Jeep Remote Start Not Working: 7 Problems Solved!

Is the Jeep remote giving you fits? Wondering what’s wrong with your remote starter? 

This is one of the most frustrating car problems to experience in dire circumstances. It’s a widespread issue with modern drivers.

So, why is your Jeep remote start not working?

The battery is to blame in most cases if Jeep remote start is not working. It might become dead and cause issues. Replacing the dead battery can solve the problem. Also, too many remote start attempts, even in valet mode, might cause the remote start not to work. Just re-activating the key manually can fix it.

That will be the summary. I will dig deep into the reasons in this article. I will go through the solutions as well.

Buckle up and let’s begin.


  • After 3-4 years, Jeep’s FOB Battery can die.
  • Jeep’s Valet Mode will disable all system features except the door lock or unlock. 
  • You can reprogram your Jeep key fobs for extra security.

A Quick View of the Troubleshooting Jeep Remote Start Not Working

Dead FOB Battery Replacing the Battery
Too Many Remote Start AttemptsRe-activating the Key fobs
Remote Starter is in Valet ModeDisabling the Valet Mode
Your Key Fob is in the CarRemoving the Key Fob from the Vehicle
High Coolant Temperature and Low Oil PressureCooling Down the Car and Adding Coolants and Oil
Hood is OpenReplacing the Tilt Switch
Remote Starter Lost ProgrammingRe-programming the Jeep’s Key Fob
A Quick View of the Troubleshooting Jeep Remote Start Not Working

7 Reasons Your Jeep Remote is Not Working: With Solutions

On those chilly winter mornings, having a remote car starter is an excellent approach. It is good to assist keep you warm while driving. 

Simply pressing the button on your key fob will cause the engine in your vehicle to start. Does it not appear to be difficult, like the RAV4 Prime Heating Problem?

Unfortunately, a remote starter, like any other component, has the potential to malfunction on occasion. It can be worrisome, especially when you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee. You might think, how do I reset my jeep remote start?

If your remote starting still won’t work, you can try these troubleshooting steps.

Reason 1 of 7: Dead FOB Battery 

A dead battery is the most common reason for the Jeep 2015-18 remote start not working. Most often, this is what occurs. If the battery is dead, the remote will be unresponsive.

You may need to replace it.

Solution: Replacing the Battery

The solution is straightforward. You can pry open the remote using a flathead screwdriver. Then you will find the battery inside. 

Take into account that the replacement battery must be identical to the one it replaces. After replacing it, carefully shut the remote.

Check the car’s manual for the required battery. Keyless FOB uses a coin lithium battery. Some of the best coin batteries are given below.

However, in unavoidable circumstances, you do need to start the car. But, you may think it’s impossible to start the car now. However, it’s possible to start the car even with a dead battery. 

Below, a video is attached on how to start cars with a dead key fob battery.

The steps are the same with other cars from Jeep too!


Incompatible battery size/capacity can damage the key fob.

Key fob of Jeep
Source: YouTube

Reason 2: Too Many Remote Start Attempts

Remote starters won’t engage if they’re used too many times in rapid succession. The vehicle will think you are trying to break in and prevent the start. In this case, the vehicle itself locks out. 

Hence, the remote start won’t work.

Solution: Re-activating the Key fobs

The matter can be fixed once you get in the car. Activate the switch from “OFF” to “ON” and back again using the key in the ignition. After you have finished doing that, exit the vehicle and give the remote starter another shot.

Pro Tip: Use the keys to unlock the Jeep’s door and start it up manually.

Reason 3: Remote Starter is in Valet Mode

A safety feature known as “Jeep valet mode” is included in Jeep Cherokee/Compass/Wrangler remote starter systems. This mode allows the user to temporarily disable the remote starter’s capabilities. 

But, how do you activate the remote starter in valet mode?

You can activate valet mode by simply hitting a certain sequence of buttons on the remote control. Pay attention to the parking lights on your vehicle. You should be able to determine whether or not this mode is active. Or, your digital speedometer will show “Valet Mode” on display.

2016 Jeep Overland Valet Mode
Source: Jeep Garage

Solution: Disabling the Valet Mode

Check If the lights on the remote do not flash when you lock or unlock the doors. If they don’t flash, you are most likely in valet mode. Turning off this mode will allow your remote starter to function normally.

To exit the valet mode, Turn the key in the ignition and give the engine a good rev. Ten times in ten seconds, quickly press and release the brake pedal with your foot. Once you hear or see two parking light clicks, you know you’re out of valet mode.


You won’t be able to use the features of Jeep if it’s in Valet Mode. You can only lock and unlock the door and drive.

Reason 4: Your Key Fob is in the Car

If you still use the vehicle’s traditional key fob, the remote start won’t work. That’s especially true if you keep it inside the car. This nullifies the remote start function and allows for push start only.

Solution: Removing the Key Fob from the Vehicle

Remove the key fob from the vehicle. Exit the vehicle and get back in there and give the remote start a shot. Hopefully, this will solve the issue.


If you fail to find your car in the parking lot, ask security to help out. They can track down your car’s number plate at the parking lot easily.

Jeep Wrangler 4XE Key Fob
Source: Sua Khoa Manh Quang

Reason 5: High Coolant Temperature and Low Oil Pressure

The oil pressure in your vehicle can get too low. Or the coolant temperature can get too high. You will be unable to use the remote starter system in those cases. This is to protect your vehicle from overheating and ceasing.

However, don’t panic if this happens. I have got the solutions.

Solution: Cooling Down the Car and Adding Coolants and Oil

After the car has been allowed to cool down for five to ten minutes. The coolant and oil levels should be checked again. If it is required, add coolant or oil before attempting to start once more.


Check the coolant and oil pressure every two weeks and refill those if needed.

Reason 6: Hood is Open

All remote starters come standard with a safety function that disables the device. This happens if it detects that someone is working on the engine compartment. 

Your car may be equipped with a hood pin switch or a tilt switch. If the hood is up, it will be able to sense that. This will stop the remote starter from functioning.

Solution: Replacing the Tilt Switch

Check that the hood is securely fastened if the remote starting isn’t working.

There is also the possibility that the pin or tilt switch itself has gotten disconnected or broken. If that is the case, any store can get a replacement for your car.

Jeep’s Tilt Switch Location
Source: YouTube

Reason 7: Remote Starter Lost Programming

To be sure, a remote starting system does make use of some encrypted computer applications. Almost every aspect of a contemporary automobile is managed by a computer system.

A pre-programmed module can send signals to your key card. The remote starter can stop working in the extremely unlikely event that the car’s data module loses the program.

Solution: Re-programming the Jeep’s Key Fob

Hiring locksmith professionals is the best option in such a situation. Just like you will want a professional in the RAV4 Battery issues.

Let’s say, too, that you possess a unique set of programming abilities. You may easily revert to the system’s default settings by performing a Jeep remote reset.

So how can you perform a jeep remote reset?

Get in your car and then hit the lock button on your remote starter. If you turn it on, you should immediately flip the switch back to the “off” position. Or, you can press the start button again. The on-off cycle should be repeated three more times for a total of four.

A mobile electronics store is the place to go if you need help programming your remote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Remote Starters Cause Car Problems?

You may rest assured that a remote starting won’t harm your vehicle. Unless there is a serious manufacturing flaw. For safe distances between the car and the starter, read the owner’s manual every time. Beyond that distance, the remote’s effectiveness decreases significantly.

Does Having a Remote Car Starter Make My Car Easier to Steal?

No, having a remote car starter doesn’t make your car easier to steal. This is because stealing your car requires the burglar to break inside it. The criminals won’t have time to pull off their heists. Especially if the clock just has a few minutes left to run.

Do I Need to Reprogram The Remote After Changing The Battery?

Replacing the battery in a key fob usually does not necessitate reprogramming the device. However, reprogramming it by pairing it with your vehicle again may be necessary. Especially if you’ve replaced more than just the batteries. This includes some of the internal cabling and electronics.


That will be all on the jeep remote not working. If your remote starter isn’t working, the seven solutions I laid out above will help.

Before you fix the car remote yourself, take safety precautions. If the problem persists, hire a locksmith.

See you soon.

Robert Lozano

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