How To Turn Off AUX Front BMW [3 Fundamental Solutions]

Listening to some music while driving is truly essential. Especially if you’re stuck in traffic or have to drive a long way. And the way to do that is to connect our phone’s Bluetooth to the car.

But in your BMW you might find the stereo is stuck at aux mode. We often face this issue and understand the agony.

So how to turn off aux front BMW?

The permanent solution is to visit your dealership and get the software updated. But for a quick fix, you can try resetting your stereo system. Also, sometimes turning the car on and then starting again will work too. Be sure to not have any emoji or special character in your Bluetooth device name.

Well, now that you’ve got the gist. Let’s explore the topic a bit more to fully resolve this problematic issue. 

Let’s dive right in!

Common Problem With the AUX-In BMW

Most of the modern BMW car models have 3 modes in their sound system. You can either connect using Bluetooth, AUX or the third option is radio.

These days aux is not used that often. As most devices like mobile phones have great Bluetooth capabilities. So it’s much easier to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth.

But in BMW cars, most users face a problem with Bluetooth and aux. They find that BMW Bluetooth audio not working android and iPhone alike. And that can be a genuine cause of frustration as no one really uses aux these days.

BMW Bluetooth

In this problem, the stereo gets stuck in aux mode. And choosing the radio and Bluetooth option does nothing. So we need to know how to remove aux front on bmw.

Also, you might face issues with your aux cable if you take everything out from your car’s audio system. I obviously recommend you not to do anything stupid like this guy without being an expert.

Acura MDX cars have shown Bluetooth problems as well. But they had more specific fixes.

There have been some quick fixes that have been figured out by users of BMW like us. We used trial and error to find out exactly what can fix it. However, these are more of a DIY solution than a long-term one.

Also, you might be in a hurry, or you can’t manage the time to go to a dealership. These solutions might work the best for you. Because as long as the fix is easy and doesn’t take long, it’s fine.

So let’s head down and check out. And see what are the fixes that you can use for when BMW aux input not working.

Solutions That You Can Try 

When you’re driving it’s quite normal to want to listen to some music. When you’re driving a BMW car, you need to know how to connect to music with it. So do you know how to play music through aux in BMW?

Well, if you want to use aux, firstly you need to bring your stereo to aux mode. You can do that by pressing the button and navigating through the options. Then you need an aux cable and connect one end to your stereo. And another to your car. Now you can blast music using your car.

If you’re going for an aux cable then you check out the Qkansiw Car AUX Cable Compatible with BM-W Y Cable. But there are other options too. Such as-

All of these options are great. But sometimes the whole system gets stuck in aux mode. This problem can be quite frustrating as it doesn’t have a single quick fix. 

There are a bunch of things that you can try. We listed the probable solutions down below. And one might work for you.

The real reason behind the problem is a software bug that was in the BMW cars. So if you need to fix this permanently, you need to visit your dealership. If you own a recent model, then you might be able to get a remote software update from BMW.

So, how to disconnect aux from BMW so that it doesn’t happen again? 

All you can do is to take your car to the dealership company. They will upgrade the car’s software for totally free. And that will permanently get rid of the problem.

But you might not have the time to visit the dealership. Or you need the fix to work now. That’s why we are compiling some possible fixes that might work out. 

FactorsChanging the Bluetooth NameReseting the Stereo DeviceLocking and Unlocking Seatbelts and Car Doors
Time Required10 seconds30 seconds30 seconds

So let’s check out the possible fixes thoroughly that you can try out :

Method-1: Checking the Name Of Your Bluetooth Device

This isn’t something that comes naturally to mind. But the name of your Bluetooth device can cause the system to bug out.

Cause: The problem occurs when there are emojis or special symbols in your device name. In this instance, after you’ve connected your device once, the next time you try to connect it causes the error.

Step-1: Changing The Name & Resetting it

So, if you used emojis or any special symbol in your Bluetooth device name. And you’re facing the stuck at aux problem. Then you should rename your Bluetooth device and reset your device.

Generally, for androids, you need to go to your phone settings and find if there is any Bluetooth or connectivity option. And then you should find an option named device name. And from there you can change the name.
In case you’re using an iPhone, you need to go to settings, then general settings, and then about. There you can change your device name.

Changing The Name and Resetting

This should fix the problem.

Method-2: Try Resetting Your Stereo Device

Resetting the stereo device can also get rid of the problem. Turning it off and then turning it on again works charms in most electronics cases.

Step-1: Press & Hold The Start Button

Just press the start button for 30  seconds. That will do the BMW Bluetooth reset. And then you can switch back and forth between the options. But resetting your car’s ecu takes nearly 10 minutes.

BMW Bluetooth reset

Method-3: Locking and Unlocking the Car Doors or Seatbelts

These are totally unusual fixes that we don’t know why it works. But in most users’ cases, this got rid of the problem.

Step-1: Buckle & Unbuckle Your Seatbelts

Firstly you can try to buckle and unbuckle your seatbelt. Unlock your seat belt and wait for the little chime to sound. 

Step-2: Locking Your Seatbelts after Hearing Chime

After you get that sound, lock your seatbelts back. And now you can expect the problem to be fixed.

And if that does not work, there is a much more detailed process that you can follow.

Step-3: Open & Close The Door 

In this method, you have to first stop your car with your keys. Then open the car door. Then close it again.

Step-4: Lock The Door & Wait 30 Seconds To Unlock

After closing the door, lock it.  Then after waiting 30 seconds or so unlock the car and start your car using the keys.

This time it should let you change from aux to the other settings. The rest is to connect music to BMW.

This is not a conventional or intuitive way to fix the problem. But if it works then it works!

Well, these 3 are the DIY solutions that you can try. And if they’re not working or you are tired of doing these frequently. Just visit your car dealership and they will upgrade your software for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do BMW X Series Cars Have Bluetooth Call Options?

Yes, all the newer models of BMW have a Bluetooth option. And you can use them to take live calls from your phone. You have to enable Bluetooth on your car, then search in your phone’s Bluetooth devices. After you connect you can see the confirmation on your idrive screen.

Do BMWs Come With Spare Tires?

No, newer BMWs don’t come with spare tires. To reduce weight in their new cars, seeing a low rate of flat tires, BMW has stopped providing spare tires. Instead, BMWs are equipped with run-flat tires. The performance focused range of BMW cars comes with mobility kits instead of spare tires.

Does BMW Have Electric Cars?

Yes, BMW has a range of electric cars. The first was the i3 & the stronger motored i3s. And now it has the i4 and iX. All-electric cars from BMW offer nearly 324 miles of EPA range. They charge using networked BMW charging and offer high mileage. Offering comfortable and sustainable rides.

Parting Words

Well, that is all the solutions we can offer on how to turn off aux front bmw. Hope they solve your problem and give you a sigh of relief.

Until next time, have a great day!

Robert Lozano

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