How to Turn Off Trunk Lights In BMW X5: 4 Reasons Why

If you own a BMW x5, chances are high that you’ve faced this issue. While on its own, the BMW x5 is a decent car. However, the users have a lot to complain about when it comes to the trunk lights. 

The car seems to have an odd issue of sometimes failing to turn off the trunk light. 

How to turn off trunk lights in BMW x5?

The trunk light of BMW x5 should automatically turn off after 15 minutes or more. But if it’s not turning off the trunk latch might be faulty. Cleaning the chassis might solve the issue. But if it’s a switch problem you’ve to replace it. The same goes for damaged wire in the harness. 

Need more information to fix your trunk light? Then keep reading our post till the end.

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Why BMW X5 Trunk Light Won’t Turn Off?

Even a world-renowned brand like BMW can have cars riddled with different physical problems. From the BMW steering wheel control stopping to malfunctioning BMW comfort access, the list goes on. 

Mainstream problems get a lot of coverage so the solutions can be found easily. But for unique issues, it’ll be a bit of a headache to find out the remedy.

Such a problem is the BMW x5 trunk light won’t turn off issue. Unfortunately, it’s a problem that few BMW owners face sometimes. Especially if it is a BMW x5.

BMW x5 trunk light

Almost all cars have a digital sensor connected to the trunk lights. When the trunk lid is opened it automatically turns on. The light goes out by itself after 15 minutes.

But the problem happens when the light doesn’t turn off even after 15 minutes. Such is the issue with the BMW x5 series. Regrettably, this problem is also common with the BMW x1 and x3 series.

The reason why the sensor is failing can be for a few technical issues. Luckily we have a remedy for that. So, now we’re going to talk about the possible causes behind this problem.

We also tried to share our insight on solving this problem. So, stay tuned!

Trunk Latch Won’t Close

Why the BMW x5 trunk light won’t go off?

Well in most such cases, the trunk light won’t go off due to issues with latches. A trunk lock actuator that malfunctions are messing up with the hall effect sensor. Since your trunk isn’t closing, the light won’t go off either. 

A damaged trunk cable can also be the reason. But if it isn’t a technical issue it might be redeemable easily. The chassis where the latch gets connected might have the answers.

Solution: Clean up the Chassis

The chassis can get clogged due to dirt and debris. As a result, the latch won’t fit in. It’s either dirt or the metal parts that connect each other are out of shape.

If it’s dirt, then cleaning it up should be enough. If the metal body of the latch is dented or misplaced you have to make it right again. Sometimes it gets vented or misplaced.

But it should be right in the middle vertically standing. Use a pry to place it in the right place. There will be two bolts on each side of it. Tighten them up properly.

Now, your latch should lock. But if it doesn’t, maybe it’s truly broken and needs proper repairing through a professional.

Broken Trunk Light Switch

If it isn’t the latch the next suspect is the trunk light switch. This switch is attached to the trunk lid latch. When you open the trunk lid the switch sends a ground signal to the lights.

As a result, the light turns on. The positive wire of the switch goes to the light. It needs a negative source from the switch. And the ground wire serves that purpose.

For the trunk lights to stay on means the connection isn’t breaking from the switch. It’s an internal problem with the switch circuit. 

Solution: Replace the Switch

The best solution to this problem is to replace the switch. Don’t worry, it won’t cost even one-third the amount to make the BMW 328i faster.

Broken Trunk Light

Broken Wire in Trunk Lid Harness

There’s a big chance that the problem lies within the wiring harness trunk lid. It’s pretty common to get a burnt or broken wire in the harness. All you have to do is to replace them.

Solution: Replace Broken Wire in Harness

By replacing, we don’t mean the whole set of wires. Only replace the damaged ones. But to do that, you have to make sure you’re using the correct wire. 

The wire color code must match. The gauze size has to be the same as the original wire as well. For soldering the broken wire first get rid of the insulation.

Now locate the correct size heat shrink tubing then slip it on the wire. Use them from both sides. Lock the wires together and twist them to get a clean mechanical connection.

It’s time to solder the wires. Use only rosin core solder for it. Melt and spread it over the exposed connected area of the cables. Cover up the area with the shrink tube once the solder cools down.

Still Not Working? Here’s What You Can Do!

Let’s say none of this works for your BMW x5. Then what you can do is remove the light bulbs from the trunk. Get a small prying tool to remove the entire light casing.

Unplug the wire set and set it aside for it to cool down. Because the bulb would be very hot to touch. Once it cools down remove the bulb by pulling it off from the top. 

Now, you can reassemble the light casing to put it back. Another option is to disconnect one of the wirings that power the light. But don’t think of cutting it off or damaging it.

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These are all the available options on your plate. But if you’re not confident dealing with electrical stuff, don’t try. Rather make a visit to a car technician.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A few more insights on the topic you might be interested in-

How to Turn Off the Service Light of the BMW x5?

To turn off the service light of the BMW x5, push the odometer button. It should be on the bottom side of the rev counter. Keep pressing it for about 10 seconds and start the ignition. Now, stop the ignition and start your vehicle to verify.

Does Leaving the Trunk Open Drain Your Car Battery?

Keeping the trunk lid open causes the battery to drain out. The energy can drain out even after the car’s engine goes off. If the lights are on it’ll drain the battery a lot. Probably about one or two days’ worth of battery power. It can make your car incapable of starting.

Does the Boot Light Drain Battery Power?

Yes, the boot light drains battery power if you leave it on for long. If it’s a newly installed battery it’ll survive for a few days before it dies. Basically, most car lights drain power from the battery. So the less you use the less power it takes from your vehicle. 

Final Words

That’s all regarding how to turn off trunk lights in BMW x5. Hope you find this article useful and can fix the issue by yourself.

But if it doesn’t work, pay a visit to a mechanical shop. Rather than leaving it as it is, fixing it will save the car’s battery life.

Best of luck!

Robert Lozano

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