How To Change Serpentine Belt 6.7 Cummins? Easy 5 Steps To Solve The Problem

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No component in a car engine lasts forever. Today or tomorrow, you must change those pre-installed components with some better options. The serpentine belt is also no exception. Even the best serpentine belt of Cummins 6.7 won’t last more than 100,000 miles of driving. Indeed, you must change your Cummins serpentine belt before it gets fully worn-out. 

But the biggest question is how to change serpentine belt 6.7 Cummins on your own? Well, it isn’t that hard at all; all you just simply remove the old belt after releasing the tension and wrap the pulleys gently with a new belt using tools like ratchets, allen keys, etc. 

Still, there are some other facts that need to be known regarding the matter. And that’s why I’m talking about the functionalities and characteristics along with the simplest replacement process in today’s article. 

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What is a Serpentine Belt? An Overview 

What is a Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is a widely-used name in the world of automobile accessories.  This particular type of belt is called the serpentine belt as it connects to several pulleys.  If you’re straight-piped your vehicle recently, a good serpentine belt is a wise investment.

The main purpose of a serpentine belt is to provide power to crucial systems like water pumps, power steering, RVs, air conditioning, and so on. 

“It is more efficient than the older multiple belt system and may consume less space in the engine compartment.” – Wikipedia

In brief, it is a rubber belt for working on engine accessories and power transportation. 

Although it’s most efficient to use one belt, the downside is that if the serpentine belt breaks, your whole car stops working. 

There’ll be no power steering, your A/C won’t work, your battery will die, and the engine might overheat. Besides, it could damage the engine accessories too.

Signs of A Failing or Problematic Serpentine Belt:

Problematic Serpentine Belt

As a serpentine belt is one of the most important elements or 6.7 Cummins, a bad serpentine belt is like cancer. In vehicles, a worn serpentine belt can lead to a variety of problems. Listed below are enough to cover up how to tell if one is failing. 

Unusual Noises:

Don’t ignore if you hear some chirping, cracking, squealing, and whining sounds from your vehicle. It is an absolute indication of a failing serpentine belt. Thus, the serpentine belt tensioner has to be checked. 

Performance Drop:

A failing serpentine belt can result in performance issues with your vehicle. If there is any problem you are facing with power steering and air conditioning often, the serpentine belt may not be working properly. You need to check on the serpentine belt immediately. If you’re planning to get more power out of a 5-7 hemi, this is a good buy!

Dead Battery:

If the battery of your car dies suddenly, it is likely that the alternator of 6.7 Cummins is not receiving power as a result of a problem with your serpentine belt.


Overheating the problem of the engine of the car can be a sign of a bad serpentine belt. Overheating the engine means its water pump is entirely powered by the serpentine belt. That belt has to be replaced as soon as possible. 

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How to Change Serpentine Belt 6.7 Cummins? Easy 5 Steps To Solve The Issue 

how to change serpentine belt 6.7 cummins

“Don’t find a fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain.” – Henry Ford; Founder of Ford Motor Co.

Changing the serpentine belt or SERP belt is not that much difficult. The automatic drive belt tensioner eliminates the need to loosen bolts or pry components into place for re-tensioning. 

It is simply a matter of rotating the tensioner, removing the old SERP belt, and installing a new one. As soon as the belt ribs are seated into the pulley grooves, release the tensioner.

Things needed to change Serpentine Belt 6.7 Cummins:

  • Ratchet 
  • Allen Key 
  • Breaker Bar 
  • Premium serpentine belt

5 steps to Replace Serpentine Belts in 6.7 Cummins:

Step 1 (check the tensioner with ratchet): 

To change the serpentine belt you need to check the tensioner. With the help of a long-handed ratchet, simply rotate the tensioner arm to loosen it. After that release the tension.

Step 2 (remove the old serpentine belt): 

Slowly, remove the old serpentine belt. If needed, you may need an Allen key to do this job easily.

Step 3 (Route the new belt): 

Route the new belt around the belt path using the ratchet. 

Step 4 (rotate the belt a second time): 

After you have loaded the belt around the tensioner, you will need to rotate it a second time. 

Step 5 (slide the belt over a roller): 

The new belt should be wrapped around the crankshaft pulley and then around the grooved pulleys. 

Finally, to do the job, slide the belt over a roller that has no grooves or rounded edges. 

Note: You can watch this video for more detailed information.  

Here’s a Clear  6.7 Cummins serpentine belt diagram:

6.7 Cummins serpentine belt diagram

Best Serpentine Belt For 6.7 Cummins

Here 2 serpentine belts have been listed, and are considered the best products available. Let us take a look at what we have for your 6.7 Cummins.

01. Gates K081264HD Serpentine Belt

Gates Serpentine Belt

Key Specifications:

  • Brand: Gates
  • 76.3” 6.7 cummins serpentine belt length
  • Suitable for SUVs, tracks

Gates has created a serpentine belt for the toughest workload, perfect for long mileage without the tension of changing every now and then. 

It is designed with patented material, meaning the serpentine belt can provide optimal performance even in the high-temperature range. The heavy-duty construction of this belt prevents wearing and cracking for a longer period of time. 

Besides, the flexible design makes it possible to replace easily. And the model provides stability as well. Also, you can enjoy some noise free ride that is absolutely desired. Invest your money in this product to enjoy the best ride on your cars. or trucks.

02. Continental 4081261 Serpentine Belt

Continental Serpentine Belt

Key Specifications:

  • Brand: Continental 
  • Item Weigh: 12.8 Ounces
  • Color: Black
  • 126.1” of length

This Continental Serpentine belt is well known for its perfect fit and durability. The running mileage is up to 100,000 miles and is also created for heavy-duty projects. 

If the serpentine belt is not good, the squealing noise the engine makes can be permanent sometimes. With this belt, there would be no problem because of its high-quality build materials. 

This product meets all OEM specifications. Which means the lightweight and heavy-duty quality ensures longevity. The belts come in a compact design that is easy to install, especially for DIY installers. 

Easy installation is the feature, anyone should be appreciated with the serpentine belt. Cords in the belt have high tensile strengths, so they are able to handle high-horsepower loads without losing their tenacity. 

But this serpentine belt is not applicable for older vehicles that don’t have air conditioning included.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Serpentine Belt?

I’m not sure how money you’d have to spend on replacing a serpentine belt. If you have the confidence to change belts on your own, you’d only need the budget for belts only. 

According to the recent market status, a good belt can cost more than 70 dollars. On the contrary, hiring an expert or taking an appointment at a famous automobile garage makes you spend at least 120$ more with the price of a serpentine belt. 

Here, my opinion is to know the right way to change belts at home and do it yourself. Because it saves upto 100 bucks. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a failing serpentine belt sound like?

Failure of a serpentine belt is also more noticeable when you accelerate when you start, and when you make a U-turn. 

The noise is basically pretty loud. The sounds are mostly a loud chirp, squeak, squeal, crackling, etc. 

How long does a serpentine belt 6.7 Cummins last usually?

A modern serpentine belt is designed to last around 100,000 miles of driving. Over time, the friction, heat, and corrosion result in the wear of the serpentine belt. 

To be on the safe side, experts suggest that you replace the serpentine belt every 50,000 to 60,000 miles to avoid unnecessary problems. 

If the serpentine belt is installed with a self-tensioning device, you will need to ask the mechanic to replace the tensioner of the serpentine belt when it needs to be replaced.

What happens when the serpentine belt goes bad?

If the serpentine belt goes bad, the battery will slowly lose its health. Eventually, it’ll become dead. 

But before that you’d find some symptoms: light headlights dimming, AC and Music player not working, engine making noises, etc. 

Can I replace my car’s serpentine belt alone at home?

There’s no doubt that one can replace an engine’s serpentine belt easily using the right tools. But for that, one should know the right way to do so. Otherwise, people might end up damaging the new belts and other engine parts. 

Sum Up 

Agree or not, people these days are trying hard to decrease the reliability of garages and learning to do small changes and mods in their cars at home. 

For that sort of thing, you need to have two things in mind; the right way to do a DIY automotive task and the knowledge to pick up the perfect OEM part for a specific vehicle

Today, I’ve talked about both the way to replace serpentine belts and the two best serpentine belts in the market. 

So, I don’t think you’d need to go anywhere else to get clarified about the matter. You can do almost everything flawlessly regarding the matter if you follow my guide.

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