, causing a rattling sound. 

So, do check them out as well. If you see that the seals are stiff and leaking, it’s better to replace them with OEM ones. Always use a ratchet or wrench to tighten the bolts. The preferred bolts for Jeep Grand Cherokee from 1999-2009 are given below.

ModelProduct Link
Jeep Grand Cherokee 1997-2007Check the price on Amazon
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006-2009Check the price on Amazon


Do not over-torque Grand Cherokee beyond the given specifications.


Wear safety gloves and goggles while fixing the exhaust manifolds.

Reason 3: Catalytic Converter Issue

Most of the pollution from your exhaust is cleaned up by the catalytic converter. Eventually, the metals inside can rust and deteriorate. This can go from bad to worse like the hybrid system problem of RAV4.

You can hear them jangling when this happens. This can also come through engine fault codes. Your Jeep Grand Cherokee will give you P0420 code for this issue. This code mainly indicates a failure or problem in the catalytic converter

Also, due to issues with a catalytic converter, the muffler rattle when accelerating. Do not worry, the diagnosis is pretty easy.


Codes P0420 and P0430 are commonly displayed when the catalytic converter fails. If car’s check engine light comes on, it could be due to a problem with emissions. 

You will need to check and repair the converter with a professional. It can cost around $1500.


Check engine oil in the morning. If the catalytic converter is damaged, the engine oil will reduce drastically.

Reason 4: Broken Rubber Hangar

A broken exhaust hanger can be heard clunking under the car. It can also be seen shining brightly at night due to a dangling muffler. Your Grand Cherokee’s muffler shaking happen due to it.

Exhaust hangers, also known as muffler straps, are typically nothing more than thick rubber loops. They are exceptionally robust rubber bands. 

Exhaust hangers, like any other rubber component, degrade over time. This causes your muffler to become less effective.

Looking under the car is the surest way to spot a broken exhaust hanger. Locate the muffler by following the exhaust pipe. 

Somewhere nearby, you’ll find a black rubber exhaust hanger. You will know right away if something is wrong by looking at the rubber hanger condition. The rubber might wear out and break loose. Additionally, you should look for any additional exhaust hangers.


The problem can be solved by following these steps;

  • Once you locate the broken exhaust hangar, you can proceed to remove the top mount and hangar. It might tear off into two pieces. Hence, make sure you remove both pieces from the mount.
  • The new exhaust hanger can now be installed. Start by securing it to the car’s top exhaust mount. Leave it hanging for now.
  • Attach the replacement muffler to the exhaust hanger. However, if you need assistance, have a friend hold it in place. If it does not, don’t worry; just hold the muffler up and slide the mount into the hanger.
  • The hole in the handle of a crescent wrench makes it possible to attach an exhaust hanger. 
  • Put the hole in the handle onto the exhaust hanger by sliding the end of the handle through it. Pass the exhaust hanger over the mount by sliding it with the wrench. You’re left in suspense once more.


Don’t bolt the mufflers too close to the frame of the car. It will ruin the body.

Installed Muffler Hangar
Source: Jeep Cherokee Forum

Tips and Tricks on Maintaining a Grand Cherokee Exhaust

Maintaining your Grand Cherokee’s muffler and exhaust is essential for safety and efficiency. When the exhaust is working as it should, hazardous emissions are kept out of the air. 

Here are some tips for maintaining your Grand Cherokee exhaust.

  • If you suspect your car has some exhaust leaks, there are some ways of checking them. Your engine might make a hissing noise if you have one. Also, soot or debris may form around the exhaust pipe.
  • Avoid prolonged idling as a preventative measure against exhaust issues. Condensation can build in the exhaust system because the engine isn’t being operated at its optimum temperature, which happens while you idle.
  • Try to avoid suddenly accelerating your vehicle. Quick starts might shorten the life of your exhaust since they force the system to work harder. Because the exhaust has to work harder to remove extra gases when you accelerate.
  • Soot and debris can accumulate in the converter, limiting its effectiveness. Maintaining a clean converter is very crucial.

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy while maintaining your Cherokee muffler. You can maintain this car quite easily.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Source: Car and Driver

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does It Mean When My Muffler Makes A Rattling Noise?

If the exhaust is making a rattling noise, it’s likely because a component is out of place. If you hear a metallic rumble, something is either touching the exhaust pipe or the exhaust’s mounting or support bracket is loose.

Can You Drive With A Rattling Muffler?

There is a real risk of an accident occurring when driving with a rattling muffler. A noisy exhaust could be a sign that carbon monoxide is entering the car through a hole, rust, or some other flaw in the muffler. You and your passengers should avoid breathing in carbon monoxide.

What Does a Broken Heat Shield Sound Like?

Rattling sounds are a common symptom of a malfunctioning heat shield. Damage from rust or subpar hardware can cause the heat shield to come free. This, in turn, can cause it to vibrate and make a rattling noise. Do take your car to the mechanic if this happens.


That will be all on the Grand Cherokee muffler rattle. Hopefully, you will be able to fix your rattling muffler now. 

Try to check and clean your exhaust mufflers every now and then. It is essential for a smooth vehicle operation.

See you soon.

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