Royal Purple Oil Review- How It Helps In A Car’s Operation?

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Are you a racing lover or like to go out for a long drive? Whatever your intentions are, you need to ensure the right motor oil; otherwise, your vehicle can’t meet your demanded performance. When it comes to the best motor oil, you will find the Royal Purple on the list. Here used modern technology to uplift a vehicle’s performance. 

You don’t need to trust any random discussion blindly; instead, the following section has a more comprehensive talking. Here, I’ll try to enlist all your required information in this royal purple oil review. So, let’s dive into the following section to figure out why you use it on your vehicle. 


Royal Purple 12530

Royal Purple SAE 5W-30 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

So, among various motor oils, why do we recommend this Royal Purple? According to royal purple synthetic oil reviews, the most key feature of this oil that makes me glued with this lubricant is its unique additive technology.

Plus, I think you would be thankful to hear that you can cover 15,000 miles without any hassle with the Royal touch. You may fall in love with this item due to its combustion efficiency. The match winning feature is that the royal purple oil change cost isn’t higher; hopefully, you will find it within your budget range.

Why is Royal Purple Better?

Royal Purple is formulated to ensure the vehicle’s blissful performance. This motor oil occupies the preferred list of certified mechanics, racing professionals. Interestingly, Royal Purple uses its own Synerlec additive technology, which makes it ideal for protecting the vehicle engine’s moving parts. 

That Synerlec technology will minimize heat and wear, and keep your vehicle’s engine protected. Interestingly, this motor oil isn’t only for trucks, cars, and SUVs; instead, you can expect blissful service by using it in motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats. 

This brand also offers excellent protection against corrosion. Plus, its advanced synthetic solvency will clean your vehicle’s engine. Moreover, this motor oil will improve combustion efficiency by reducing heat and friction production.

Royal Purple Motor Oil Reviews

royal purple oil review

Let’s see which lies in this royal purple engine oil review. 

Blissful wear protection:

As a fully synthetic motor oil, this motor oil is committed to uplift your vehicle’s performance. The manufacturer formulated it to provide better wear protection (keep aside metal to metal contact). To ensure that protection, the manufacturer improved additive technology. 

Works against LSPI:

When you operate your vehicle’s engine at low speed and carry a high load, then it will cause low-speed Pre-Ignition. That LSPI is considered an abnormal combustion event which is common in modern engines. LSPI will occur due to higher in-cylinder pressure. That pressure will seriously hamper your vehicle’s connecting rods and pistons. 

Also, it may destroy your vehicle’s engine. Thank the Royal purple manufacturer for their advanced additive chemistry. With that blissful technology, you can minimize Low-Speed Pre-Ignition. 

Fuel Efficiency:

Every user wants the fuel efficiency feature while buying motor oil. By using fuel-efficient motor oil, you can minimize your fuel consumption. 

Our picked motor oil is featured with a low coefficient of friction which helps to attach the fuel-efficient tag with this motor oil. You will find this motor oil’s ideal use in the vehicle, which demands more stop-and-go driving. 


Here used the anti-war additive chemistry to ensure better protection for vehicle exhaust emissions equipment. Interestingly, the manufacturer found no rust while conducting industry testing. 

You may be aware of sludge which may cause harmful effects on the engine. Our selected Royal Purple motor oil has additive technology to keep aside the white sludge-related problem. Also, that technology keeps your vehicle safe from lubrication starvation. 

Specifications: Royal Purple 5W-30 Motor Oil

Let’s talk about some major specifications of Royal Purple 5W-30 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil.

Type of the OilFull Synthetic
Licensed API (American Petroleum Institute)
Requirements that MeetsDexos1 1 performance and ILSAC GF-5 
Model Number 12530

The Pros:

  • This synthetic motor oil offers better wear protection by preventing metal to metal contact.
  • Here lies advanced additive chemistry to minimize Low-Speed Pre-Ignition.
  • Its fuel-efficient feature is ensured by its low coefficient of friction feature.
  • With the anti-war additive chemistry, this motor oil offers better protection for vehicle exhaust emissions equipment.

The Cons:

  • The price is slightly higher.

Buying Guide: royal purple oil

After knowing the benefits of royal purple oil, you may want to choose this motor oil. But selecting the right Royal Purple motor oil could be troublesome for the user. Don’t take it as a burden, and we will notify you of some hacks so that you can ensure the right motor oil in your vehicle. 

Ensure Right Oil:

The point that comes to you first is choosing the right oil type for your vehicle. While selecting the motor oil, you need to consider the SAE. Plus, you will find a number range (0 to 60) to know the oil viscosity. If you see a higher number, that means the oil is thick. For instance, the 10W-30 grade oil is much thicker than the 5W-30 grade. 

Mileage of your Car:

The next point that demands attention is your vehicle’s mileage. That means you need to choose the motor oil after keeping your vehicle’s mileage on your mind. The mileage is one of the factors that differentiate the motor oil. 

Let’s see an example; if any car comes with a mileage of more than 100000 miles, you had better choose HMX motor oil. That motor oil is designed to keep your engine safe from corrosion and wear. Plus, it will keep your engine clean.  

Can deal with wear and tear:

Those who like rough and fast driving need the motor oil that withstands increasing engine wear and heat. If you have such fast driving habits, you need to choose tough engine oil. The popular tough motor oil is XPR motor oil, and you can select that one. 

Additive Technologies:

Royal Purple manufacturer uses its own unique additive technology, which keeps it one step ahead of other motor oil brands. That additive technology is called Synerlec, which works to provide you blissful car performance. 

How to use royal purple oil?

In the following section, I’ll try to enlist the process of using Royal Purple oil. 

  • First, choose a flat place (better garage or driveway). 
  • Then cool down your vehicle. Now, set your vehicle’s parking brake and chock the rear wheels. 
  • Next, to find the oil fill cap, you need to open your car’s hood. 
  • After finding the cap, you need to remove it and then locate the oil drain plug. 
  • Now, take a pan and keep it under the plug and then remove the plug. 
  • After draining oil, now you need to clean and use a new drain plug if required. 
  • Now, locate the oil filter and clean it and then install again. If you think the oil filter needs changes, you can visit an online platform to buy royal purple oil filters.
  • After finished oil draining and filter cleaning, now use a funnel and pour the motor oil. 

Note: To know the right amount of oil, you can check the dipstick. 

Still Got Questions?

Is royal purple worth it?

Yes, the Royal purple is worth it because this synthetic oil offers an additive that will help to uplift your vehicle’s performance. Plus, your vehicle’s engine will be cleaned with its cleaning properties. 

Is royal purple really that good?

Yes, Royal Purple is formulated to uplift a vehicle’s performance. Plus, this synthetic motor oil will reduce engine friction. 

Is Royal Purple a true synthetic oil?

Yes, this motor oil is fully synthetic. The certified mechanics and racing professionals recommend this motor oil for the vehicle engine. 

What color is royal purple oil?

The Royal Purple oil color seems brown. Also, this oil will turn into black color because detergents are acting herein. 

How long does royal purple last?

The Royal Purple authority claims this motor oil will last for one year or 12,000 miles. Here you need to decide which will come first. Interestingly, the manufacturer uses more latest technology to formulate Royal Purple HPS™. Hence you can expect mileage up to 15,000 miles

Final Thought

Finally, I come to the end of our royal purple oil review guide. Who doesn’t want their vehicle to serve them blissfully for a long time? Your vehicle will do its job nicely if you perform yours at first. One of your essential jobs is to ensure the proper engine oil. By now, you know a lot. 

Hopefully, this article will assist you in keeping it on your choice list. We don’t exaggerate the review; hopefully, you can get that after using it.

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