Model 3 18 vs 19 vs 20 Wheels- Is Bigger = Better?

Tesla model 3 comes with three different wheel options and all of them are unique. And that’s what makes the whole purchasing process baffling!

But you have to make a decision nonetheless.

So, which one comes on top between model 3 18 vs 19 vs 20 wheels?

The performance factor is better in 18-inch compared to the 19” and 20”. That’s because of the lighter weight. However, when considering the looks, the bulkiest 20” is better than 18 and 19-inch wheels. Sitting right in the middle of the two, the 19-inch can deliver a good overall experience.

You only got to know very little about the differences between these tires. I believe you’ll need to know more if you want to be absolutely sure.

So, what’s stopping you from diving deep into these wheels?

A Quick Look at the 3 Wheels

Just like the Tesla aero wheels vs sport wheels discussion, the wheel size comparison is also important. I mean there are tons of different characteristics among these wheel sizes. 

So, what are the differences between tesla wheels?

You get a better range with the smaller wheel size like 18” compared to the others. Even the ride quality is better for most road conditions on 18 and 19-inch wheels. However, the 20-inch does have that mesmerizing look that can grab anyone’s attention. 

Don’t have time to read through it all? Well, take a quick look at this comparison chart then-

Characteristics20-inch Wheels19-inch Wheels18-inch Wheels
Diameter20 inches (51 cm)19 inches (48 cm)18 inches (46 cm)
Offset+40mm (+1.6 in)+40mm (+1.6 in)+40mm (+1.6 in)
Range (on average)Around 280-290 milesAround 310-315 milesAround 320-330 miles
Bolt Pattern5×114.35×114.35×114.3
Weight 28.75 lbs or 13 kg25 lbs or 11.3 kg23 lbs or 10.4 kg (with aero cover)21.6lbs or 9.8kg(without aero cover)
Revolutions Per Mile786790 787
Maintenance Cost (On Avg)Around $200-300 per annumAround $150-200 per annumAround $100-150 per annum
Cost Around $4000Around $1500Stock wheels so no additional cost

This chart is only the gateway to the full comparison. I think you won’t be disappointed to learn more about these wheels. 

So, come along and make your decision with perfect accuracy!

Comparing the Three Wheels Sizes

Tesla model 3 wheel sizes have their pros and cons. While some can easily live with 18-inch wheels, others might loathe the wheels completely. 

So, let’s check out the full comparison to understand everything.


Performance of the wheels is probably the most important aspect. And what better way there is than to compare the range to measure the performance?

Tesla model 3

The thing about 18-inch wheels is that they are almost 6 lbs less heavy than 20”. And because of the weight difference, you can get a 20-25% better range with 18”. Even Tesla 19 inch sports wheels are lighter than the 20” wheels. 

Because of that, a 19-inch can give you 10-15% extra range. The rev per mile is also better in 18 and 19-inch wheels. The 20-inch wheels just can’t meet the standards of those two wheels.

Winner: In the tesla model 3 18 vs 19 wheels ride quality and range, 18” is superior. And that is mostly because of its lightweight design.


The good thing about all of the three wheels is that they have the same offsets. However, you can get in trouble if you don’t know the difference between 35 and 45 offsets. Because offsets can change the whole look and feel of your car.

Speaking of looks, you probably know already that 20” wheels are superior in looks. Many car enthusiasts love the aesthetics of bigger wheels. You’ll find tons of appreciation for the 20-inch wheels all over social media-

While model 3 19 inch wheels are decent, some can’t stand the looks of 18”. However, appearance is very subjective, and you might love all of these wheels equally. 

You can still go for nut covers if you want to change the looks of your wheels. Because they can instantly change the overall look of your tesla wheels. 

I believe you won’t regret getting these cap covers-

Wheel Cap Kit Center Cap Lug Nut CoverCheck Latest Price
ThinSGO Tesla Model 3 Y S X Wheel Cap KitCheck Latest Price
KENPENRI Aerodynamic Wheel Cap KitCheck Latest Price

Now, the final decision obviously rests on your shoulder.

Winner: In tesla model 3 19 vs 20 inch wheels look, 20” comes out in the top.

Aftermarket Options:

There are tons of tesla model 3 owners who love to customize their cars. While it’s quite common for other cars to use 17-tires with 16-rims. Tesla owners rarely do that. 

But you can still go for replacement options with aftermarket accessories.

tesla model 3 19 & 20 inch wheels

If you want modifications and customizations, smaller wheels will be better for you. The reason is simply the availability of accessories for the 18 and 19-inch wheels. You can easily find good wheel covers for your 18-inch model.

The accessories for 20-inches can be hardly found. And even if you find them, they cost heavy bucks. So, your additional costs go up a notch every time you want to upgrade.

Winner: 18 and 19-inch wheels both are better for aftermarket accessories.


It’s no wonder that bigger wheels will cost you some heavy bucks. But is it worth paying extra for bigger wheel sizes? Let’s find out!

For your regular 18-inch model, you don’t have to think about cost at all! Because those wheels are the stock version that comes with the model 3. Also, the maintenance cost is quite low with 18-inch wheels.

So, you can use the extra budget to purchase a Spigen glass protector for your dashboard. Because the dashboard screen can get damaged without any protection.

Even a simple center organizer tray set can give plenty of space for storage! But I don’t think you’ll have the budget to go for those if you choose 20”.

That is because it costs an extra $4000 to get those!

19-inch wheels

Even the 19-inch wheels cost $1500 more. Moreover, both of the bigger wheels have a higher maintenance cost. So, be careful about that too!

Winner: 18-inch wheels clearly win because of no additional cost and low maintenance.

Deciding on the One True Wheel Size

So, what are your thoughts now that you know almost everything? It’s okay to feel a bit confused even at this late stage. Let’s go through all the points one last time.

20-inch is only better in the appearance category. Even the tesla model 3 black 19 inch wheels look pretty good in my opinion. 

So, when the looks are your concern, you can go with 20” wheels.

But if you’re a performance freak, you’ll have to consider the other two. 19-inch wheels can give you the looks while maintaining decent range and performance. However, for the best-in-the-class quality, 18-inch is far superior.

So, that’s the quick summary of the whole comparison. Now, it’s time to contemplate and decide on a single wheel size that fits your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Size Wheels Do the 2020 Tesla 3 Performance Model Have?

Generally, Tesla ships the Model 3 performance edition with 20” wheels. However, they also offer 18-inch aero or 19-inch sports wheels with performance ed. With the 18” wheels, you can get 23 mph more speed than the 20-inch ones. Because of the bigger size of the 20-inch wheels, the top speed is reduced.

Do Tesla Cars Require Special Tires?

Tesla cars require a bit of specialization for their tires and wheels. Most of the models have aerodynamic tires to handle the initial torque and regeneration better. Additionally, the tires are more ergonomic than conventional tires. So, you get very little turbulence and hiccups with tesla tires.

What Are Tesla Induction Wheels?

The induction wheels from Tesla are premium upgraded wheels for many Tesla car models. Compared to the previous Gemini wheels, induction wheels are more sporty. They also come in a seductive black variant that anyone will love with a glance. However, they do cost $2000 more than the stock ones.

Concluding Remarks

I’m sure deciding the one true fit for your model 3 was tough before. But after reading the model 3 18 vs 19 vs 20 wheels discussion, you’re ready to choose.

So, just pick one wheel size that you’ll never have to regret!

Robert Lozano

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