What Size Sunshade for Honda CRV?

Sunshades for cars come in so many different sizes. That also holds true for Honda CRV! 

So what size sunshade for Honda CRV should you get?

The sunshade you should get for Honda CRV has to be within 58″ x 27.5″ for the windshield. And 51” x 20” x 6” for the rear window. Lastly 43” x 20” x 3” For the side windows. Additionally, choosing a reflective sunshade is best because it can be more effective in reflecting the sunlight.

Using a sunshade is absolutely important for your Honda CRV. Let me explain why I call it important despite what people generally feel about it.

The Importance of Using a Sunshade in your Honda CRV

The necessity of using a sunshade goes unnoticed by many of us. However, it is vital to use a sunshade to prevent damage to the Honda CRV interiors. So, here’s a short list of the kind of consequences not using a sunshade would have- 

High Interior Temperature

On a hot day in summer, the temperature in the US goes up to even 105 degrees. You could fry an egg at that kind of temperature!

Honda CRV
Source: cbc.ca

So, you’ll be literally cooking your interiors if you don’t leave a sunshade on. Believe me, you would not want to return to a car that hot. This is just one of the consequences of not using a sunshade. 

Damaged Electronics & Interiors

Left in that kind of heat without any shade, any electronics could get damaged. Some of the electronics that could be damaged are – Car Stereos, CDs and Especially Touch screens. 

Furthermore, the dash and the seats may lose their color because of the intense heat. So, the sunshade is the unsung hero we all need in our cars. So, with that established, let’s get to the choosing phase. 

Phase 1: Choosing the Right Sunshade

There are many factors for merely choosing the right sunshade. The very first one is to know which sunshade is compatible in the case of the Honda CRV. 

Determining the Size of the Sunshade

We must first know the size of the windows of the Honda CRV to choose the right-sized sunshade.

Source: weathertech.com

So what are the Honda CR-V Windshield dimensions? 

The Honda CR-V Windshield dimensions are 58″ x 27.5″. The rear window dimensions are 51” x 20” x 6”. And the side window dimensions are 43” x 20” x 3”.

That means you have to get a sunshade according to this size. All trims of the SUV share the dimensions. So, the 2022 honda CRV sunshade will be the same for all the trims. 

That only leaves determining the type of sunshade before making the choice.

Determining the Right Type of Sunshade

There are primarily two types of sunshade when it comes to the way sunlight is dealt with. They are – 

  • Reflective Sunshade. This kind of sunshade reflects the sunlight back and absorbs none of it.
  • Non-Reflective Sunshade. Much like its name, this sunshade does not reflect sunlight back. Instead, it absorbs the sunlight. 

Additionally, There are two kinds of fixed sunshades depending on the functionality. They are-

  • Automatic Rolling Sunshade. Faithful to its name, this sunshade is automatic and works at the press of a button. It is affixed to the top of the windows, it generally rolls down.

    However, your windows should be closed when it’s set up. Honda CRV windows open automatically sometimes, look out for that.
  • Fixed Sunshade. This is a sunshade that you permanently affix to the windows of the car. However, you won’t be able to use this kind of sunshade on the windshield. 

That aside, there are a few kinds of not-fixed sunshades. They are-

  • Magnetic Sunshade. It is affixed to the windows magnetically. They’re a good replacement for fixed sunshades while not really being fixed in place. 
  • Steel Ring Sunshade. This is a ring-type sunshade that you can fit onto your windshields rather easily. It’s easy to put away as well. 
  • Accordion Sunshade. This is the most common type of sunshade. It is a safe choice for everyone. However, it is not the most convenient type of sunshade. 

It’s now time to actually make the decision. 

Making the Right Choice

Firstly, reflective sunshades are always better. So, whichever you buy, make sure it’s reflective. I’ll now prepare a table to help you make the right choice, 

Sunshade Types

For Adults
 For Children

Fixed SunshadeUnsuitableSuitableUnsuitableSuitable
Magnetic SunshadeSuitableSuitableUnsuitableSuitable
Automatic Rolling SunshadeSuitableSuitableUnsuitableUnsuitable
Steel Ring SunshadeSuitableUnsuitableSuitableUnsuitable

I could summarize that table into two popular and convenient choices. So now we have ascertained the best sunshade for Honda CRV. That is Automatic Rolling Sunshade for the windows and Steel Ring Sunshade for the windshield.

best sunshade for Honda CRV
Source: aliexpress.com

The reasons are-

  • Automatic Rolling Sunshade can act as a fixed sunshade for children. That is because the heat is especially harmful to children. 

At the same time, Adults can opt to roll up the sunshade to enjoy the view too. So it’s the best of both worlds.  

  • Steel Ring Sunshade fits the windshield well and securely while also being the most portable. This is simply the best choice because of its ease of use and convenience. 

Here are some of my best recommendations for sunshades- 

  • Don’t want to cover the whole glass on your side windshield? Try the Kinder Fluff Car Window Shades. It comes in 4 shades pack with two transparent and two normal covers.

With that, you’re at the end of the first phase. Now, on to the last one. 

Phase 2: Setup & Maintenance 

Now you’ll see how you can easily set up and maintain the sunshades. Let’s start with setting it up. 

Setting the Sunshade Up

Setting the Steel ring Sunshade up for the windshield is fairly simple. You have to follow these few easy steps- 

  • Unfurl the sunshade inside the SUV.
  • Fit the entire sunshade on the windshield.
  • Secure it with the dash. 
Steel ring Sunshade
Source: amazon.com

As simple as that! You’re done setting up the sunshade for the windshield. Now for the windows-

  • Fix the sunshade on top of each window. 
  • Make sure there’s enough clearance for the window to roll down.

You’re now done setting the sunshade up. The whole process is very simple and easy. However, your sunshade will not last without proper maintenance. 

Maintaining the Sunshade

Maintaining the sunshade is just as easy as setting it up. All you have to do is follow these steps-

  • Take off the sunshade from your car every once in a while. 
  • Clean the exterior of the sunshade with a hose. 
  • Put the shades back on the car. 

However, don’t just stop at sunshades! It’s pretty important to maintain the aircon systems as well.

Now let’s move on to some extra queries regarding Honda CRV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Use a Sunshade in My Car?

Yes, you should use a sunshade in your car. It will prevent heat damage to the interiors as well as the electronics. 

Are Reflective Sun Shades Better?

Yes, reflective sun shades are better. That is because reflective shades do not retain any heat from the sunlight at all. They just reflect it, unlike the non-reflective ones. 

How Do You Keep a Windshield Sun Shade from Falling Down?

You can keep a windshield sunshade from falling down by simply securing it with your dashes. That’s the cost-free, easy solution. 


Finally, we’re done! All the options in the market do make it confusing for consumers. I hope the article answers the question ‘What Size Sunshade for Honda CRV’ for you. 

So what about it? Did you get the sunshade for your Honda CRV? Hopefully, you did and enjoying your sweet ride without breaking any sweat!

Robert Lozano

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