Acura MDX Bluetooth Not working: [Troubleshoot!]

Who doesn’t love enjoying good music on a long drive? Of course, everyone does. And that’s why it gets super annoying when you find problems connecting the Bluetooth. A total mood killer right?

So let’s find out why your acura mdx bluetooth not working

3 types of problems you can face with your acura mdx bluetooth. If the hfl/Bluetooth totally stops working then you need to change the control module. Problems with pairing can be the issue of connection with the control module. But a simple reset can solve your phone call issues with Bluetooth.

In this article, we have demonstrated the easiest ways to solve your acura mdx Bluetooth problem. 

Let’s get along with us for the hustle-free solutions. 

Why is Acura MDX Bluetooth Not Working?

Who doesn’t love to enjoy their favorite music while driving! But what if your bluetooth suddenly stops working while you are on a road trip. Or imagine you are having issues with your Bluetooth while you are through command.

Source: Harmony Acura

Sometimes you can also face phone call issues with your acura mdx bluetooth. But the most annoying problem is if the HFL totally stops working.

There might be so many causes behind your different acura mdx bluetooth issues. But the main reason for dead Bluetooth is the bad control module. 

But you don’t need to worry at all. Because we will describe the easiest possible way to fix your bluetooth/HFL at home.

We will also be going to talk about some other issues. So that, if you face the same kind of problems lately then it doesn’t bother you much.

You can also face 2022 civic cruise control malfunctioning. But the fun part is you can solve it at your home as well.

3 Common Bluetooth Problems of Acura MDX and Solutions

Generally, you may face three different types of problems with your acura mdx bluetooth. But no worries! We are with the easiest ways to solve the issues for you. 

Problem 1: Dead Bluetooth/HFL

You are seeing your acura bluetooth is working fine. But suddenly the next day you can find a weird issue.  When you start driving and try to command the HFL, you notice that it is not taking any command at all.

Now the issue is your acura mdx bluetooth is not connecting. So, you tried to reset the whole system to see if it works or not. But it’s the same as before.

So you need to understand that the Bluetooth/HFL is dead. But the main issue is in the control module. When you face this kind of issue you need to consider that the control module is bad.

Solution: Change the Control Module

So, if the control module is bad then there is no other way but change it. But if you are worried because it is technical work, then we are here to help you out.

If you follow these steps consecutively then you can easily change them at home. 

Step 1: Find a new control module for you.

Step 2: Unsecured the clips of the rear seat control console. 

Step 3: Pry off the control console.

Step 4: Disconnect all the wire harnesses from the old control module.

Step 5: Take off all three screws and put out the old control module.

Step 6: Replace the new control module. 

Step 7: To fix the control console follow the steps backward.

We hope you will follow these steps perfectly. So that, you can easily fix your acura iphone bluetooth problems at home.

If you find all these a bit complex then check out this walkthrough guide.

A small tip for you: don’t forget to remove the car antenna for the car wash. Because it’s connected with your Bluetooth as well.

Problem 2: Bluetooth Refuse to Pair Phone

Sometimes you can notice that your acura mdx bluetooth is taking orders perfectly. It also takes the voice and accepts that. But your acura mdx bluetooth pairing is not working.

Source: YouTube

It is an issue you can face suddenly which is kind of annoying. Even it doesn’t even get fixed after restarting the Bluetooth system.

Solution: Reconnect Gray Connector or Use Heat Gun 

If you face this pairing problem you don’t need to worry much. Because the control module is fine. But there is a connection issue.

All you need to do is to follow these steps consequently. And you are going to solve it easily.

Step 1: Unsecured the clips of the rear seat control console.

Step 2: Pry off the control console just to the hfl module.

Step 3: Unplug the gray connector then connect it again.

We hope this will be enough to fix your pairing issue. But if you still face the problem then you just need to do a little more work.

You can use a heat gun over the control module. Because this will liquefy the solder. Which will rebridge if there are any loose connections.

Check out these heat guns for your convenience.

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Problem 3: Phone Call issues with Acura MDX Bluetooth

You can face a weird problem with your Acura MDX Bluetooth/HFL. Suppose you are driving and get a call through your Bluetooth. You can hear it ringing. But when you pick the call up you can’t hear a  single thing from the other side.

You also keep saying things thinking that the other person is hearing properly. But after a few minutes, you get annoyed and pick up your phone. Then you realize you both couldn’t hear anything. 

The Bluetooth/HFL acted like you both were muted. It is weird, isn’t it?

Solution: Reset the system

This weird problem has the easiest solution. Generally, it is a simple software issue of your HFL. That’s why you just need to reset your system to fix it. That’s all.

We hope you’ve got why your acura mdx bluetooth is not working. And we are sure now you can fix it in your own garage. And if you want to have a new bluetooth set then let me suggest you some.

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These are some of the most popular bluetooth sets which you can get for your car. Hope you’ll get fewer complications with these sets. 

You definitely know that your Bluetooth is connected to your car battery. So you should know how to change the dead battery.


How can I reset the Acura HandsFreeLink?

It is a piece of cake for you. Put your key in the ignition. Turn on the car power in ACC or ON. You will surely find the HFL control buttons on the left side of your steering wheel. Push down the HFL black button for approximately 5 seconds. That’s it your HFL system will start resetting. 

How can you Pair a Phone with the MDX?

First, push the setting button and go to “phone setting”. Then select “Bluetooth device list”. Next select “add the Bluetooth device”. After that, the HFL will search for the phone, and your phone should be in discovery mode. Finally, select the phone after appearing.

How do you reset the HandsFreeLink on a 2007 Acura MDX?

It is pretty simple. First press HFL then press “pick up the phone” and press “talk”. Then say “system setup” it should be pumped after that and say “clear”. Finally, it will ask for a PIN and you need to say “system clear”. You are finished with the 2006 acura mdx bluetooth setup.


We hope our article will help to solve your acura mdx bluetooth not working problem. Hope you will be able to solve it comfortably at home.

If you have any other queries feel free to ask in the comment section. 

Until then, happy and fun driving.

Robert Lozano

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