Tesla Not Locking When Walking Away: Here’s How to Fix the Problem

Talking to your friend outside of your tesla and noticed it’s been 15mins. Surprisingly, your tesla is still unlocked, and wondering what went wrong.

Now, you may wanna know the reasons behind tesla not locking when walking away.

Bluetooth disconnections can be the main reason for tesla not locking when walking away. Unintentionally turning off the walk-away feature of the key card is another reason. Faulty driver settings and seat belt sensors also disable the walk-away feature and keep Tesla unlocked.

All of the stated difficulties can be handled with straightforward solutions. You don’t even need to contact me for assistance. So, be proud of yourself and start fixing the issue.

Tesla Not Locking When Walking Away: Why?

Tesla features seem lucrative enough for a car enthusiast. But, sometimes those features bother you and can make your life difficult.

Not locking when walking away is among the most common query. 

Does a Tesla turn off when you walk away? 

Technically, yes. But sometimes it doesn’t and it’s the time when the problem started.

Tesla turn off when you walk away
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Guess what? I have rounded up all the common reasons for you.

Reason 1: Bluetooth Connection Drops while Driving

This problem mostly arises if you’re using android devices. While driving the car, check the Bluetooth connection. Ensure if you’re connected or not to the car lock feature.

iPhone users face this connection drops comparatively lesser than android users. It can be the exact reason for no indication of Tesla’s safety score.

Your tesla uses Bluetooth to check for the phone’s presence. If it can connect, it recognizes your smart device and let it unlock and start the car.

It should link to your phone through Bluetooth. It will also lock the door as you walk away. These features aren’t functional if Tesla can’t connect to your phone through Bluetooth. 

But, the tesla Bluetooth system can also be dysfunctional like the Acura MDX Bluetooth issue. In this case, you need to contact the Tesla service center.

Reason 2: Unlocking with the Keycard

If you use the tesla keycard while unlocking the door, you need to lock it manually. Because it only operates while using both the lock and unlock features. It works just by connecting to the Bluetooth feature. 

So, even if your walk-away feature is on, it won’t work. That is as long as you are using a key card. Unlocking a door with a keycard implies locking it with one, too.

You might also wanna know, can you have two phone keys for Tesla?

You can have 2 different Tesla phone keys at a time.  An individual driver may be designated for each of the keys. Using a single key, a driver will be able to use all of the car’s functions.

Reason 3: Walk Away Feature Malfunction

Like other electronics, tesla also has some flaws. And, walk away feature malfunction is one of them.

There’s a possibility that your walk-away feature might not work 30 percent of the time. It happens occasionally though. But, nothing can guarantee a hundred percent success rate.

Reason 4: Turning off the ‘Walk away lock’ feature

Unintentional clicking or pressing of the manual button can change the setting.

Sometimes, it turns off the ‘walk away’ feature without even any alarm tone. So, you might face a non-functional walk-away feature. This is due to the default setting mode off while driving.

Now, that you know you can’t be one hundred percent sure about auto-lock, you might need additional security. You can use Tesla sentry mode. 

Reason 5: Troubleshooting of Battery Optimization

If you’re not able to lock your car while using the Tesla mobile app, it’s possible that battery optimization is to blame. 

In the event that you walk away from the vehicle, this function will prevent it from locking up. Your phone and car are no longer able to communicate with each other. 

Reason 6: Faulty Seat Belt Sensor

You may have a defective seatbelt sensor. It has disabled the feature tesla not locking when walking away. If there is someone inside the Tesla, the walk-away door lock will not activate.

Even if someone isn’t sitting in the front seat, the sensor may be malfunctioning. It prevents the car’s locks from working properly.

5 Easy Solutions to Tesla Not Locking When Walking Away

We just covered all the possible reasons your Tesla won’t lock when you’re walking away from it. Now it’s time to move on to the segment you all have been waiting for. 

Here are 6 solutions to the problem that can help you to lock your Tesla. Let’s check them out one by one:

Solution 1: Tesla Setting

Check all the manual settings for the walk-away feature. As you know, this is an advanced feature. So, you might miss an important setup for the feature.

Also, an interesting fact about the tesla setting is it can detect authenticated devices. It can also spot car keys for the next five minutes. So, if you are too close to tesla, the walk-away feature will be disabled.

Solution 2: MCU Reboot

The car must be parked in order to do this sort of reset. The Power Off button may be found under Controls > Safety & Security on the touchscreen.

Tesla sentry mode
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Various systems in the car will be restarted. Allow at least two minutes to pass before attempting any vehicle-related activities. 

Avoid opening the door, stepping on the brakes, or touching the dashboard. This might cause all systems to fail to restart. Activate the car by pressing the brake or opening the door after two minutes of inactivity. 

That should Reboot the tesla.

Solution 3: Firmware Release

Update to the latest firmware release. This will increase the possibility to avoid the troubleshooting of not locking while walking away. 

If you face a problem while updating, the customer service assistant. They will check up within a short period of time.

Solution 4: Mobile app

The official Tesla mobile app is absolutely free. So, why don’t you use the mobile app to lock tesla contactless? It’s easier to use the app to check other features and will help you not mix up.

Solution 5: Select the Right Driver Profile Setting

Try changing the setting in your driver profile to see if it fixes the issue with your Tesla. Walk-away door locks may be disabled in the settings. Your doors will not lock automatically if you do this by mistake.

Solution 6: Stop The Battery Optimization Properly

How do you lock a Tesla when walking away? This will also cover on the following steps.

Take these steps to stop battery optimization on your Tesla app.

  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Activate the “Battery” button.
  • Optimize your battery.
  • The Tesla app may be found by searching for it and then clicking on it.
  • Choose “Don’t Optimize.”

Don’t get nervous after seeing the auto walk away locking not working properly. Follow the above instructions otherwise call their customer care. 

Also, tesla customer service is definitely praised worthy. So, in case you fail to identify, they will assist you. 

You might wanna know, is Tesla Sentry Mode free? 

Yes, Tesla sentry mode is free. You can download Tesla’s mobile app, Sentry, for your smart devices. It can be used on any android or iOS device like iPhone or iPad. But only Premium Connectivity subscribers get access to it. You can have access to more software features for $10 each month.

How do you start a Tesla without a Key Card?

Tesla’s function allows you to drive even if you don’t have your key card with you. Using the mobile app powered by tesla gives this opportunity.

In order to begin driving the Tesla, go to the “Controls” page, choose “Start,” and then input your Tesla.com password.
You don’t own a keycard? Then you might wanna know how much does a Tesla keycard cost?  Well, it costs around $25 and you can use it as a backup.

Tesla keycard
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So, not a bad investment, right!  

Is Tesla key card waterproof? Yes, absolutely. It doesn’t have any electronic features, just a passive RFID tag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Lock a Tesla with a Key Fob?

Don’t place the Key Fob within three feet of your Tesla. It will instantly lock and unlock the vehicle using Passive Entry. Tesla can be locked and unlocked by pressing the top of the vehicle twice. The front and rear trunks may also be opened by pressing the top of the vehicle twice.

Can I Unlock Tesla with the App?

Yes, you can. Unlocking can be very easy and contactless with the app. And, the best thing about this app is that it’s absolutely free. Simply download the app for your smart devices and connect it with your car. Now you are all set to operate without any extra hassles and touches. 

How Do I Activate Passive Entry on Tesla?

Owners must go to the Configuration tab. Check the display in the middle to turn on the new security function. you may now enable Passive Entry by selecting the new toggle. It is in the Doors & Locks section of the settings menu. When Passive Entry is enabled, the door handles will automatically appear.

Bottom Line

We hope you got the answer for the tesla not locking when walking away. 

Here’s a tip- you should not be concerned if you lose your key card. The Tesla smartphone app may still be used to unlock and lock your vehicle. Check to see whether your phone is charged and connected to your car through Bluetooth.

Safe Driving!

Robert Lozano

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