What Exhaust Sounds Good on A v6? [4 ways to make It sound good]

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Exhaust sound preference may vary from owner to owner. Some like it loud for a thriller experience while others like it moderate. 

The question is “What exhaust sounds good on a v6?”

It actually depends on the exhaust system of your vehicle. There are many types of mufflers that provide better sounds. Dual output muffler, double-chambered mufflers, wielded covers of the exhaust. All of these provide a good sound on your vehicle. You can customize your vehicle with your preference accordingly.

what exhaust sounds good on a v6

We know this isn’t enough for you. We have provided all the details you need to make your exhaust sound good.

So, get yourself ready. Dig in here to know everything for a nice racing experience. 

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What Exhaust Sounds Good on A v6?

exhaust v6 vehicle

You can put up a dual exhaust system for a better sound. Honestly, there is no particular exhaust system that can give you the exact sound you prefer.  You can always customize your exhaust to bring out the sound you want.

However, mostly the sound depends on the muffler of the v6. So, for your convenience, we are describing the qualities of a muffler that you should use. The exhaust with a good quality muffler sounds good on a v6. You might also want to straight pipe your car, if you want the sound to be better.

For durability, the cover should be 100 percent welded and aluminized.

A dual output muffler can be a good choice. The direction of flow won’t be reversible creating a rich and pleasant tone to it. The car engine’s performance is also synchronized by the dual-output muffler.

The proprietary Delta Flow technology simulates a racing automobile sensation. On the other hand, better exhaustion and sound optimization are provided by the two-chambered design. You can choose one of these.

The sound reduction is achieved because of the unique design of a muffler. For a better picking, we are suggesting some mufflers that hold the discussed qualities-

EVIL ENERGY Outlet Exhaust Tip

EVIL ENERGY 2″ Inlet 3″ Outlet Exhaust Tip

Product Description:

  • Item Dimensions: 15.31 x 4.92 x 4.69 inches
  • Weight: 2.72 Pounds
  • Brand: ‎EVIL ENERGY
  • Color: Burnt
  • Size: 2” inlet 3” outlet
  • Material: Stainless Steel
Walker Exhaust Quiet

Walker Exhaust Quiet-Flow 21690 Exhaust Muffler

Product Description:

  • Item Dimensions: 21 x 9.5 x 5.25 inches
  • Weight: 5.25 Pounds
  • Brand: ‎Walker
  • Model Number: ‎21690
  • Material: Stainless Steel

How To make your v6 Exhaust sounds good? 

We have divided the whole process into 4 easy steps to help you. Check them out. This customization will help you to make your exhaust sound good.

Step 1: Replace The Stock Muffler

A stock muffler’s primary function is to minimize the sound output from your exhaust system. However, if you want to make your V6 sound better, you can do one thing. Replace the factory muffler with an aftermarket muffler.

You enable more exhaust gases to travel through the exhaust system. When you use an aftermarket muffler. As a result, your V6 engine will produce a deeper exhaust note.

There are numerous mufflers to choose from in the automotive industry. You can consult with a car care professional to determine which muffler type is appropriate for you.

If you are adept at doing your own labor, you can install a muffler on your own. Or, for installing a muffler, you may need the assistance of an expert.

Step 2: Replace The Exhaust Pipe

The second modification that will improve the sound of your V6 engine is to replace the factory exhaust pipe.

Larger diameter exhaust pipes may improve your vehicle’s overall performance. It will also allow your v6 engine to produce a deeper sound.

A standard exhaust pipe should be with a diameter of 1-1.5 inches. That can improve the sound quality of your V6 truck.

Step 3: Get A New Exhaust Tip

You can make your V6 engine sound good with a new aftermarket exhaust tip. Just follow these simple steps:

To begin, measure the diameter of the tailpipe with tape. You can buy the perfect-sized exhaust tip if you take the proper measurements.

Choose from a variety of exhaust tips available on the market. The fiberglass exhaust tip is capable of reducing the sound output from the tailpipe. It will give your V6 vehicle a deep tone.

Before installing a new exhaust tip, trim a few inches off the tailpipe. To do it with ease, use a hacksaw.

Install the exhaust tip according to the user’s manual’s instructions. 

Step 4: Install A Dual Exhaust

Installing a dual exhaust system can help you in achieving the desired sound. You can use a multi-pipe system with dual exhaust systems to reduce back-pressure. It will eventually create the passage of more exhaust gases to pass through the system. The sound would be deeper as a result.

A dual exhaust system might take up to a whole day to install. Customize a perfect dual exhaust system for your V6 vehicle by following these simple steps.

Select the twin exhaust system and installation kit that you require. By lifting your V6 vehicle, you can remove the present exhaust system. At the same time, make sure your radiator is performing well before the installation.

It’s time to install the exhaust. Before that, It’s important to double-check that the two exhaust pipes are aligned.

Maintenance is Important to Keep The Sound Good

what exhaust sounds good on a v6 mustang

The importance of maintaining an exhaust system cannot be overlooked. Exhaust systems frequently corrode and break. That poses a serious safety risk to both the driver and the vehicle. And of course, affects the sound system you want.

You may live in a region where the roads are covered in salt or snow. Then your chances of this happening rise because both of these are corrosion promoters.

If you live in an area like this, it’s always a good idea to wash the underneath of your vehicle. With a hose to wash in every few months. But don’t overdo it because too much water might create rust.

Please be aware of the following. So that the exhaust system can function properly.

Strange odors are a warning sign that your exhaust system is malfunctioning

If your engine is rapidly overheating, it could be due to a broken cylinder head.

Hissing or cracking noises could indicate a leak or that the muffler needs to be replaced.

If you’ve noticed your vehicle has become less fuel-efficient, it could be due to a faulty oxygen sensor.

Remember that the exhaust system is in charge of transporting hazardous gases away. So, you must pay attention and keep up with maintenance.

Try to remember all the things we discussed. It should clear all your confusion regarding your issue.

Have Any Questions?

Is it true that straight pipe is hazardous for your engine?

A straight pipe may boost the velocity of exhaust flow. This will most likely decrease engine performance below 2,000 or 2,500 RPM, making your car slower.

Is it allowed to drive an automobile that makes a lot of noise?

There are a few laws that apply to all automobiles in all states and municipalities. It’s against the law to drive an automobile that doesn’t have a muffler.

Will drilling holes in a muffler make it louder?

The answer is yes. It’s a fact that drilling exhaust holes will increase the volume of your car.

Bottom Line

We have reached the conclusion. We hope we could touch all your queries on What exhaust sounds good on a v6 vehicle? 

Apply them and have a swift experience with your V6.

Best wishes. Have a good day.

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