STP Synthetic Oil Review – Important Things to Look For

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Whether you use your car only to go to work or roam around the city or like a long drive, you definitely want better performance in all those cases. Better performance will be ensured when you keep your car running with quality engine oil. 

Also, after purchasing a car, you need to be careful about its engine because the car’s performance totally depends on that. You may know the engine tends to harmfully be affected by corrosion and rust due to continuous use. In that case, the quality motor oil could be your helping hand. 

stp synthetic oil review

Plus, the quality motor oil will extend your vehicle’s life and stay safe from any long-term issues. Honestly, choosing quality motor oil is daunting because multiple options and brands are available in the market. Don’t worry, and we are here with our STP synthetic oil review

For completing this review, we collect information from multiple sources. So, we hope the following discussion will make your selection easy. 

STP Synthetic Motor Oil Review


STP 5w30 Synthetic Motor Oil


  • Brand: STP
  • Package Dimensions: ‎9.8 x 9.4 x 8 inches
  • Weight: ‎14 pounds
  • Style: Synthetic (5w30)
  • Model Number: 17480-6PK

We bring a scientifically formulated motor oil named STP engine oil. Hopefully, using this motor oil will keep your engine rust, wear, and corrosion-free. 

Not only that, that engine oil will ensure steady operation without producing much engine sound. Also, your engine’s key components will remain spotless. 

Are all those above words bragging or really? So, without sticking to the assumption, let’s figure it out by rolling eyes over the following in detailed discussion on stpdexos synthetic oil.

Features of STP engine oil


The manufacturer has engineered this motor oil by fulfilling all the requirements of API SN, ILSAC GF-5, and other API standards. 

Don’t think that meeting the standard uplifts the price simultaneously; instead, it offers fuel economy management at an affordable price. 

While other motor oil demands handsome money spending for ensuring performance and oil change, our picked motor oil will be a good deal in this arena. 


Before buying motor oil, every user eagerly waits to know the coverage. Our picked motor oil can cover pretty good miles, like 7000 miles. 

Note: Don’t think that you get sharp 7000 miles; rather, it may be slightly more or less. 

As you already know, this motor oil keeps the engine protected from rust, wear, and corrosion; simultaneously, this oil also helps to clean engine components such as turbochargers. 

Not only those, you hopefully get outstanding performance in extreme heat and cold. Furthermore, this motor oil will help the engine to maintain fuel efficiency.  

Another issue called piston deposits lead to engineer’s poor performance and reduces engine power. Moreover, it will lessen the compression of the engine and cut the power output. 

We are not here to frighten you. Good to hear that this motor oil is engineered to reduce harmful piston deposits, hopefully, keep you tension-free from this arena.

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The Pros:

  • Engine Type: The manufacturer makes this motor oil suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Protection: This motor oil offers blissful protection against wear, rust, and corrosion. Plus, it will clean the engine components. Interestingly, this motor oil can withstand extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Blissful operation: Your engine can maintain fuel efficiency using this motor oil. Moreover, using this motor oil will ensure the engine’s less sound and steady process. 

The Cons:

  • You will not get blissful performance after using it for high mileage engines. 

Buying the STP synthetic oil

So, why do you switch to STP full synthetic oil or start using it? 

Well, the STP synthetic oil is scientifically formulated to ensure minimizing oil consumption and cleaner engines. Also, the used formula offers protection against wear, rust, corrosion-related dangerous issues. 

You can easily use it in both gasoline and diesel engines. But, the best service will come when you use it in the diesel engine. 

Another noteworthy point is that this motor oil is specially designed for any 4-stroke engines such as SUVs, light trucks, etc. 

It’s offered mileage like 5000 to 7000, hopefully, perfect for such 4-stroke vehicles. So, if you own any, give it a try; hopefully, the service will be blissful. 

How to use STP synthetic oil?

Though the STP motor oil withstands any extreme weather, you can easily use it in diesel and gasoline engines. Here the manufacturer uses thermal properties to make it capable of withstanding high temperatures of the engine. Therefore, you can expect better protection from it than other conventional motor oils. 

After putting this motor oil in your engine, you can tension-freely cover a minimum of 5000 and a maximum of 7000 miles. Surprisingly, we also note down up to 25000 miles of coverage of this motor oil. Another exciting piece of news is this motor oil demands an oil consumption minimum of only 15 to 24 quarts yearly

However, it will be better for you to check the manual of your vehicle’s owner and oil manufacturer’s recommendation for getting the blissful performance. 

STP Engine Oil Tips

stp full synthetic oil

Be hopeful that this motor oil can save you money by keeping you free from frequent garage visits for repairs. Notwithstanding, you have better check your vehicle’s engine routinely to keep it unexpectedly fault-free. Notably, the unchecked engine may cause complications in your car’s engine, which can’t be noticed sooner. 

Another tip is you can use the wider and easy-to-pour spout to avoid wastage. Not only that, you can keep your vehicle’s engine tidy by using it. 

FAQ: STP Motor Oil Review

Who Makes STP Motor Oil?

When I searched for the answer to “who makes STP oil?” I found that STP or Scientifically Treated Petroleum is a USA brand owned by Energizer Holdings. 

They acquired this brand in 2018. Under this brand, Energizer Holdings produce various lubricants like motor oil and various motor oil additives. 

How long does STP full synthetic oil last?

After searching online, I found this motor oil is ideal for providing a minimum of 5000 miles and a maximum of 7000 miles. Moreover, a humming of up to 25000 miles of coverage also came from some users.

What Are the Benefits of STP Motor Oil?

STP motor oil offers some amenities to its users. Let’s figure out the following.

1. This motor oil will keep your engine safe from wear, rust, and corrosion.
2. It will clean the engine components like turbochargers.
3. This motor oil will reduce the harmful piston deposits type issue. 
4. The coverage miles like 5000 to 7000 hopefully blissful.

Is STP Motor Oil Good for High Mileage?

STP also offers motor oil for high mileage. That high mileage motor oil contains a scientifically formulated premium additive package that keeps your vehicle engine from the dangerous effects of wear. Moreover, this motor oil helps to keep your engine protected in hot or cold temperatures. 

Is STP Motor Oil Good Motor Oil?

Yes, STP Motor Oil is considered a good motor oil. The manufacturer formulated it to ensure improved protection against rust, wear, and other harmful effects. 

Moreover, this motor oil will ensure convenient flows in all temperatures. Furthermore, I find it offers an easy-to-use feature, and it won’t be wasted by spilling.

Is STP Oil Treatment good for your car?

The manufacturer optimized this STP Oil Treatment for 4-stroke engines. Here lie no corrosive components; therefore, you can use it tension-freely in cars, SUVs, or light trucks.

Final Thought

At our final thought, we expect you could understand our overall discussion on STP synthetic oil review. Hopefully, with this quality motor oil, you can perform your traveling, daily transportation tasks efficiently. 

Plus, your vehicle’s engine will offer a long-time blissful service; hence, it will reduce your frequent servicing center visit.

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