Solve Toyota Rav4 Sunroof Problems With These Easy Fixes!

RAV4 sunroof problems are not that uncommon to the common people. So, it’s not that tough to find out the reason behind the sunroof problems.

So, what are the reasons behind Toyota rav4 sunroof problems?

RAV4 sunroof problems may arise in terms of drain tube leakage, cracked sunroof glass, and faulty switches. As you are looking for easy fixes, you may wind up doing it yourself. However, taking your car to the technicians is a good idea too. See, how your budget helps you with the fixes. 

Now, these problems definitely need some thorough inspection. The more you understand the problems, the more you will be able to save costs. 

Problems With Sunroofs

The Toyota rav4 sunroof won’t open move for many reasons. We have outlined three definite problems that can happen. 

As a popular car model, the Toyota parts are supposed to be more durable. If it is not the case, several abnormalities may arise.

We will look at a few problems that may arise with the sunroof. With the problems, we will bring out easy solutions.

Toyota rav4 sunroof

See if you are able to fix the problems. Or else, it is good to seek professional help.

Problem 1: Drain Tube Leakage

Sunroof leaking is a very common scenario. You really want your sunroof leaking, it is just not favorable. 

The problem with the Toyota sunroof leak is that you won’t know what to do. A leak may destroy your car’s interior. You definitely don’t want this to persist. 

The sunroof leak may have appeared long before. You probably have seen the problem when it is raining. You may notice a clog in the drain. 

The rubber seals that attached the tubes are probably worn. As they are sticking, they leave open platforms in the area.

Toyota sunroof leak

Remember, as time goes by, the problem may get deeper. The whole sunroof materials would start to decay by forming rusts. 

Corrosion or rust can appear on any part of the car. At times, while driving, you may experience weird noises while making gear changes

A whole lot of things you need to do when this happens. 

Problem 2: Cracked Sunroof Glass

You may perhaps see that the Toyota rav4 sunroof not closing or opening. This is because the glass of the sunroof has cracked. 

The crack is probably small and it is easy not to notice the problem. If you have a closer look, small cracks have appeared at certain parts. This is not letting the sunroof move. 

It is unknown why small cracks are appearing out of nowhere. Maybe at some point rocks or other heavy objects have fallen on the roof.

Cracked Sunroof Glass

The glass may crack while the sunroof is open as well. When the glass is fixed inside the compartment, certain collisions can cause cracks. 

Still, you might be thinking about “how to close the rav4 sunroof?” 

If the sunroof is open, try holding the close button for 25 to 30 seconds. After that duration, the sunroof should close and then open again. This process works like a reset. 

However, if the glass is broken, it’s better not to close the sunroof. You should get a replacement sunroof glass as soon as possible.

Problem 3: Faulty Switch

There can be electric problems happening in your car. Your car switches are probably not working. There can be short-circuited issues between inner wires. 

As the Toyota model ages, there can be many wears and tear in the car. Probably the fuses have expired and not working. For this reason, when you are starting the car, the electric lines are malfunctioning. Don’t be angry, as you should be calm to look at the solutions. 

You must be able to solve the Toyota Rav4 sunroof problems with a lot of heart. 

So, you might be pressing the switch hard to open or close the sunroof. Sadly, the sunroof is working in your favor. 

The Toyota 4runner sunroof drain tubes have probably made the case worse for you. At times you face the car jerking while driving with AC on. This is because all the technical areas of the car are filled with dirt and corrosion. 

Solutions To Sunroof Problems

The good news is, that there are fair and simple solutions to the problems. So, you don’t need to think too much about the cost. However, some basic costs are just a prerequisite for any DIY work.

All we need from you is a clear and deeper look at the problems. If you have identified the problem the right way, you should be moving fast. 

Solution 1: Cleaning The Drain Tube

Cleaning the drain tube on your own means we are in a DIY situation. This requires your focus and attention. In addition to that, you need some tools. However, if you don’t want to DIY, it’ll cost you some heavy bucks!

Still, let’s focus on the DIY part. You don’t need a total Toyota rav4 sunroof recall in this scenario. 

Drain Tube cleaning

You should be able to open the sunroof by unscrewing the nuts. Having premium screwdrivers set for such tasks proves to be quite worthy.

Once you have done so, use a wet towel to clean up the edges. For tiny edges use a small cleaning brush to clean them. 

Check out the drain holes if they are dirt-free or not. You may need to clear the clog to fix the sunroof. It is good to invest some time to vacuum the whole area. 

Repair the seals with black electric tape so that they stay attached to the surface. As you have cleaned the dirt from the edges, the seals would work fine. 

After everything is done, screw the roof into the vehicle. You should be fine from now. 

Solution 2: Fixing the Glass

Perhaps there are many small cracks in the glass of the sunroof. Or the crack is in the middle and is very big. It has shattered the sunroof.

You need a total Toyota rav4 sunroof repair where you need to replace the glass. You can fix the glass if it is sticking out from the roof. Then sticking it with glue can be a way. 

If the roof is opening and closing, you may keep the cracked glass to save costs.

However, if the problem is still there, it is good to put a new glass. 

Take your car to the service center for repair or replacement.

Solution 3: Auto Repair Technicians

It is evident that fixing the problem properly is not possible on your own. The DIY methods are cost-friendly, but there is a lack of quality.

Since you are not an expert, you need expert technicians to fix your issues. 

If there are faulty switches with faulty tubes and fuses, there is a greater internal problem. The technicians would look deep into it.

They are going to open the car compartments and check the wirings. Probably wire, fuse, and switch replacement is something you need.

If a total replacement of the sunroof is suggested, go for it. The Toyota rav4 sunroof prices may be high but this would support your car’s longevity. 

It is good to spend a little extra on your beloved car. You have already invested in the purchase. As time goes by, it is good to spend a little more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the function of a drain tube?

Drain tubes are usually located within the four corners of the sunroof. If they leak, water, moisture and dirt can appear on the surface. 

What happens when the sunroof does not move?

When the sunroof does not move, you may feel irritated. You will be unable to enjoy a fine ride. This article has outlined three reasons that are cracked glass, leak, and faulty switch. 

What to do with the faulty switches?

It is good to replace the faulty switches. There can be many internal issues your car is having. The best option is to totally take your car for an internal screening.


As you can see, the  Toyota rav4 sunroof problems are arriving from many areas. What you need to do is check with a professional.

Hope you can make your car more efficient and durable.

Bye for now!

Robert Lozano

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