Why Do My Honda CRV Windows Open by Themselves: 5 Issues Fixed!

Do you have a Honda CRV that you love driving on the highways? While on a drive you might have noticed that the windows open by themselves. Does this issue have you concerned and unsure about what to do?

So, why do my honda CRV windows open by themselves?

Honda CRV windows can open by themselves for any number of reasons. It might be due to broken wiring or a faulty power window switch. You might even have accidentally pressed the unlock button on your keyfob twice. Then it’s the best case scenario for you as there isn’t any extra cost for fixing it.

If you want to learn more why don’t you continue to read on? You’re sure to discover all the reasons why the windows open themselves.

Troubleshooting 5 Reasons Why Honda CRV’s Windows Open Themselves

Honda CRV is a great touring SUV. You can go on long drives without any issue. Here’s someone who is on a grand tour with Honda CRV!

Even though the SUV is reliable, there is a common problem! The windows of the SUV open up by themselves.

You might be thinking why do car windows open up by themselves?

Car windows open up by themselves because of double pressing the unlock on keyfob. You can disable the feature. However, faulty motor can also cause the issue. Seek technician’s help for this reason. The Honda CRV windows open up by themselves can cause due to it.

However, there can be other reasons behind such problem. We’ve covered in detail the 5 reasons why your CRV windows open themselves.

Reason 1 of 5: Double Pressing the Unlock on Keyfob

You might use the automatic open feature if your Honda CRV and sunroof operate autonomously. Your windows will be opened by clicking the unlocking option on the car key. 

It is seen as a concealed element that has proven inconvenient for the majority of Honda owners. 

These have now become a nuisance since the interior then succumbs to nature’s whims. For example, you’re going fast with your CRV, and the windows suddenly open. As soon as that happens a barrage of dirt gets in. 


While you cannot disable this function, one solution is to alter your car key. One method is to disconnect the unlocking mechanism. This is achieved by eliminating the button in the same way that a battery is removed. You take the keyfob then open it up.

Then remove the portion that powers the keyfob. You can do it easily now that your keyfob is open. After that, disconnect the lock and reassemble the car key.

That way you can disable Honda remote window roll down.

Honda remote window
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Reason 2 of 5 Faulty Motor

The motor is the very first component that might go awry. The motor is responsible for moving the windows up and down. Your automobile window would not operate if it is not functional. Even when you press the button on the controller board, it does not respond.

Furthermore, if the motor is out of sync, it may be causing issues with the windows. If your automobile window goes up or down on its own, you have a malfunctioning motor. Thus, the CRV windows open on their own!

It does so even when the driver’s panel switch is turned off. The power window motor functions similarly to most electric motors. This indicates that given enough use and time, it may go bad.


By removing the door panel, you may check if the problem is with the window motor. You must do so in order to test the motor and its connections. We recommend leaving this to a specialist.

Reason 3 of 5 Bad Power Window Switch

The button on the side of your doors may be malfunctioning. The window switch wears out fast due to its frequent use. If you press it too hard, the switch will quickly cease operating properly.

When your windows move automatically, this is the ideal situation. In comparison to other possible concerns, replacing a power window switch is extremely inexpensive. It’s also not too difficult to troubleshoot.


  1. The power window switch should be removed from the door panel. Then, unscrew the door panel to gain access to the device’s cabling. The door panel can be simply removed by unmounting the knobs and controls with a screwdriver.
  1. Replace the power window switch in the door panel. Reinstall the power window switch. Before fitting the door panel, test the windows and switches’ operation. Install the door panel once the testing is finished.

Are you thinking about buying a new power window switch? Then we recommend you take a look at some of these.

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Reason 4 of 5 Bad Regulator

Haven’t been tampering with the window switches and the motor running properly? Then the regulators are the culprit. 

When you press the switch on the car’s panel, the window adjuster adjusts your windows. If it fails, your windows will not work correctly until the regulator is repaired or replaced.

The cause behind Honda CRV automatic window problem, then bad regulator is very common.


  1. To begin power window repair, pry out the control panel and unplug the adapters. The door trim panel should then be removed.
  1. Reattach the switch panel and the multimeter test wires to the motor connector. Then, flip the window switch. Change the regulator if the switch is in good working order.
  1. The glass-to-regulator bolts must be removed. Cut the mechanical cords to increase or reduce the glass as appropriate. Tilt the window up and out and place it somewhere safe. 
  1. Remove the regulator-to-door fasteners and snake the regulator out through one of the door openings. After that, install the new regulator and reassemble everything.

Reason 5 of 5 Broken Wiring Harness

A faulty wiring harness can cause big issues in any section of the car. However, the situation is most problematic with power windows. The power window system is powered by electricity and operates with the help of a wiring harness.

The wiring harness links the power window switches to the window motor and also powers it. If the wiring harness is severely damaged, the power windows will no longer function.

The damage could be caused by a variety of factors. This are namely water damage, rust, or a physical break in the harness. For example, if the wiring is pinched or crushed, the cables inside may break. 

As a result, the electromagnetic current cannot flow properly, and the panels will not function.

In certain situations, the damage is severe enough that the window motors may burn out. In other circumstances, the windows merely slow down or just become difficult to open or close.


For this one, we recommend taking your vehicle to a mechanic. Because wiring problems can be too complex for someone who is unfamiliar with how it works. 

When attempting to repair it, you may wind up destroying other items. You can also upgrade your seats for your CRV. 

Broken Wiring Harness
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Repair Cost to Fix the Power Windows

The perfect situation is that you accidentally hit the car key and your Honda CRV windows open. If not, an issue with the power window switch is the next best thing. When it comes to repairing power windows, this is the least expensive option.

However, if you need to replace a window regulator, costs might range between $250 and $400. Labor will cost around $70 to $100 and materials costing $180 to $300.

If you need to change the window motor, labor will cost between $100 and $150. The component itself will cost between $70 and $200. Even if you repair the motor yourself, this will cost you between $170 and $350.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes car windows go up and down?

The motion of a window pane is powered by a motor. When you push the window button on the automobile door, the motor will rotate. As soon as that happens the window pane rises. If you can hear vibration when you flick the window switch, the motor may have failed.

How does Auto down window work?

On cars with power windows, the automatic-down option is fairly prevalent. When you tap and release the down switch, the window lowers completely. This feature employs a circuit that tracks how long you hold the switch down.

How do I stop my key fob from accidental pressing?

You can add extra spacing around the buttons to avoid the possibility of them accidentally compressing. You could also consider purchasing an aftermarket silicone sleeve for your key fob.

Final Words

This is everything we had to say regarding why do my honda crv windows open by themselves.

We hope that everything we’ve covered helps you in figuring out how to combat the issue. The problem with the windows has led to multiple recalls of Honda CRV over the years. It also continues to plague Honda to this day. 

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