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Whatever you own, like a daily commuter or a brand new sports car, you need a perfect exhaust system. An exhaust system is an essential item for a vehicle that uplifts your vehicle’s looks but is also helpful for the environment. 

A renowned brand named MBRP offers a wide range of exhaust systems to bring the performance to the next level. We picked three mbrp exhaust systems and reviewed those in the following. Hopefully, our MBRP exhaust reviews will help you choose the right one. So, let’s get started.  

What does MBRP stand for?

mbrp exhaust reviews

MBRP is a renowned name throughout North America for the exhaust system. The full meaning of MBRP is Martin Barkey Racing Products. They have been operating their business for over 15 years in Huntsville, Ontario. As the material, they use top-rated stainless steel; hence, it becomes high quality. 

Only a few exhaust systems are capable of beating the efficiency of MBRP. You will get an extraordinary performance by installing it in a Jeep or car. The extraordinary performance will improve the power and sound and increase the torque and horsepower.

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MBRP vs. Flowmaster

MBRP and Flowmaster are two renowned exhaust system manufacturers. They use their specialized process to manufacture exhaust systems. Let’s see which factors distinguish those two products.  

MaterialT-304 stainless steelAluminized Steel,Stainless Steel (409 Stainless Steel)
DesignIt is measured to ensure a perfect fitAxle-BackCat-BackHeader-BackTurbo-Back
SoundUnique MBRP sound (You can add additional components to customize sound)Consistent, immediate sound
HorsepowerThe MBRP exhaust system can add approximately 3 to 5 horsepower. Flowmaster exhaust systems can add about 8 horsepower.

MBRP Exhaust System Reviews

A vehicle with a diesel exhaust system offers blissful performance and better mileage. Here we give three MBRP diesel exhaust reviews. Let’s see those in the following. 

01. MBRP S5259AL 4″ Cat-Back, Single Exhaust System

MBRP S5259AL Single Exhaust System

Are you looking for a heavy-duty exhaust system that is worth the price? Our top-picked exhaust system is constructed with aluminized steel. The manufacturer doesn’t compromise the quality while building its components. 

Its design helps to reduce exhaust temperatures and uplift the vehicle’s exhaust flow. Hence it consumes less gas and offers a longer blissful performance. 

Another blissful thing is the better engine breaths. The installation is much easier. It has no weld design; just bolt-on is perfect for ensuring installation. 

Note: You may face a loud sound during a cold start when you step on the gas. If you want to minimize the sound, then add a resonator

The Pros:

  • Installation is straightforward, just bolted up without cutting anything. 
  • It will help reduce temperature and increase the vehicle’s exhaust flow. 
  • You can reduce gas consumption to offer a blissful result. 

The Cons:

  • You may need to uplift the rear of your truck about 2 feet. 

02. MBRP S5260409 3″ Single Side Dual Outlet in Front of Rear Wheel

MBRP S5260409 3 Single Side Dual Outlet

Our 2nd pick is constructed with T304 Stainless Steel Tips to make it capable of tackling everything like salt, rocks, grime, tar, and so on. The design will offer you two blissful things like reducing exhaust temperatures and maximizing exhaust flow. This Mandrel-bent 3 inch Tubing system will give you more horsepower and torque, hopefully, 3% to 5%.

The next one is easy to install. Hopefully, you can easily install this system within an hour and a half. It will give you the right amount of deep sound. You won’t face any rasp or drone. Moreover, the muffler and tip offer superb quality. Plus, the pipes are scratch-free on where they dent. 

Note: Some vehicle models demand cutting the main pipe. If you need to cut, follow the instructions that mention the cutting dimension of the wheelbase.

The Pros:

  • This exhaust system will be perfect for those who want loud exhaust. 
  • It offers easier installation.
  • No rasp, no drone.

The Cons:

  • You may need to cut the main pipe while installing some vehicle models. 

03. MBRP S7275BLK 3″ Dual Split Rear, Race Version Exhaust System 

MBRP S7275BLK 3 Cat Back, Dual Split Rear, Race Version Exhaust System

Our last pick MBRP diesel race exhaust comes with a true murdered-out style where the manufacturer doesn’t compromise the performance and quality. The manufacturer sealed this exhaust system completely; hence it withstands rust. 

Plus, its black coat finish will help withstand abrasive conditions and extreme heat. Similar to the other two, it also benefited you by minimizing exhaust temperatures and maximizing exhaust flow. Plus, you can enjoy better performance with less gas consumption. 

Installation is easier than a bolt-on, so you don’t need to face welding hassle while installing. You may face a loud drone at low rpm, but it doesn’t pop or burble here. 

The Pros:

  • Easy to install.
  • Black coat finish helps to withstand extreme heat and abrasive conditions. 
  • Less gas consumption. 

The Cons:

  • The loud drone at low rpm doesn’t seem good. 


BORLA Exhaust System

Editor’s Choice

BORLA 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

BORLA 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

The USA-made Borla exhaust system comes with amazing features to ensure a blissful performance in daily driving. You will find it quiet at idle, but it becomes aggressive when you accelerate. Plus, the sound is awesome, not loud or obnoxious. The installation process is easy; you can complete it within 2 hours. 

Best Deal

Flowmaster Cat-Back Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817689 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Hopefully, our 2nd exhaust system is perfect for those who want a loud exhaust system without an unbearable drone. This exhaust system is constructed with 4095 stainless steel. 

You will get a super aggressive sound after installing. The installation demands only one hour to finish. After installing it on your vehicle, you will get a good throttle response and gain over 1 mpg. 

How to choose the MBRP Exhaust System?

mbrp exhaust system reviews

An exhaust system comes with several hardware and parts. Here we enlist some factors which demand attention while choosing a new exhaust system. 


The cost for a new exhaust system depends on inclusions and configuration. The price figure typically lies between $500 to $1000. You can buy a complete set within that price range. 


The next important fact is the material. As for the material, you can choose aluminized, T-409, and T-304 stainless steel. This common material for metal exhaust pipes withstands corrosion and rust.


Now, coming to the next point is checking the vehicle’s specification. It is important to ensure the exhaust system fits perfectly with your vehicle. Remember that improper fitting of the component will cause a serious problem in the future. You will find various diameters like 8”, 6” etc. 

Easy to install:

Some users want to buy a full set of individual components or look for a kit with quick installation. Easy to install features will help to avoid hiring an expert-related hassle. MBRP offers bolt-on designs that will help DIY at home and save money. 

How to Install MBRP Exhaust Tip

In our installation process, we use MBRP 3.5 in. Angled Rolled Edge Exhaust Tip. Let’s see how to install this exhaust system. 

  1. Firstly, take the front pipe and install it on the existing flange. You can use the fastener to install the pipe. 
  2. Now, you need to install the extension pipe onto the front pipe by sliding a 3” clamp over the front pipe. Then, locate the Extension Pipe and take the 3” Hanger Clamp to install there loosely. If you find no requirement for the extension Pipe, then install it on the front pipe. 

    Next, take the hanger and place it into your vehicle’s existing rubber insulator. If you need, cut the Extension Pipe properly and attach the pipe to the factory pipe. 
  3. Up next, if you find it necessary, then slide the muffler onto the Front Pipe or Extension Pipe. 
  4. Take a 3” Clamp and then use it to install the Over Axle Pipe loosely. Then, locate the rubber insulator from the top of the Over Axle Pipe and install the hanger into that. 
  5. Again, take a 3” Clamp to attach the Tail Pipe’s end to your Over Axle Pipe. Then, locate the factory rubber insulator to slide the Tail Pipe hanger into it.  
  6. Now, align your exhaust system if you find it necessary. Then, tighten all the connectors and clamps from the exhaust system’s front.
  7. Finally, examine the exhaust system’s length to ensure sufficient clearance around the brake line, fuel, and spare tire. If you find any issue, then adjust or relocate the system. 

When Should You Replace Your Exhaust System?

You should ensure a good shape of the exhaust system to keep the emission within legal limits. If you can’t set your vehicle’s exhaust system properly, it can’t retard toxic chemicals released into the air and harm the environment. 

Plus, an improper exhaust system triggers more fuel burning than the normal consumption and decreases the overall performance. So, to detect the bad exhaust system, let’s watch out for the symptoms. 

Losing the exhaust pipe:

When you drive your car over bumps, you will feel the excessive movement of the exhaust tip. That means the exhaust pipe demands replacing. So, bring your vehicle to a mechanic to check the current status of the exhaust pipe. 

Excessively loud engine noise:

You may hear louder engine sounds than normal from the exhaust pipe. That sound typically links to the muffler and its chamber. Plus, the chamber’s damaged pipe can’t manage the vibration properly, thus triggering the intense engine noise. 

Reduced fuel economy:

Any damage to the components will lead to an exhaust leak. Exhaust leaks will trigger a higher engine temperature and affect the fuel economy and vehicle performance. 

Any More Questions?

Does MBRP make good exhaust?

MBRP is one of the leading exhaust systems in the market. They have over 15 years of experience in producing high-quality exhaust systems committed to delivering maximum power gains. Moreover, the design is ideal for improving cooler operating temperatures, flow, and reducing backpressure. 

How much horsepower does MBRP exhaust add?

You can increase the torque and horsepower by installing the MBRP exhaust system. Also, the fuel mileage gained is noticeable. The manufacturer stated that this exhaust system could add 3 to 5 horsepower. 

Is MBRP a Canadian company?

MBRP is a popular name in the exhaust system manufacturing industry. Its production facility is located in Huntsville, Ontario. 

Is MBRP exhausts loud?

The MBRP exhaust system offers deep and loud sound. You may experience louder drone sound at higher rpm. 

Final Takeaway

You already know the importance of an exhaust system. Exhaust system has great importance to upgrade the overall performance of a truck, car or SUV. Hopefully, we successfully introduced you with three different exhaust systems from a renowned brand MBRP. 

We feel proud, if you can clarify all of your queries from here. If you think we left something, then feel free to notify us.

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