Wix vs K&N Oil Filter (Which One Should You Choose)

Every car has an oil filter that helps keep the engine operating smoothly. If you don’t change your oil and filter regularly, you risk having an engine clogged with metal fragments. So it’s crucial to choose an oil filter very wisely.

When it comes time to replace your oil filter, you have a lot of choices. WIX and K&N are the most popular among the users. So it’s hard to choose between Wix vs k&n oil filter because they’re both so well-known.

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In this article, I will compare and assist you to decide which one is best for your vehicle.

Wix vs K&N Oil Filter: Quick Overview

Oil filters aren’t universal. When it comes to filtration, Wix oil filter quality is known for its long-lasting grade, while K&N filters are known for their exceptional filtration capabilities:

Aspect Wix Oil Filter K&N Oil Filter
Filtration Efficiency High High.
Construction Sturdy Sturdy.
Media Type Synthetic Synthetic.
Anti-Drainback Valve Yes Yes.
By-pass Valve Yes Yes.
Durability Reliable Reliable.
Cost Affordable Slightly higher.
Application Range Wide range Wide range.
Compatibility Various makes Various makes.

Are Wix Oil Filters Good? 

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  • Product Dimensions: ‎3.7 x 2.9 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: ‎1.13 ounces
  • Brand: ‎Wix
  • Model number: ‎57356XP
  • Material: Paper

Wix is an excellent high-quality filter that employs high-quality components and stands out from the rest of the pack. Mann and Hummel owned and manufactured Wix Oil filters, a German multinational in the filtration business.

But where are Wix filters made? There are currently Wix factories on four continents—North America, South America, Europe, and Asia—and the company’s headquarters are located in Gastonia.

Other brands’ oil filter models pale in contrast to this filter’s performance. Here are the reasons why we think Wix oil filter is best:

Finest Materials:

Wix ensures product quality with regular lab tests. The filter’s valves, springs, and housings are all OEM-specified and withstand extreme circumstances. Wix racing oil filters, for example, are constructed with premium components to boost speed.

Modern Plastic Elements:

Wix reduced filter size while maintaining quality and made it feasible by replacing metal parts with new plastic elements.

This is how a filter’s mass can be reduced while preserving filtration quality. The Wix filter for synthetic oil uses a glass-enhanced medium that captures 10-12 micron particles.

Custom Valves:

The characteristics and design of spin-on oil filters must meet the engine or vehicle manufacturer’s standards. Wix oil filters operate properly in an oil system since they are custom-made to each customer’s specifications.

Spin-on Filters:

Spin-on oil filters must meet the specifications of the engine or vehicle manufacturer. Wix oil filters work correctly in oil systems because they are made to such content.

Are K&N Oil Filters Good?

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  • Product Dimensions: 3.12 x 3.12 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight: ‎11.18 ounces
  • Brand: K&N
  • Model number: ‎HP-1002
  • Material: Resin

For those who drive off-road, K&N oil filters are a godsend. These filters are made to handle a lot of oil while still filtering well. They include watercraft in their coverage and even help vintage car owners.

If you’re wondering who makes k&n oil filters, you’re not the only one. K&N Engineering, Inc. manufactures k&n oil filters in Riverside, California, USA. 

Each k&n oil filter test in a laboratory to ensure that they meet the highest performance standards, capacity, and burst strength before leaving the factory. Here are some of the reasons we think the k&n oil filter is good:

Enhance Eco-Friendly Applications:

Rather than relying on single-use plastic filters that deplete the environment, K&N reusable engine filters provide an eco-friendly, long-term, cost-effective solution.

Easy Installation:

Installing and removing the nut is a breeze because of the 1-inch exposed design, and it is suitable for easy installation.

Convenient And Fine Filtration:

Safety wire fittings are convenient. It doesn’t matter if the oil in your car is synthetic, traditional, or blended — these oil filters can be used with any type of oil you want.

For example, K&N Performance Gold oil filters provide gold-standard filtration for your engine’s oil. Keep pollutants smaller than 10 microns out of your car engine.

Prevent Oil Drain: 

The oil drain back is prevented by a silicon rubber valve. Double-rolled seals and a heavy-duty canister aid ensure long-term functioning by preventing oil draining. 

Difference Between WIX And K&N Oil Filter

For years, this discussion has raged on and on which one performs well, Wix or K&N. Let’s try to find the differences below.

Drifting Oil:

Consider the oil flow when choosing an oil filter. Allows oil to bypass clogged filters. Due to their racing heritage, K&N oil filters offer a higher flow rate than Wix, making them perfect for high-performance engines.

A higher flow rate often suggests a less efficient filter material. At 20 microns, Wix captures 95% of particles, while K&N only captures 85%.

K&N’s oil pressure release valves are made of coiled steel, and the filter’s pressure forces the coiled spring down, opening the bypass valve. 

Back-up Drain Valves:

Wix oil filters have silicone anti-drain back valves to restart your vehicle smoothly. Unlike rubber or plastic anti-drain back valves, Wix silicone anti-drain back valves are more flexible and durable than K&N. On the other hand, to prevent oil from draining back into the oil filter, the K&N oil filter outperforms nitrile rubber.

Filtration Media and Interspace:

During the filtering process, the filter medium collects any unfiltered oil debris. Wix’s oil filters employ synthetic media. For race engines that consume denser oil, K&N oil filters suit best.

The oil-changing interspace is also an element of an oil filter. In this case, Wix has the best track record with 15,000 miles between shifts.

Wix Oil Filters Overview

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Wix oil filters have a synthetic filtering medium that keeps your motor oil clean for longer intervals between oil changes. One of the most popular WIX 57356XP Oil filters is suitable for harsh driving conditions.

Furthermore, most of the synthetic oils brands, like Mag 1 Synthetic Oil are compatible with WIX 57060XP Oil Filter and other Wix XP oil filter series. Their performance is unaffected by hot oil temperatures.

This filter is one of the best oil filters for Duramax too. Besides, the WIX 51348XP Heavy Duty Lube Filter catches up to 100 percent more dirt and pollutants due to oil breakdown.

Not only is clean oil delivered to the engine by WIX Filters – 33585XE using metal end caps securely attached to the filter media, but also the silicone anti-drain back valve prevents dry starts instantly.

Advantages of WIX Oil filter:

  • The filters are rated to filter particles down to 20 microns at a minimum of 95%.
  • The synthetic filter media cleans engine oil better.
  • This design is durable and lasts longer than others.
  • It is a good low-cost alternative that delivers super flow.
  • Allows for up to 15,000-mile oil changes.
  • Featuring a robust shell and heavy-duty base.

The customer Say about that:

Users gave a lot of positive reviews of Wix filters. After replacing a Wix filter, they say their car seems noticeably more responsive. Most of the users suggest maintaining a 10k interval between filter changes.

Otherwise, the fuel pump will begin to fail due to the contaminants obstructing the gasoline flow, forcing it to work harder and eventually fail. 

Why I Recommend It: 

Wix oil filter is easy to install and remove, even if you don’t have much car maintenance experience. We recommend Wix because of its pricing and a good balance of value and execution.

Also, it has different models that are compatible with different cars.

K&N Oil Filters Overview

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For over 50 years, K&N has been interchangeable with performance. K&N oil filters are popular among high-performance car and motorcycle owners with their roots in motorcycle racing. In 1988, K&N introduced the first wrench-off oil filter, the K&N Performance Gold.

K&N makes washable filters that trap particles by lubricating them. K&N Premium Oil Filter is compatible with different cars and has slightly better flow than typical filters. Their 1-inch exposed nut design makes installation and removal simple. 

The other K&N 171C Oil Filter has a high burst strength and ensures oil flow with the ultra-premium wrench-off series. The K&N HP-1004 Oil Filter also features a heavy-duty canister designed to last longer.

Advantages of K&N Oil Filter:

  • Installation and dismantling are made simple.
  • Suitable for a wide range of cars;
  • The welded nut on the top of the canister simplifies the process of putting it together;
  • Designed to withstand the weight of its huge borders;
  • Safety wire and other features are included.

The customer Say about that:

Most of the K&N users recommend it because of its easy installation options. Besides this, a silicon rubber valve keeps oil from backing up efficiently. Overall, users are delighted with the product’s abilities and broader scope.

Why We Recommend It

We recommend K&N oil filters to everyone looking for an affordable and environmentally friendly replacement oil filter for their vehicle.

The safety wire fitting mechanism makes it possible to quickly and easily install and remove the device. So installation will no more be a problem with this filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wix Filters Good for Synthetic Oil?

Wix oil filters are among the best for synthetic and conventional oil compatibility.

How Long Do Wix Filters Last?

An oil filter from Wix can last up to three years. Depending on the model you choose, Wix filters can last between 3,000 and 15,000 miles.

Do I Need to Change My Oil Filter Every Time I Change the Oil?

Definitely, modern engines are so clean that manufacturers recommend 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes; therefore, a new oil filter is also required. 

What is the procedure for installing Wix oil filters?

First, remove the old oil filter with your wrench. Spin the new filter back on after lubricating the seal with some oil. Replenish the vehicle’s oil tank and check for leaks in the pipeline. And you are done.

When it comes to WIX filters, what kind of oil should I use?

You can use traditional or synthetic oils and a variety of additives with different Wix filters.

Bottom Line

Oil filter quality is more important than the brand name. There is no clear winner between wix vs k&n oil filter compatibility. 

If you’re a regular driver, Wix’s extended oil transfer interval will please you more. K&N is your best bet for a unique oil flow rate if you have denser oil in your engine.

I hope this advice will assist you in deciding between these two distinct oil filters. But before buying, always check with the manufacturer if it is compatible with your engine.

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