How To Remove Bubbled Rear Window Tint?

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Applying tinting film to household or car windows may be fun, but removing it can’t be a fun job. When it starts to bubble on the rear window and looks shabby, what would be the possible ways to remove it fast? More specifically, how to remove bubbled rear window tint?   

A bubbled rear window tint refers to a damaged piece of film on the backside window. Firstly, you need to soften the tinting film by applying heat (solar heat could be best). Use soapy water to make the bubble pliable, put a pin in it and finally straighten out or clear up the bubble from the rear window.

But without knowing the proper technique, chances are you may end up with a sticky mess on the glass that might take several hours to remove. Let’s talk about the overall step by step process in detail.

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How to remove bubbled rear window tint? 

how to remove bubbled rear window tint

Method 1: Removing bubbled using a credit card or any straight edge

Things you need:

Without having the necessary tools, removing the bubbled rear window tint is just an imagination. Let’s know and gather the tools that can facilitate the process. This process is pretty similar to removing double-sided tape from car doors.

  • Credit card
  • Straight pin
  • Lint-free cloth/microfiber towels
  • Window tint product

Step 1: Apply heat to make the tinting flexible

 You will find several ways to get the job done.

  • One of the excellent ways to heat the rear window is placing your car in a sunny area in the summertime. Solar heat is highly effective to warm the adhesive underneath because it can penetrate the film very well. 

    Ensure the temperature of the sunny day is at least 24 degrees C or 75 degrees F. Leaving the car for an hour could be enough.    
  • If the weather condition is bad, you can use a hair dryer to do the job. You can try BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer as one of the best overall dryers. But if you want to use a high tech hair dryer, I recommend you try Revlon Salon 360 Surround Hair Dryer.       
  • You can also opt for a heat gun to get the job done. Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun could be a worthy choice for this job. 

Choosing a SEEKONE Heat Gun could be a great bang for the bucks. You can heat the windows directly with these types of guns easily to warm up the bubbled area. Do the process in an in-house garage or a heated environment.

Step 2:  Spray the window with regular water (room temperature)

Spray with room temperature (20°C / 68°F) water to wet the window. But don’t soak the window with water.

Besides, you can use soapy water to make the film flexible enough. In this regard, using a spray bottle could be perfect. You can buy a spray bottle from any hardware store at a cheap rate.

Step 3:  Make a hole with a pin

Collect a straight pin and poke a hole by using it in each bubble. Be careful while making a hole because you need to make it tiny. Also, keep focus so that you don’t rip or tear the tinting. Poke each bubble on the tinting.

Step 4: Use a credit card to smooth the bubbles

Before using a credit card or any straight edge to plane the bubbles, ensure that the rear window is warm and wet. Now push the card and release the air to make the surface flat or smooth enough.

To get a better result, you can use the card at 45°. Do the process slowly and carefully to avoid any damage.  

Step 5: keep the window dry enough

I think using cloth (lint-free)/ microfiber towels could be the best way to keep your car’s rear window dry enough. Besides, you need to ensure that there are no bubbles remaining.

Method 2: Removing tint bubbles using window tint product

If you feel it is difficult to remove tint bubbles, perhaps using a window tint product could be best for you. You can buy window tint items from the online shop. You can call a professional to remove the bubbles with the tint kit which is under warranty.

One of the most professional-grade products for rear windows is MotoShield Pro Premium Professional 2mil Ceramic Window Tint Film.

You can also try JNK NETWORKS real precut tint film for any car window. Choosing Gila Heat Shield 20% VLT Window Tint wouldn’t be wrong.

You can install any of these items to stop bubbling or avoid any risk factors like damaging the window.  

What are The Best Window Tint Removing Sprayers?

Editor’s Choice

GILA FR200 Window Film Removal

GILA FR200 Window Film Removal Tool Kit:

GILA FR200 Window Film removal spray works excellently while removing old bubbled window film. This 8oz spray-trigger ready to use sprayer wouldn’t be the wrong choice for the money. It works well for the 2001 Mazda MPV that has 5 rear windows.

Budget-Friendly Option

Goo Gone Automotive spray

Goo Gone Automotive spray (24 Fl. Oz.):

Goo Gone Automotive spray is one of the special collections for car window tint removing jobs. It can successfully remove stickers, bugs, paint and more. Goo Gone is safe for use on plastics, metals and glass.

How to remove tint glue from the rear window with a defroster?  

rear window tint removal

You need glue while applying window tint to enhance your car appearance. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to remove that glue left on different parts of your car, especially on the rear window. This is pretty similar to cleaning the top of a convertible Mustang.

However, if you apply a tint on your rear windows and you find it tough to remove the residual glue on them, you are welcome.

Using a defroster (modes on a car), you can easily remove the tint glue from the rear window. Following are some of the steps to do the process safely.

Things you need:

  • Appropriate solvent
  • A blade or knife
  • Clean cloth
  • Sandpaper

Step 1:

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that the defroster is free from stains or dirt.
  • After that, choose the right solvent and product for removing leftover glue.
  • You can use nail polish remover, Isopropyl alcohol (90% is better), or glue remover item (Go Gone) as a solvent for the removal process.

    Using any of these solvents can be a great solution to remove any tough stains left by the glue.
  • You need to confirm that the defroster is providing the proper flow of heat towards the window. Next, make sure there is no dirt blockage in the defroster channel.  

Step 2:

  • Before filling the defroster with the right solvent, remove the plastic coating with the help of a blade or knife.
  • You can use a clean wet cloth to remove any dust and dirt from the surface.

Step 3:

  • Once you find the clean defroster, then pour some solvent onto the glued area.
  • Leave the glued area with solvent for sometimes as it becomes flexible or smooth enough for removal.  

Step 4:

  • Take a clean cloth and remove any tiny stains left behind.
  • Don’t use any metal things because they can leave a scratch on your defroster.    

Step 5:

  • Now, you can use sandpaper to remove the remaining glue or adhesive.
  • Be careful while doing the process and ensure you press gently on the defroster with solvent.
  • After cleaning, install another plastic coating that could help while removing tint for the next time. If you still find any problem, remove the tint and use another new coat.

Step 6:

  • Use a thick layer of coat by using the right amount of glue and leave the area to dry completely.
  • Now the defroster is back in its original working mode without any issue related to stains by old adhesive.
  • Make sure the proper airflow can keep things cool.

Step 7:

  • Using these methods, you can successfully remove the tinted glue from the back window with a defroster.
  • Don’t touch the surface by hand.
  • Don’t worry if you still find any scratches on the defroster because they will go over time.  

How to remove tint from glass?

Remove tint from glass by using a fabric steamer.

Things you need:

You have a fabric steamer; you need the following things to tint from your glass.

  • Glass cleaner and
  • Fabric steamer

Steps to follow:

  • Firstly, plug in the fabric steamer to make it ready. Steam the windows directly where you want to use the tint with the steamer. After a couple of minutes, the glue will become loose.
  • Use a blade edge to cut the edge of the tint. Now wipe off the tint, and you will find it easy.
  • Now apply a glass cleaner or ammonia-based cleaner to clean the glass. After that, use a microfiber cloth to remove the remaining tint from the glass. You can also use a soapy water solution to remove any tint from the glass.

What are the Best Window Tints?

Editor’s Choice

Frosted Window Film

Frosted Privacy Window Film:

Frosted Privacy Window Film could be the best choice for those who want heavy-duty, flexible and easy to apply window tint. It’s indeed more of a vinyl cling.

The presence of Polyvinyl Chloride in its manufacturing makes it perfect for reducing heat in hot summer. Besides, it can protect 96% of UV rays. Before applying, don’t forget to soften this film with a hairdryer.

Best Value for Money

Buydecorativefilm Window Film

Buydecorativefilm BDF NA05 Window Film:

If you like a black finish that can give excellent daytime privacy, you can invest in Buydecorativefilm BDF NA05 Window Film. It comes with a strong adhesive that makes it long-lasting. Besides, it can block harmful UV rays. One limitation is that it isn’t for doable panel windows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

How to remove privacy film from windows?

You can use a Goo Gone sprayer as a safe paint remover to remove privacy film from windows. You can use a blade to peel the privacy film and coat the area with Goo Gone. Now you can use a scouring pad to remove the film. Ensure there is no scratch.

What is the easiest way to remove window tint?

One of the easiest ways to take off the window tint is using soapy water on the tint film. Peel the tint film and slowly remove it from the window. Don’t hurry or never try to do the process forcefully because it can damage the window. 

Can you take the tint off car windows?

Yes, it is possible to tint off car windows. You can easily do the job with a blow dryer or hair dryer. Simply, you need to plug in your hair dryer and let the blowing heat the window about 2 to 4 inches away. The warm heat will lose the glue, and thus you can tint off it easily from the window.

How to remove old tint from car windows?

One of the easiest ways to remove old tints from car windows is by spraying the film with isopropyl alcohol (91%) or ammonia (70%). Because the window film isn’t 100% waterproof, the chemical can penetrate the surface to do the job. Don’t forget to use protective gear while applying ammonia.


Removing the bubbled rear window tint isn’t rocket science. If you can do the process correctly, then removing glass tint isn’t a matter of fact. However, if you are a newbie and still feel tough to remove the bubbled rear window tint from your car, perhaps, it is best to leave the task to the professionals.

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